Destressing The Grumpy Boss

$name1 is frustrated working for such a stressed boss, $name2, who always takes out his anger and frustrations on the staff. Getting a new job isn’t a straightforward solution, and she can’t continue to work in such a bad atmosphere… So maybe she can suck the anger out of him…

This was a requested story for Lauren x

Ever since $name1 had worked in an office, she had been working under stress. Her boss, $name2, was a grumpy, sullen, and increasingly stressed man in his thirties.

$name1 would watch him walk into his office, shouting insults at his other employees, those who dared not obey him in a matter of seconds. $name1 from her cubicle would shake her head from side to side and pursed her lips.

It was the same story every day. She wished her boss wouldn’t behave like that, and $name2 made her and the others stressed out, he made the day go on longer than usual.

The man would even pull his hair angrily as if the job brought out the worst in him. $name1 sometimes wondered if the man who was her boss didn’t have an escape from the monotony, from the routine of going to the office and having a hard time.

$name1’s boss was not an unattractive man, but his moodiness made him unattractive. Most of the time, he gave $name1 orders, orders that he shouted rather than just said. Shouting was paramount to him in $name1’s opinion.

“$name1! Come here!” $name2 would shout through his office door instead of using the phone. “Hurry up, girl, I haven’t got all day.”

She hated that treatment, yet she couldn’t afford not to obey. Rolling her eyes, she got up and went all the way to her boss’s office to find out what he wanted.

Usually, it was something stupid, something she had already done, and he had forgotten, or he was just in a special mood to yell at her because she hadn’t gone with a proper outfit.

Any excuse was good enough for him. And $name1 always ended up getting some scolding for no good reason.

Even though $name1 had had enough of her boss, she still came to work, because she had made friends with several of the other employees, and besides, she needed both the friendship and the pay!

One evening, $name1 found herself overwhelmed with work, her boss had left an almost obscene amount of work on her desk, and she knew immediately that she would have to spend part of that evening working.

She didn’t want to stay there alone, but her boss walked in just after the time he normally left, back into his office with a horrible slamming of the door that made $name1’s hair stand on end.

How was she going to be able to work with $name2 yelling and cursing? She was about to find out. The hours were ticking away, but not so $name1 with her work. $name2 would come out every fifteen minutes to yell at her about whatever he had made up, and already $name1 had snapped.

More than once she was seconds away from blowing it all to hell and going home. Let him fend for himself, however, she didn’t she just sat where she was trying to get ahead on work.

“$name1!!!” She could be heard every other time.

After three such cries in a row, $name1 was forced to close her eyes for a moment and take a deep breath so she could think clearly and make a decision.

She was of the opinion that it was impossible to work that way, instead of moving forward with what they were doing, they were going back again and again. She had an idea and waited to implement it.

When $name1’s boss yelled for the umpteenth time that night while $name1 had already settled into a work rhythm, she thought, “That’s enough!” She put her hands on the desk, exerted pressure to push the chair back, and stood up.

She let the air out and went all the way to her boss’s office. As she entered, she saw him talking on the phone, rather the proper term was yelling on the phone, and upon seeing her he didn’t stop, he continued to insult God only knew who.

$name1 planted herself in front of him. She wore her white blouse tucked into the pencil skirt she wore, her body looked spectacular, and her breasts were full and round, more for a man’s lust than what they actually were.

She placed a hand on her waist and waited. $name2 hung up, and asked moodily:

“What do you want?”

Without saying a word, she slowly unbuttoned each button of her white blouse.

$name2 just looked at her with narrowed eyes as if he was suspicious of his employee’s action.

$name1 did not slacken in her efforts to unbutton the blouse. She unbuttoned the last one, and her breasts were in full view, her huge breasts.

$name1’s boss at that moment opened her eyes, and enjoyed the view, though her expression didn’t let it show.

$name1 bent down, then rested both knees on the floor in front of him (who was sitting in his usual chair), while he looked at her from landmark to landmark as if she had gone mad. He didn’t waste the opportunity.

He didn’t ask any more questions, her objective was quite clear. Or so it seemed to him, and he grabbed her breasts with both hands to squeeze them, and immediately $name1 saw the gigantic erection appearing in his pants.

He grasped $name1’s breasts, and massaged them, kneading them eagerly.

At the same time, $name1 was unbuttoning his pants, he leaned forward, and he pulled one breast out to take it into his mouth. $name1 had already pulled out the erect member and held it in one hand while he sucked her nipples eagerly, $name1 felt her boss’s penis growing in her hand.

Meanwhile, he sucked her nipples, her breasts and there were many sucking noises. No one was screaming anymore, no one was swearing. It was a good sign, $name1 thought. She masturbated her boss while he delighted in playing with her giant breasts.

$name1 pulled her boss’s head away, and she bent her own to finally take $name2’s cock into her mouth. It was wet at the tip, and she licked all over it. $name2 sighed and leaned his head back against the back of the chair.

She sucked the bare head of the cock, and then took the whole thing into her mouth, the motions of her head going up and down, she increased the speed as her hand did as well.

The size was something that surprised $name1, and even though she had done it to get him to calm down, she was now enjoying it like she never thought she would.

$name2 was squeezing one shoulder tighter and tighter, and he let out moans now and then as if he had held them in for a long time. She would run her tongue over the shaft, lick it very well, and thrust it back into her mouth without delay.

She moved very fast, and her hand helped greatly. Her boss would make involuntary movements with his hips, and place a hand behind $name1’s head so that she would push the cock deeper and deeper into her throat.

She was enjoying the texture of that cock, the hardness of it, the taste of it, and it was all served to make her panties wet. She increased the speed even more, and her boss came letting out a moan that he managed to turn into a prolonged grunt.

$name1 received his load on her tongue, and a separate one on her chin. As it began to run down her neck, $name1 collected the sticky white mess with her finger, licking it clean.

After that, she went back to her desk and her boss changed his mood radically, becoming a nicer boss, no yelling, and $name1 was able to finish her job quietly…

Author: Maria

Maria is an amateur erotic author, having written shorts on other sex story websites in the past. With an interest in taboo and fantasy, Maria likes to focus on the kinky side of sex, and combines it with the potential sensuality of sex.

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