Offering Her Ass To Roommate’s Boyfriend

$name1 is bored, and over hears and argument between her roommate ($name2), and her roommate’s boyfriend ($name3). He’s frustrated, and want’s anal, but $name2 won’t give it up for him, so $name1 does…

That night, $name1 was walking around her apartment and feeling very bored. It was a very slow weekend.

She didn’t go out, didn’t have a date or anything planned.

$name1 kept herself in comfortable clothes, some shorts, and a t-shirt with no bra. $name1 had a roommate.

$name1 lay sprawled on her bed; arms outstretched and let out a sigh that represented how bored she was. From her room, $name1 heard noises coming from the living room.

At first stay, she didn’t think to get up.

They were normal noises. Noises of keys, and agitated conversation.

Then laughter that sounded frustrated rather than happy. $name1 knew who they were: her roommate and her boyfriend.

She had just entered the apartment and apparently, they came in a little too happy.

$name1’s boredom was so potent, she thought she’d go out and say hello. She stood up to head to the living room, being so close to where they were, she could hear the exact context of the conversation, and she covered her mouth with one hand to keep from letting out the laughter that would inevitably come out because of what she was hearing.

“$name3, I already told you no. Don’t ask me anymore!” $name1’s roommate $name2 was saying. She sounded exasperated.

“Why not? Give me one good reason. I want to hear it.” She was asking, almost ordering her boyfriend to $name1’s roommate.

On the living room table, they had placed a bottle.

$name1 from where she was couldn’t see what the bottle was, but it was definitely alcohol. She was still with her mouth covered by one hand, listening.


“There will be no anal sex, period! Take comfort in knowing it won’t happen.” $name2 was already losing her temper; $name3 pretended to be amused by that.

The boy didn’t reply again, he just looked at her with eyes full of disappointment, and perhaps antipathy.

$name1 went back to her room so she could laugh in the privacy it afforded her. They put on music, while in $name1’s mind an idea forged.

She was bored, she didn’t have a boyfriend to share with, but there was her roommate’s boyfriend not being properly attended to.

$name3 had always seemed attractive to her, that much was certain, and that night, she would do something about it. All these musings had $name1 lying on her bed, her eyes sparkling and a half-smile on her lips.

After a good while had passed, she went out to investigate how $name2’s little private party was going.

$name1 knew that as a rule, $name2 didn’t handle alcohol very well; it wasn’t one of her strong suits.

She poked her head into the living room and saw that $name2 was lying on the couch drunker than a skunk, and $name3 was nowhere to be found. $name1 knew where he was, even without seeing him.

She went up to her room and put on some very sensual lingerie: a babydoll and came back out feeling like the hottest woman in the world.

“$name3…” $name1 called in a whisper peeking around corners.

He was nowhere to be found, which could only mean one thing: he had gone to $name2’s room.

She knocked on the door, but there was no answer, so she went in arbitrarily.

$name3 was lying on his girlfriend’s bed. $name1 placed her hands on the bed, then one knee, then the other propelling her ass backward. $name3 feeling the new weight on the bed, woke up, and saw $name1 on all fours on the bed in that lingerie; he rubbed his eyes as if he was still asleep, and couldn’t believe his eyes.

$name1 was smiling and kept wiggling her ass back and forth. The lingerie left her ass in the air, and $name1 brought a hand to her buttocks to spread them apart. It was a clear invitation.

Her roommate’s boyfriend, couldn’t believe his eyes.

$name1 could see it on his face, but without saying a word or asking for an explanation, he positioned himself behind $name1 covering her ass with both hands, sliding them all over the surface.

He was already exhibiting an exaggerated bulge in his pants and rubbed it against the delicious buttocks offered to him.

He wouldn’t miss that opportunity, $name1 knew.

She was bored, and he craved an ass to fuck.

There it was. $name3 spread those buttocks wider, and ran a finger across her asshole, before salivating it and then wetting it with saliva. $name3 may not have fully awakened yet, but he knew what he was doing.

$name1 kept moving and pushing back to where $name3 was, turning her head to watch him work on her ass.

Meanwhile, $name3 had already inserted his head between her buttocks and was greedily licking her anus, sticking his tongue as deep as he could, not forgetting to spank her, leaving the surface red, as he ate $name1’s asshole hungrily.

She moaned voluptuously as if that act was the morbid act par excellence. $name3 licked with impetus, several minutes later; he would insert one finger, then two, moving them as roughly as he could in that tight asshole.

$name1’s eyes opened wide, she cried out as she felt those two fingers inside her. $name3 had been getting excited, thrusting his fingers in and out of $name1’s ass, but he couldn’t take it anymore.

He pulled his pants down to his ankles without bothering to remove them completely. $name1’s already dilated ass was eagerly awaiting him, and he plunged in the most pleasurable way imaginable.

$name1 was sure he had waited a long time for that, she might not be his girlfriend, but $name1 was offering him a beautiful ass willing to accommodate his cock.

Why not? After all, it had been an emotionless weekend, and $name3 had been licking her ass very divinely.

Without delay, $name3 rammed into her, grabbing her hips, pulling her closer to his body. Drawing her in, and fucking her as if he had never fucked her in her life. His lunges were hard and desperate.

$name1’s ass had opened to its widest giving way to $name3’s thick cock, who kept trying to hurt her.

Once he got the rhythm, his thrusts became more accurate, and he slipped one hand into massage $name1’s clit.

She cried out confidently, sure that $name2 wasn’t going to wake up. She and $name3 were making a lot of noise; there she was on the bed being fucked by her roommate’s boyfriend.

$name1 received great pleasure, her muffled screams increased, and she came almost losing her balance.

Despite coming, she wanted more. She liked being fucked in the ass. She let $name3 know this, as she never quite pulled away, and he continued with what was being asked of him, living up to it.

$name3 assaulted her by spreading her buttocks open in the process and making his saliva drip directly onto $name1’s asshole.

$name1 came a second time.

$name3 held her down and increased the speed, and suddenly stopped. $name1 knew the reason. He had come inside her ass. As he pulled away, semen leaked out of the hole onto the floor.

$name1 left him alone and went back to her room before $name2 woke up and discovered them…

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