Fuck The Boss, Keep Your Job (Male POV)

Your boss, $name1, is a total bitch and does nothing but make the office hell. But one day, you finally lose it and call her out – which ends in a rough office fuck.

I knew my boss, $name1, wanted to fuck me. I could see it in her eyes. Every time she looked at me I could see the lust in her eyes. Every time I talk to another woman, I could see the jealousy and anger in her eyes.

$name1 would call me to her office and would yell at me.

Sometimes I get so angry that I would want to kill her. Till today, the wedding ring on my finger kept me from crossing any lines.

During our lunch break, I was talking to one of my friends and the usual shit happened. My boss found me and yelled at me in front of everyone for nothing. She caught me by my tie and dragged me into her office.

There $name1 continued to yell at me. Finally, in a fit of fury, $name1 threw a cup at my face.

That was it for me. For almost a year she had been torturing me. Embarrassing to me. But that was it.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I walked towards her and grabbed her on her shoulders. Pushed her into a wall and started yelling at her. I called her a horny bitch and said all that she needed was a good fuck and that I’m sorry her husband couldn’t satisfy her.

I said so many things and finally, I cooled down and went outside.

Since it was a lunch break, none of my colleagues were there to witness my breakdown. I felt so calm and satisfied. But that calmness only lasted for a minute. Then came the realization that I was going to get fired, or $name1 might even call the police given I had just assaulted her.

I got so fucking scared thinking about my lovely wife at home and providing for her.

I immediately went back to her and told her I was sorry for my inappropriate behavior and begged her not to fire me.

“Now you are ruining it.” $name1 said.

“Ruining what ma’am?” I asked her in surprise.

“For a moment there… I felt your domination. The domination that I’ve been craving for. But now you are just ruining it,” she said with an unempathetic face.

“But I’m… I’m married”

“Do I look like I fucking care? This little incident of yours is recorded in the office camera. I can easily complain to the police and get you arrested.”

“But… but… I’m Sorry…”

“I’m not impressed. Now, I’m going to call the police – unless you give me the good fuck you seem to think I need… You need to decide, now”

My whole life flashed in front of my eyes as she started her countdown from 10. On one hand, I couldn’t cheat on my wife. It will kill her. On the other, I could save my job, get a promotion and fuck a hot woman.

I made my choice. I stood up with a firm serious expression. Walked towards $name1. Grabbed her arms and stared at her.

She still gazed at me with wonder. I grabbed her head and pulled her towards me and kissed her.

I kiss her deeply and passionately.

She tried to squirm for a moment in surprise, but she suddenly understood what was happening and kissed me back. We kissed each other like two hungry animals. I grabbed and squeezed her ass. She then understood where she was and tried to squirm away.

$name1 started getting nervous not knowing what to say. “Now,” I said firmly. She stood up and walked to the door and locked it. Then looked at me nervously.

I walked towards her, grabbed her by her hair, and kissed her. After a few moments, I started to run my hands over her back.

$name1 just stood there with her eyes closed, shaking. I took off her blouse and unhooked her bra. I threw them down on the floor and started licking her plump breasts.

They were bigger than my wife’s and soft. I swirled my tongue around her brown nipples. I bit them and sucked them. I could see the expression on her face. $name1 wanted to moan but she couldn’t because it was her office. I pinched her nipples and squeezed her breast firmly.

I shuffled them around. They were getting red. Then I kissed her navel and reached her legs. I raised her saree up to her waist and ripped off her black panties. Her pussy was shaved. It was a bit dark with her clit exposed.

Suddenly we both heard a knock.

Someone was at the door. I saw the panic in her face. I suddenly whispered her to calm down and put on her clothes.

$name1 nodded and within a few minutes put on her clothes. I immediately went under the table. I heard her unlocking the door.

“Ah. David. What brings you here.” She said, trying to put on a brave face correcting her blouse.

“It’s just…” and she started asking her about something work-related and my boss tried to dismiss it but David was persistent saying that it was urgent. My boss then, to act normal, went to her desk and sat on her chair.

David just stood on the other side of the table and kept talking. I could see that $name1’s skirt still a bit raised. My common sense told me that it was a bad idea but I couldn’t help it.

I slowly put my hands on her thigh, journeying up to her pussy.

I felt a shiver running through her body.

She gave a quick look and nodded her head no. But I slowly raised her skirt a bit more and motioned my fingers over her pussy lips.

Since I removed her panties, $name1 wasn’t wearing anything under.

I slowly massaged her pussy. I could feel the wetness. I put my finger inside her. I slowly started shaking and moving around my finger.

I could see the expression on $name1’s face.

She was biting her lips and was nodding as David spoke. For a moment she just closed her eyes and opened her mouth for a silent moan. She suddenly realized what was going on and just jerked back up.

I put my finger on her clit and started stimulating. Then I had to get a taste of it. I just pulled out her closer slowly and I squeezed my head between her legs and kissed her pussy.

I started licking her and rubbing her pussy.

Every time I looked up I saw her breathing heavily with her mouth open. This continued for a few minutes till David finished talking and thanked my boss for her time. My boss finally opened her mouth to speak but she couldn’t.

$name1 was trembling and sweating.

She just gave her a half-smile and leaned back onto her chair. David observed this with surprise. “Are you okay $name1?”

“Fine ….” she barely said. “Now get out…” she said mustering all her strength. Just as David left my boss let out a quiet moan. Quiet but a helpless moan.

Below, she just exploded. Juices just squirted out of her pussy.

My face was covered with her love juices, and I saw my boss breathing heavily, clutching her table staring at me with an expression of disbelief. I pushed back her chair, stood up, and locked the door. I went to her, grabbed her, and made her stand.

I then pushed $name1 onto the table and unzipped my pants.

She just stood up, arching on the table, keeping herself up by clutching the table. I thrust my cock into her pussy. She let out a moan. In order to keep her quiet, I put my hand over her mouth.

I started fucking her faster.

My balls kept striking her ass. A sound was being made as our flesh touched. I saw my boss barely keep herself up. This fueled me. I started fucking her harder. She then just collapsed onto the table as she couldn’t keep herself up. I kept stroking her.

With my left hand, I massaged her clit and with my right hand, I grabbed her hair. $name1 couldn’t even moan anymore. I kept closing in on my orgasm. So was she. I could feel pussy and her ass tightening up and her eyes widening. I immediately closed her mouth with my left hand.

I felt her tongue on my hand as she let out a loud moan.

This made me even more excited, and I started fucking $name1 more wildly. Finally. I felt her release her juices and suddenly I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I also came inside her, collapsing onto her.

I stood up wheezing and coughing as my boss lay on the table breathing heavily. I zipped up my pants. “You are really really good. I never thought I would meet someone with a bigger sex drive,” she said coughing.

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