Content Collaborations

If you’re an adult content creator, we’re wanting to hear from you!

We want to help you promote your content, through our website that gets more than 8,000 visitors monthly – at no cost to you. Our collaborations in 2023 averaged more than 5,000 reads each! That’s 5,000+ new audience members being introduced to your content.

About Naughty Fable officially launched on August 1st, 2021, and by the end of November 2021 achieving 20,000+ story reads a month.

In terms of readership, the top 5 countries for traffic to our site are:

  • United States: 41%
  • United Kingdom: 14%
  • India: 8%
  • Canada: 4%
  • Australia: 4%

We work with content providers in several ways, and we’re always open to discussing custom ways in which we can help you promote your content.

Custom Story Collaborations

The below outlines how we develop custom story collaborations with other adult content creators:

  1. We work with you to establish an initial plotline for the story. We really welcome and want your input here as we want to make this story all about you.
  2. Working with you, we pick out 4 to 5 “highlights” from the story, key moments. These key moments you would then provide us with photos for, to represent them.
  3. With the plot, trends, and key moments established we will write the first draft, and you’ll work on the imagery.
  4. We’ll combine the two, iron out any tweaks and changes through iterations before agreeing on the publication date.
  5. We’ll publish, inline with promotion our side including various site-wide banners, and special features on the homepage to drive people towards our collaboration. This will be there for a minimum of four weeks as the prominent promotion, before being moved into a carousel (minimum 12 weeks in the carousel).

You can see our current collaborations here.

Promoting Your Content

As part of the collaboration, we want to steer as much of our audience from our website, to your content – we can promote your OnlyFans, AdultWork, Snapchat, or whichever platform you like through custom stories.

We would devise a story plot with you and have our writers produce it. We would promote your content (OF, AW, etc) as the author of the content, as well as with an appealing CTA at the bottom, such as the example below:

This CTA would link directly to your OnlyFans, Adultwork, or another medium of choice.

In exchange, we would request 4/5 photos we can use within the content in line with the happenings of the story.

By the same token, we’d be happy to adopt one of our existing stories with promotional elements – and images, should there be one in particular on our site that takes your fancy.

There is no requirement for you to share the collaboration via your platforms and social media, but it would be appreciated!

If you’re interested and would like to discuss a collaboration, please contact our site Editor Hannah, the easiest way is via DM on Twitter – or contact us via the Story Request Form.