Boss Blackmails Office Secretary Into Hotel BBC

$name1 is sat at her desk, going through her daily work when she gets an email marked urgent from her boss, $name2. Damn, he had photos of her, and her affair, and wants something in return to keep his mouth shut, and not tell her husband…

$name1 sat at her desk, staring at her computer screen. An email, marked ‘urgent,’ stared back at her.

It was short, but the information it contained had made her stomach sink, yet she could not imagine why $name2, her boss, was sending it.

The email he had sent was not compromising in itself, but it was of her and Andy, a guy she had been having an affair with, and the restaurant they had been pictured outside would not be easy to explain to her husband.

It turned out it wasn’t the only picture $name2 had, and her worst fears were confirmed.

$name2 intended to blackmail her.

The email read:

$name1, you’re a very beautiful woman; all I want, and all I expect from you, is for you to allow me to enjoy your beauty.

To that end, you will do whatever I say, whenever I say it, without objection and without qualification for the next two and a half months.

I’m setting this limit so you know you will be free in time. However, I’m not going to make it easy for you.

Tomorrow you will meet me at the Maison Hotel, room 1124, at 3pm sharp.

You know what will happen if you don’t show.


When she thought about it later, she realized she had been foolish.

Her husband kept her very comfortable, but he was older than her and didn’t quite serve all of her needs…

$name1 had surprised herself how easily she had submitted to his demands. She was a pragmatic type… She saw no way out.

And so it was that $name1 arrived at the hotel the next day as $name2 had instructed. She was dressed as instructed, in black heels, suspenders, a tight basque, and a tight white dress down to her knees.

Her hair was tied back into a neat ponytail, and her make-up was light, but neat, and she looked good.

She took the lift to the 11th floor, found room 1124, and knocked hesitantly on the door.

$name2 answered, showed her in, and asked her to take a seat.

‘”Hi $name1. I’m glad you agree to come. Do you remember the rules we discussed?” $name1 nodded slowly.

‘Good. But as a reminder:

  1. You do everything I ask.
  2. If you turn me down once, the photos go to your husband.
  3. You will look like you are enjoying yourself at all times. Or at least not complain.

In turn, I promise not to hurt you. Humiliate you, hopefully, but apart from blackmail, we won’t be breaking any laws.

Shall we begin?

$name1 nodded again.

Here we go, she thought…

To her surprise, as she nodded a door clicked behind her, and a man emerged.

He was tall, black, and, she had to admit in her racing mind, good-looking.

“This is Marcus”, said $name2.

You’re going to do whatever he says for the next couple of hours… I’ll leave you in his hands.

With that $name2 sat in a chair in the corner.’Hi $name1′, said Marcus. ‘Get me a beer. And he pointed to the fridge in the corner.

Dutifully, $name1 went to the corner and got him a drink, pouring it into a glass as indicated.”Now, come and stand next to me so I can have a better look at you.” He ordered.

$name1 moved slowly in front of him, coming closer as he beckoned so he was almost in reach.

“Oh my, so beautiful. I am going to touch you and you will not resist. No matter what I do, or tell you to do, you will not resist or delay, is that clear?”

She stood in silence next to his chair.

“Is that clear?” He shouted.

“Yes.” $name1 said, meekly.

He put his hands on $name1’s hips and slowly moved them up her waist. $name1 knew he was going for her breasts and there was nothing she could do to stop him.

When his hands reached her breasts he cupped them and squeezed the nipples making her jump and shriek a little.

“My god, they’re perfect.”

Then he moved his hands back down her trembling body.

“Move your legs apart.”

$name1 hesitated only for a moment. She moved her feet.


She did he told, knowing she was exposing her pussy to him; she felt so humiliated.

She felt his hand touch her inner thigh and move up slowly until his fingers touched the outer lips of her pussy.

She felt him spread her lips apart and penetrate them until his fingers were well inside her opening.

As he manipulated her pussy, $name1 heard the distinctive sound of a belt buckle clinking and realized he was about to take his cock out of his pants; it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what was going to happen next.

“On your knees” said Marcus.

$name1’s husband was not small, but $name1 had never seen what stood before her face. It was the biggest she had ever seen – the base reminded her of a red bull can.

Slowly, reluctantly, she moved forward.

$name1 moved her head up and down sucking the head of the cock then the shaft, then licking the head, all the time wanking his shaft with her right hand.

He moved his hands down to her tits, pulling on her stiffening nipples, and she reacted by grabbing the base of his cock even harder, desperate to make him cum as quickly as possible and end this.

He grabbed her hair, and she tried to wriggle her head away from his grasp but he had to firm control on her now.

She pulled her head back but he pulled harder, her head being held firm by his hand.

He wasn’t trying to thrust his cock down her throat but he was making sure she couldn’t pull her head back.

She was sucking as hard as she could and wanking him, her lips being stretched by his huge girth.

$name1 then felt his cock jerk for the first time. He’s holding my head because the bastards going to come she thought.

$name1 reduced her head motion but increased her hand speed, pumping his cock faster as she felt it jerk again.

If he was going to spunk in her mouth then she wanted to be in control.

He started to moan and she could hear his breathing increase in rapidity.

$name1 felt his cock jerk violently and knew this was it. The first jet of cum exploded in her mouth and she could feel its warmth on her tongue.

He moaned loudly as a second and third jet entered her mouth.$name1 could feel it build upon her tongue and she decided that that was enough.

She tried to pull her head from his cock but his grip was firm, pushing her even further down on him, making her gag and choke.

The cum filled her mouth, leaking out in spurts between her lips and his cock.

Finally, after she felt she was getting dizzy he released the pressure and she was free.

$name1stood up and looked him in the eye, he was smiling and satisfied, and all he could do was say, “Well done $name1, fucking excellent blow job! Now that’s just the start…”

Author: Alice

Alice is one of the founding authors of, and enjoys a variety of erotic kinks from cuckolding and voyeurism, to oral fixations and fantasy genres.

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