Bestfriend’s Lesbian Sauna Romp

Enjoying their time at the spa, Name1♀ and Name2♀ go to the sauna to relax… The heat and the prosecco go to their heads, and they begin to admire and lust over each other’s bodies…

It was a good day to be at the spa by the sauna in their swimsuits, drinking prosecco while tanning and $name1 alongside her friend $name2 were having the time of their life.

They just lay there with the heat and the alcohol slowly affecting their judgment and it wasn’t long before the girls were eyeing each other and admiring their semi-naked bodies.

I just realized that you are very beautiful. Look at those long legs. Any man would be lucky to have them wrapped around their waist.

$name2 said leaving $name1 shocked.


$name1 shouted scandalized as her cheeks turned red.

Oh my God! Aren’t you shameless? I’m your best friend.

She accused her friend who didn’t look to be regretting her words.

So what! You are hot and I would fuck you if you let me.

$name2 said with a straight face and $name1 didn’t believe it.


$name1 asked in disbelief as she pictured her and $name2 in the sauna with their mouths fused and their limbs entangled. It was hot as hell and $name1 was mad and embarrassed at herself for even thinking about it.

Yes, and you will like it I promise.

$name2 told $name1.

No thanks, but I like your boobs. They are so huge. I’ve always wanted them and wondered if they’d fit in my hands.

$name1 confessed surprising herself.

I’m your best friend so you don’t have to wonder anymore. Go on, touch them and see for yourself.

$name2 encouraged a shy $name1.


Yes. I’m being serious.

$name2 replied then shocked $name1 by undoing the strings of her bikini top and baring her huge breasts.

There, now go ahead and touch them.

$name2 told $name1 who shyly reached out and gently caressed $name2’s breast making her friend shiver in reaction.

$name1 was fascinated by her friend’s reaction and she kept going, massaging both breasts then kneading and playing with her nipples until $name2 stopped her, held her face with both hands, and kissed her.

Fuck! That was hot.

$name1 groaned when they parted then went ahead and removed her own bikini top, her bikini bottoms next before straddling $name2 and kissing her again, going on and on until they both parted now breathless and panting hard.

$name2’s fingers traveled to $name1’s aching pussy where she dipped two fingers inside then fished them out and licked them greedily.

So fucking tasty. I want more.

$name2 said shamelessly then lay $name1 on the wooden bench and parted her legs.

She surprised $name1 next by straddling her face and lowering her pussy directly onto her mouth before lowering her head and fusing her own mouth to $name1’s pussy then sucking it hard making the poor woman scream into her pussy which felt amazing.

$name2 kept going, sucking and drinking $name1’s tasty juices while fucking her with her tongue and it wasn’t long before $name1 was doing the same to her.

Eating her out with the same intensity while moaning and screaming into $name2’s pussy until she had $name2 moaning and groaning in response.

The two went at it for a while, mirroring each other’s actions until $name1 lost control, quaking hard as she reached a climax with $name2 greedily sucking her juices as she neared an orgasm of her own.

When $name1 recovered from the wild orgasm that had gone on and on, she went on to focus on $name2’s pussy, sucking it hard while licking and poking her swollen clit with her wicked tongue until the poor woman couldn’t take it anymore.

She wailed loudly while shaking violently as an orgasm took control of her body and left her breathless and it took a while before she came back to earth, too exhausted to utter a word.

That was fucking amazing.

$name1 said after a prolonged silence.


$name2 muttered with her head laid on $name1’s thick thigh and there was nothing that the two ladies could have wished for more at that moment.

Author: Alice

Alice is one of the founding authors of, and enjoys a variety of erotic kinks from cuckolding and voyeurism, to oral fixations and fantasy genres.

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