JOI With Miss Aria Brock

Aria Brock has a special JOI (jerk off instruction) erotica to take you over the edge, well, over the edge when she allows it… Put yourself in the story – put your name in the character field…

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Hello, $name1. Welcome to Miss’ erotic tale…

I want to play a game with you, $name1. And there’s really only one rule to this game. And that is to do exactly what I tell you to do, without question.

During this ordeal, I can promise you one thing.

I will make you rock fucking hard and aching with pleasure and frustration. But apart from that, I can’t tell you what’s going to happen to you.

I might make you come. I might tease you like crazy and then deny you. You realize. I might get you right to the edge and make you ruin your orgasm. I might suck your cock, if it’s big enough…

I might ride you like crazy, I might grind my soaking wet pussy against your face as your poor cock just sits there untouched. Who knows what I’ll do?

So if you want to play this game, you’ve just got to agree to my one rule. You do exactly as I say.

Do you think you can do that $name1!? Oh, good boy. So let’s get started.

Now, I want you to sit there in your underwear.

I want you to rub yourself over the fabric. Nice and gentle, just work yourself up.

Get yourself as hard as you can to the point where you’re practically bursting through the fabric of your underwear.

Keep stroking that cock for me, feeling the precum beginning to form through your underwear.

You look like you’re just about to burst through those poor things. So take them off for me.

In fact, get totally naked for me.

Keep stroking that cock for me, imagining my warm oiled hands all over the cock… Now I’m adding a second rule to our little game, you’re not allowed to cum until I say so…

If you’re not already struggling, you need to start right now.

Hard and fast yourself to get yourself there as quickly as you can and stay there.

Stroke for me.

I want you to take yourself to the edge for me, and hold it there.

How about I give you a hand getting to that edge? Well, more of a mouth, I should say…

Feel my lips wrapping around your head, pushing down your shaft, pushing deeper and deeper into my throat.

My lips wrapped right around the base here.

And then the feeling of the back of my tongue licking along your shaft until it reaches your tip…

Just remember, you’re not cumming right now…

My tongue swirling around your head, my hands gliding up and down the shaft of your cock, getting you so close to coming…

I hope you’re not cumming yet, and still being a good boy $name1? Miss likes a good boy.

Now keep stroking that cock for me, I hope you’re close…

Just imagine how happy you’re making Miss, stroking that cock for me and showing such manly restraint in holding back your load…

I want you stroking as if your life depends on it…

Now, get ready to scroll, as here comes your countdown… Ready, $name1?

Now be a good boy and don’t go speed-scrolling to the end!








3 are you almost ready to give Miss your load?



Good boy, now, let’s make miss happy.

Good boy.

? You can see more of Aria Brock here on her OnlyFans?

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