Affair With A Married Man

$name1 has met $name2 on a dating app, and after getting to know him, $name2 has revealed he has a partner… But this isn’t stopping $name1 from going to his house to fuck whilst she is away…

The train was approaching the station where $name1 would get off. She had been talking to a guy using a dating app.

She was feeling a little nervous, but the train’s arrival was imminent. $name1 didn’t quite know what to expect.

She would have to get off the train and find out. One thing was clear to her: it was all just for fun since the man in question had a partner. With this in mind, $name1 relaxed.

She knew what she was going for, and she would go through with it without thinking about anything else.

$name1 was on the verge of getting lost, still, she got the right path to the house of that man, who she thought was very handsome. $name1 came upon the house, and she took a deep breath before knocking on the door.

The man opened, and $name1 noticed without delay that he was much more attractive in person. This took her by surprise, she thought maybe he wouldn’t look like he did in the pictures. She had been wrong.

“Yeah! You did come!” He said as he saw $name1 planted on his doorstep.

$name1 just smiled before launching herself at him. The handsome man she was now kissing was named $name2.

He was taken aback by $name1’s determination. $name2, seeing that $name1 was going all out, kissed her more ardently, holding her by the waist.

$name1 responded to this, kissing him with an urgency that made it clear she wanted to get straight to the point.

$name2 was already very aroused. Her body was extraordinary. $name2 touched $name1’s buttocks, while she pushed her tongue down his throat.

She felt what he was doing with his hands, and she became so aroused, that she immediately noticed her panties getting wet.

$name2’s lips were taut. $name1 lost herself in them for several minutes. For his part, $name2 unleashed his passions by touching $name1 as far as his hands could reach.

She wasn’t stopping him, so he had a free hand to do so. The kiss was going further and further, so $name1 stopped. $name2 questioned her with his eyes. It was too late to back out. He was startled for a moment.

“Is there somewhere I can cool off?” $name1 asked.

“Down the hall is the bathroom.” $name2 replied. In a way, $name2 felt relief.

Before retreating, $name1 glanced down at the crotch of the man in front of her. An erection was very evident. She smiled with her heart hammering hard and went toward the bathroom. He watched $name1 walking away down the hallway.

Her buttocks were dreamy. Once there, $name1 changed. She pulled out an extremely sexy babydoll and slipped it on. It was red with black and made of lace, which left little to the imagination.

Such a garment had a slit in the front, and also left her breasts exposed, only holding them at the bottom. $name1 checked the result, and when she came out, she called $name2, who had been shocked.

She watched as his cock grew even bigger. $name2, wasting no more time, took her into the bedroom. She looked stunning in that erotically colored babydoll. He didn’t have to remove the garment, as it exposed the parts $name2 was most interested in.

$name2 laid her down on the bed, where he touched her incessantly, starting with her breasts. Before that, he ran a finger over $name1’s pussy, and then he put it in her mouth. She was wet, and his cock throbbed with impatience.

She had really beautiful breasts, which he was caressing and kissing at the same time.

$name1 didn’t miss a thing, but when he took that nipple into his mouth, $name1 closed her eyes and let out a moan of pleasure. $name2 massaged the other nipple, while he sucked briskly on the first. $name1 was mad with desire. Her body squirmed without warning.

$name2 sucked those luscious nipples relentlessly, listening as she moaned with desire. $name1 let this happen in a very relaxed way without worrying about what would happen next.

$name1 howled, and wiggled her hips upward, waiting for him to catch the warning, and take her. She couldn’t wait any longer to be penetrated, it was what she craved.

However, $name2 made her wait a little longer, so she had an orgasm from the action of $name2’s fingers. He was an expert, and she succumbed to this wonderful sensation.

$name1, that time, screamed her head off. He undressed and grabbed her legs without waiting for her to stop screaming from her orgasm. $name2 presented a long, very hard cock, and $name1 felt streams of fluids escape from between her legs.

He turned her around so that those sexy buttocks were at his disposal. $name2 flicked his tongue over them before pointing his cock in the right direction. $name1 lifted her hips more, and she turned her face to see $name2’s abs showing.

He finally penetrated her. She experienced some pain at first, even though he was subtle. However, this soon passed, and the pain turned into great pleasure for $name1. He assaulted her with a unique alacrity. $name1 shook her ass and wiggled her hips back.

$name2 thought his girlfriend didn’t do this for him. He increased the speed of those movements, and $name1 screamed uncontrollably. She kept moving, which was a considerable elevation in pleasure for both of them.

$name1 bellowed with energy, unleashing a roar that made it clear she had gone to the right place. $name2 was moving in circles, then very fast, aggressively lunging at her.

$name1 constantly looked back to watch as $name2 fucked her compulsively. She roared as she had another orgasm, and this likewise, caused her to slap her face against the bed. $name2 withdrew his cock, and $name1’s pussy let out streams of juices.

$name1 was ecstatic. $name2 was insatiable, and he knew very well how to use his tool. They changed positions. $name1 had gotten on top of him, in a reverse cowgirl position, and she rode $name2 viciously.

She let herself fall on that delicious cock. $name1 moved with a dexterity that had $name2 transfixed.

She was swinging fast, and she didn’t forget to moan with great outrage. $name2 stopped her so that he could be the one to move, and ram her by driving his hips upward.

She let herself be swept away by the most intense sensations of her life, and $name2 brought her to another epic orgasm. $name2 didn’t stop, and he penetrated her with alacrity. He let out a grunt, but even he had not come. $name2 thrust swiftly, causing $name1 to roll her eyes.

$name2 was like a machine. He turned her on her side and grabbing her by the neck, he rammed her again with power. $name1 was aware that she could come again, given the circumstances.

$name2 wanted to take her further, and for her to enjoy his cock as much as her remaining strength would allow him to. $name1 did so, letting out the loudest scream of the moment.

He felt he could take no more, and he came copiously inside her. $name1 lay to the side, and let all the semen flow out. $name2 watched this fact and thought maybe he could fuck her one more time later.

It took both of them a while to recover, but it was all over now. $name1 got dressed, and she took another train home. As she had predicted: it had all been about fun…


Author: Alice

Alice is one of the founding authors of, and enjoys a variety of erotic kinks from cuckolding and voyeurism, to oral fixations and fantasy genres.

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