Foxtail Butt Plug Public Bus Humiliation

$name1 is at home, masturbating with a foxtail butt plug. But when the time comes to go to work, she can’t get it out so resorts to hiding it under her skirt – but it’s noticed on the bus and her slutty side is brought out in this short erotic story.

The moan slipped from $name1’s lips without permission as her body yielded to the exquisite sensation she’d been repressing since this morning. Her clothes remained crumpled by the foot of her bed, long forgotten.

Her middle and index fingers, pumping vigorously between her legs, were thoroughly drenched with her love juice.

Even that area of the velvet sheets—where the ample cheeks of her butt pressed onto the mattress—was completely soaked through.

She’d have to send the sheets to the laundromat sometime tomorrow, just as she had done with the old one, two days ago.

“Nnngh… fuck.”

She’d furrowed her brows in concentration, desperately clinging to the fleeting memory of a pornographic movie she had seen while at work this afternoon.

The same movie that had compelled her to drive out during lunch break to the adult shop where she’d made several purchases. Of which included a kinky foxtail with an exceptional butt plug attached to one end.

The butt plug itself was an onion-shaped, transparent glass, and was the biggest $name1 had ever seen, which was exactly why she had picked it out from amongst the others on the rack.

Now it was by the edge of her bed and she reached out an arm to pick it up.

Turning over onto her stomach, $name1 arched her back and pushed her bubble butt out into the air. If someone took a seat near the foot of the bed, they’d get a great view of her puckered anus and swollen labia.

She slid the foxtail along her crack, lubricating the glassy tip. And then, with one resolute thrust, $name1 forced the butt plug past her sphincter and into her rectum.

Her insides clamped around the invader as she let out a banshee scream. What came next was an electrifying orgasm that coursed through her entire body until she lost consciousness.

$name1 woke the next morning with her new toy where she had left it the night before. When she tried to get it out, she was appalled to find out that she couldn’t.

Panicked, she scampered out of bed and into the bathroom with the foxtail drooping from her rear and a bottle of coconut oil clutched in her right hand.

The first thing she did inside her cherry red bathroom was applying coconut oil around the swollen rim of her anus. When she pulled the foxtail again, it still refused to budge.

Her only respite was that the pain had become a dull throb, however, she wouldn’t be able to sit properly without irritating her sphincter. She thought of scissoring the foxtail but she couldn’t bring herself to do so, especially after she’d just purchased them only yesterday.

Seeing as she was running late for work, $name1 took a quick, cold shower and decided to cover up her new tail with a black, flared skirt. She could wear any panties for obvious reasons.

But that wasn’t enough to persuade her from going to work in her usual white button-down with the sleeves rolled up. Her kitten heels clicked and clacked as she descended three small steps in front of her apartment building.

It took five minutes before a public bus pulled up in front of her.

Even as the bus was almost empty of passengers, $name1 decided to use the standees.

There were three menacing-looking guys seating near the back of the bus about seven rows from where $name1 was standing.

She hadn’t noticed them initially until one grunted and started to whisper something to his buddies when $name1 turned to look.

Four passengers had alighted by the time the bus ascended an overarching bridge across, leaving just an old lady who sat near the front and an elderly man by her side (who $name1 suspected was her husband), and the three guys at the back.

One of them had stealthily moved up two rows from where from the others, and as the bus started its descent on the other side of the bridge, all three guys were seated immediately behind $name1.

The one who had moved first dared to lift the back of her skirt. “Hey, you got something sticking out of your ass. Is that a tail?”

He spoke with a Mexican accent as his buddies laughed. $name1 turned furiously, hand coming up to slap across his face. But he was fast, and so he caught her wrist before the slap would land. Then his buddies laughed even harder.

Suddenly, she was being pulled to the back of the bus by the Mexican, while the other two provided cover as they smiled at the elderly couple like nothing was amiss.

They didn’t seem to care either way. Or they could simply have just been deaf.

Forced down on her knees near the back door, she watched the Mexican pull out his cock as the other two formed a tight circle about her. “You like the kinky things, eh, senorita?”

$name1 looked up at the Mexican and his friends, who by now also hand their dicks out. Her mouth watered and she licked her lips. Ever so slowly, she reached for two of the three shafts and started to stroke.

“Now, there’s a good girl,” the one with a darker skin tone said.

His cock was the biggest, and $name1 was tempted to suck on it when the third one, wearing a blue beanie hat started, started to squirt thick ropes of cum on her.

And she hadn’t even touched him yet.

The Mexican ejaculated next; three long strings that landed over her left eye, across her lips, and the last one in her hair.

When it was the African-American’s turn, however, he pulled $name1 by the hair, forcing her mouth onto his cock before blowing his load down the back of her throat.

Author: Maria

Maria is an amateur erotic author, having written shorts on other sex story websites in the past. With an interest in taboo and fantasy, Maria likes to focus on the kinky side of sex, and combines it with the potential sensuality of sex.

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