Halloween Masquerade Desires – Ex-Girlfriend’s Sister

$name1 is at a Halloween costume party, and can’t see anyone’s face. Later into the night, he is flirting with a girl in a full sexy cat costume, and even though he can’t see her face, he feels he knows her… It’s $name2.

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Foxtail Butt Plug Public Bus Humiliation

$name1 is at home, masturbating with a foxtail butt plug. But when the time comes to go to work, she can’t get it out so resorts to hiding it under her skirt – but it’s noticed on the bus and her slutty side is brought out in this short erotic story.

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Destressing The Grumpy Boss

$name1 is frustrated working for such a stressed boss, $name2, who always takes out his anger and frustrations on the staff. Getting a new job isn’t a straightforward solution, and she can’t continue to work in such a bad atmosphere… So maybe she can suck the anger out of him…

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