Friend’s Brother Sleepover Romp

$name1 is staying at her friend’s for a sleepover, and halfway through the night she goes to the bathroom. On the way back, she notices her friend’s brother’s bedroom door ajar, and see’s him masturbating. Filled with lust, she walks in…

For the sleepover, $name1 wore very simple sleepwear, she didn’t think it had to be anything sexy. Her friends did the same, they were just looking to have fun.

Despite this, she was scantily clad anyway, and $name1’s breasts, though small, could be seen and very well, she also had a pert ass, she was blonde and slim. They had a great time, and $name1 had a lot of fun with her friends.

$name1’s friend was a wonderful hostess. They played the games typical of these gatherings, and overall the evening went as expected.

Late in the evening, they all went to bed. $name1’s abdomen ached a little from laughing with her friends.

They sure knew how to have fun. $name1 was given a small cot to sleep on, and she made herself as comfortable as possible.

She had quickly fallen asleep. She was wearing short shorts and a T-shirt with nothing underneath.

$name1’s small tits could be seen, her nipples were largely visible. One of the girls said something in her sleep, and $name1 woke up. She had been sound asleep, but the girl had almost screamed. She was asleep, but apparently, this didn’t stop her from speaking.

“But what…” She was having a hard time remembering where she was, the information came to her brain a second later. Sure enough, $name1 was at her friend’s house.

$name1 felt like going to the bathroom. She had a full bladder, and she got up to get rid of that discomfort.

The bathroom was near the room of $name1’s friend’s siblings. They may have been sleeping, and she walked slowly, feeling a little groggy, as she was still half asleep.

She reached the bathroom and went in. She peed and quickly felt better, and she started back. She had not noticed before, but the door to the hostess’s brothers’ bedroom was ajar.

Through that crack some noises could be heard that caught $name1’s attention, she was as if in a dream, she was not yet fully awake. Without thinking too much, she went to the room, she opened the door wider and saw one of them masturbating.

She didn’t know exactly which of the two brothers it was, but she couldn’t help but get aroused at the sight of that scene.

$name1 didn’t think he had seen her yet, but she was filled with a drowsy lust, $name1’s body was already straining. She came closer, burst in, and interrupted the boy.

Neither of them said anything, there was no time for that, and already $name1 had taken the boy’s member in her hands. He was very stiff, and $name1 wanted some of it.

Without stopping to meditate, $name1 masturbated on him. She couldn’t see well, but she knew that was what he wanted. She moved her hand gently, and then these movements increased in speed.

He let her do whatever she wanted, and he said nothing, only moaned much deeper. He was aware that she was one of his sister’s friends, though he had no idea which one.

$name1 moved her mouth closer to his cock, and took it all the way in. It was hard, much harder than before, and somewhat wet at the tip. $name1 ran her tongue then over the glans to take all the liquid in, and then she tasted it.

This made her clit swell more, and her fluids came out faster and flooded her panties. $name1 barely knew what she was doing because of how sleepy she felt, but she kept going.

He was sitting on the bed, and she was kneeling before him with his cock in her mouth, bobbing her head, making sure her teeth didn’t interfere to carry out a very effective job.

He was now moaning more than before at $name1’s entrance, the gloom sheltered them, but not entirely. Someone could see them, but they were asleep.

Still, $name1 continued, the penis was big, and thick, she had to open her mouth wide and move cautiously, she did so even though drowsiness still stalked her.

$name1 viciously sucked, sucked, licked, ran her tongue all over the area, got down to the balls, and licked them as far as she could. He grunted and moaned a little, but from pleasure purely.

$name1 was giving him an incredible oral job, worthy of a porn scene. He touched her tits, over her shirt, then he pulled it up so he could touch her breasts, and knead $name1’s small breasts.

She allowed it, and she let out a whimper still with his cock in her mouth, while with one hand he played with his balls.

He kept rubbing $name1’s nipples, he felt her sucking him more divinely each time.

He was in heaven. That slumber party of his sister’s after all was a good idea. She would move her head in circles and stop to restart a new round of expertly given licks.

“Oh, my goodness.” He said softly, as $name1 enjoyed the delicious cock.

She had included one hand and started very fast movements, not only with her hand but with her head speeding up the whole process.

$name1 stopped before he came with such a blowjob, and removed the short shorts she was wearing. She sat on the boy’s cock, positioned the cock well at the entrance of her pussy, and rode the boy slowly.

She wiggled her ass, rocking it back and forth, before lifting her hips and dropping down to let that cock go all the way into her wet, ready center. $name1 moaned and closed her eyes. She felt on cloud nine, the drowsiness had lifted, but only to a point.

She intensified the rocking of her ass, wiggling it more enthusiastically. He was making noises and sucking $name1’s nipples, he sucked and a whole breast was in his mouth, this tightened his cock more inside $name1’s pussy, which injected more pleasure into the whole thing.

$name1 was beside herself.

He grabbed her hips and lifted her higher so that she fell on his cock hard. She felt her body respond to this and moaned louder.

It wasn’t wise, so he covered her mouth for a second until she understood that she could wake the others. $name1 quietly, but wanting to scream, rode him more violently.

She put her hands on his chest and wiggled furiously. She came after a while, pressing her lips together to keep from screaming. He came soon after inside her, holding her so $name1 wouldn’t fade away.

She fell the same way onto his chest, and she felt herself stirring. He gave her a single kiss after that, and $name1 pulled away to get up. All the cum was pouring out of her pussy, but she just wanted to sleep, so she went back to bed, although she must have gone to the bathroom.

When she got to her cot, she noticed some stirring, and that the girl talking in her sleep, was still doing it. $name1 endured the laughter and lay down with that smile, and then fell asleep almost immediately.

That fuck had left her tired, but it had been worth it.

No one had heard about it, and when $name1 woke up, it took her a while to remember her adventure of the night before, which she had been having for a long time…

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