Shower Masturbation

$name1 is enjoying her shower, the hot water, the sensations of rubbing her skin… Soon, these sensations turn to tingles and she decides to explore more… 

$name1 got into the shower and washed her hair quickly… tieing it up when it was done because she hates the feel of it clinging to her neck and back when it’s wet.

She loves the scent of her new shampoo and shower gel. It’s cinnamon/nutmeg and when she finished, she smells like a freshly baked spice cake.

She lathered down her whole body paying particular attention to her nipples as she does her breasts. Once they are all slick with soap, she likes to pull and twist them a little.

Not to the point of unbearable pain just so the electricity shoots through her.

Once she has them so hard, they are too tender touch any longer she moves on down…soaping and scrubbing. She doesn’t play too much more while she’s soapy soap in private places tends to cause problems sometimes.

All soaped up she reach for the hand-held shower head this is her favorite. It has spray and pulse modes… Heaven!

In spray mode, she holds it tight to the top of her chest letting the water cascade down.

When her nipples are very hard the water runs down them and shoots of the tips like little jets. She like watching that. Sometimes she has to play with them a little more to keep them hard.

After that, she just rinse off the rest of her quickly without much thought to what she’s doing planning the next and most delicious stage.

Switching over to pulse mode $name1 places her foot on the edge of the tub opening her legs wider. Reaching down with one hand she spread her pussy lips open wide, exposing the pink softness inside.

Bringing the showerhead in close…. the warm water pulses on her…making her clit hard in an instant. With the right imagination, she can feel lips there searching a tongue flicking fingers working over it.

Todays were excellent. There you were the pics they saw in the chat room, last night’s hot “chat” all coming together as the water played over her so fine.

She doesn’t always finger herself but she did today slide it in and out imagining your wonderful cock in me moving in and out slowly at first then speeding up.

$name1 feels the muscles tighten around her finger as the water massages my hard clit sending waves of pleasure through her.

Before she knows it, she’s cumming so hard her knees are getting weak and it just goes on and on. She knows she’s making noises and she hopes the sound of the shower covers them.

Wanting to stop because she’s afraid her knees are going to give out but not being able to… Taking her fingers out and rubbing them over her clit instead.

It’s so sensitive at this point she really can’t do that though the feeling is just too intense so she goes back to just using the water. Spasms over and over again $name1 can’t remember the last time it went on for so long but finally, they subside letting her down gently bringing her to that peaceful place again.

Bringing the shower head up to her neck, $name1 massages it with the water relaxing her bringing her back down from that incredible high. By now the hot water has run out so she jumps out to towel off. Looking in the mirror She sees a lady who has just been made incredibly sweet love to and her eyes are shining.

Author: Maria

Maria is an amateur erotic author, having written shorts on other sex story websites in the past. With an interest in taboo and fantasy, Maria likes to focus on the kinky side of sex, and combines it with the potential sensuality of sex.

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