College Dormmate Hookup

$name1 has returned to her coed college dorm after a night on the town. Having gone out to have fun, she is disappointed to be returning home alone and goes to make food in the kitchen. The noise of cupboards shutting arouses the curiosity of $name2, who goes to join her…

After a very busy night, $name1 returned to her shared dormitory. She was a college girl who liked to party all night or much it.

She was coming back alone, she hadn’t realized, until very late, that no guy at that meeting liked her. What a waste of time it was to try.

No matter how hard she pushed herself, no one there caught her eye. So $name1 returned alone, and to top it off, with a devastating hunger, which was burning a huge hole in $name1’s stomach.

She was upset, but also drunk. She couldn’t go to bed hungry. That way she wouldn’t be able to fall asleep. $name1 decided to go to the common kitchen to see if she was able to find some food.

She thought she wasn’t making a fuss, but it was quite the opposite. The fuss could alert someone.

There, in the common kitchen, $name1 was alone in an amazing dress that already showed much more of her breasts, the cleavage was extremely visible, and she was horny.

Minutes passed, and $name1 was still looking for something to eat. She got a loaf of bread that someone had left there, and now it was a matter of getting what to add to it.

She was engrossed in this, when one of her dorm mates, went to see what all the fuss was about. The boy’s name was $name2.

He peered into the common kitchen with a frown. Who was there disturbing his sleep? $name2 found $name1 with her breasts almost in the air, and he noticed that she was not entirely sober.

$name1 had always liked $name2. He hadn’t attended the party, and she had regretted it. $name1 poked her head out of the refrigerator to greet him.

“Good evening, $name2. I was just looking for something to eat.”

$name2 looked her over from head to toe, surprised. She was bare-breasted, $name2 thought.

He went over to tell her to let him sleep, but she made a bold move: she hugged him, placing those big breasts on $name2’s chest. He didn’t expect such an action, and they almost went backward.

He managed to hold on while enjoying the sight of those breasts on his chest. $name1 was drunk and very brave. $name2 wasn’t going to get away that easy. He couldn’t help an erection.

Who wouldn’t have her with those tits on him? He didn’t know what to do, but it was clear she wouldn’t pull away.

He grabbed her tit, which was exactly what $name1 had hoped for, so she kissed him, her lips taking possession of $name2’s.

She made him open his mouth wide to accommodate her tongue, as $name1 was a little over the top, and wanted things a little rough.

The kitchen table was near them. $name2 walked with her to it as he kissed her wildly. Once there, he did his best to sit her down at the table, and that’s when $name2 came undone.

He had squeezed $name1’s tits, squeezed them hard, and kissed her frantically. $name1 was confused but realized later that it was $name2, the boy she liked.

For this reason, she clung tighter to him, she let $name2 grope her tits, let him knead them as he pleased, let his tongue thrust deep into her throat, and $name1 felt her pussy drool. That’s when she spread her legs wider, she was horny, yearning, she wanted a cock inside her so badly, and what better than the cock of the guy she liked the most… $name2 didn’t limit himself to just touching her tits, he also sucked one, while holding the other one, and after several seconds, he would sink his face in the middle of those big juicy tits. $name2 was in luck, he had always thought she was attractive, but he had never come close enough to say anything to her.

That night, he was allowed to suck $name1’s nipples and play with her tits as much as he wanted. At least for one night. He kept withdrawing from those tits and went to her crotch, where he got himself a wet pussy, begging to be licked.

$name2 stuck out his tongue without hesitation and flicked it all over the area before assaulting that prominent clit.

$name1 reacted to this with fury. She stretched, if possible, her legs out further on either side for $name2 to do with as he pleased. That dining table suited them both just fine at that moment.

$name2 gave several licks, which caused $name1 to tremble, for the enjoyment had taken hold of her.

$name1 moaned more and more as $name2 increased the speed of his licks. It was as if he wanted to undo $name1’s clit under his tongue.

She bellowed, and moved around a lot on the table, making it creak. This represented a big scandal and could attract more people, but the two were so engrossed in what they were doing, they didn’t think about it.

It was obvious what $name2 intended, and as he sucked viciously on $name1’s clit and labia, she let him know how much she was enjoying it with her moans, and groans uttered with great eloquence.

$name2, likewise to drive her crazier, pinched her nipples, and pushed his tongue further in. $name1 dropped down on the table and gave $name2 more access.

He took the opportunity to put his fingers in quickly and moved them very hard without neglecting her clitoris.

That was too much for $name1, she felt the familiar explosion inside her, but a thousand times more intense. She came very hard, with a spurt that impacted $name2.

He, for his part, was surprised by this. She had come so fast. It was a pleasant surprise. $name1 lay on the table panting and breathing very noisily, she had not fully recovered.

$name2, however, was already getting ready. He had taken off his pajama bottoms and was pulling out his huge, veiny cock. $name1 sat up a little to watch him tool $name2.

Another time she had already taken it in her mouth, now he was aiming that very hard member at her, and she was able to spread her legs an inch wider. $name2 thrust his hips and penetrated her gently, but then his thrusts were more radical, fucking her with aggression.

$name1 had to scream, there was no other choice for her. It was either that or drown. She had to break free, so she did. $name2 was fucking her and groping her tits. It was as if he had a fixation with them.

Things got deafening, if anyone showed up, they didn’t know it. They were very excited, and it was urgent. $name2 was ramming her, and the table was rattling.

They didn’t mind too much. $name1 vociferated that she wished he would go faster, and so he did.

It was as if all she and he needed, was to fuck until dawn. $name2 spared no effort. His pelvis was going for her clit, so hard that $name1 knew she would finish a second time.

$name2 squeezed her breasts together, and she closed her eyes, a moan escaping between her lips. $name1 was the first to come, her whole body shuddered, and she screamed no matter what might happen.

$name2 came inside her, $name1’s pussy sucked him in, and this triggered an orgasm like few others. He rolled the semen that remained inside $name1.

They each went to their rooms. $name1 very lightly, thought they would find out if anyone had seen them…


Author: Maria

Maria is an amateur erotic author, having written shorts on other sex story websites in the past. With an interest in taboo and fantasy, Maria likes to focus on the kinky side of sex, and combines it with the potential sensuality of sex.

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