College Coed Groped By Jocks

$name1 is a second-year college student, and hates gym class, hates jocks, and just wants a quieter life. Unfortunately, gym is mandatory at her college, and her good looks and pert chest haven’t gone unnoticed by the jocks…

$name1’s least favorite class was always gym class. She had never been an athletic or physically competitive person. As a result, she was uninterested in dodgeball, kickball, basketball, or general exercise.

Fortunately, she had the option of picking her gym activity every two weeks. $name1 always goes to the gym.

Because the guys would play basketball or some other sport she didn’t care for, but the teachers would let $name1 and her non-competitive friends sit in the weight room and talk.

It was getting close to the end of the time period. $name1 was preparing to pack her belongings. She rushed down the hall when she heard yelling, hoping to avoid the social traffic. The weight room was being passed by a group of boys.

For a split second, she locked eyes with one of them. He fell silent and the other boys were hushed. $name1’s heart pounded with trepidation. Just as the boy walked through the doorway, she moved toward it.

His muscular frame towered over her. His hand gripped $name1’s side in such a way that she was terrified. He drew her into the room slowly. His two companions followed, locking the door behind them.

“Can you tell me what you’re doing?” $name1 inquired her voice tense.

“No, what are you doing?” retorted the boy.

“What do you mean?”

“You’re all by yourself in the weight room. Were you lifting anything?” As he made the joke, the group of boys laughed.

She joked, “No, I was staying away from your dumbass.”

She knew she’d made a big mistake when the boy’s lips formed a cruel grin. His friends hovered menacingly over her as the boy pushed her down on the pectoral chest press machine.

“Perhaps you should participate for a change,” he teased.

$name1’s hands came into contact with the boys. She tried to back away, but he slapped her across the face with a painful slap.

“Don’t get too far away from me,” he joked, and his friends joined in, laughing as her face flushed red.

He began to raise her hands to the handlebars once more. Her arms were almost as long as her wingspan. Which was hardly impressive for $name1’s five-foot-two frame.

“Give me ten reps,” the boy jokingly requested.

“Seriously?” $name1 was taken aback by the request.

With another stinging slap, his hand responded. She forced her outstretched arms to swing around and then pull together, despite being verbally paralyzed.

He yelled, “Count them out!”

“One…” $name1 exclaimed, her voice cracking with exasperation. “Two…” she continued as the insides of her biceps pinched her breasts together. As she spread her arms out again, the boys kept a close eye on her.

The power they must have felt at the time was eroding $name1’s resolve.

Escape plans raced through her head, but how would she get past all three of them? They were all significantly larger, stronger, and faster than she was.

“Keep going,” the youngster encouraged.

$name1 sensed his gaze grazing her chest. It wasn’t just him, though. They were all staring at her large, round boobs, which were shaking beneath her T-shirt.

Like hawks swooping down on prey, their eyes pounced with ferocity. $name1 couldn’t decide where to look, so she simply turned her head to the side. She couldn’t bear the thought of coming face to face with their stares.

“Three… four… five…” she counted, her arms flailing in front of her as she juggled reps.

The boy’s friends joined in the snickering, delighting in $name1’s helplessness. He then came to a halt and took a look around.

As his eyes glistened at the sight of something, $name1 caught a quick glance. She shifted her gaze to see what he was contemplating. Is that a water bottle? He took it in his hands and drank from it.

“Grab her arms,” he advised his companions.

They yanked her arms away from the handlebars, clutching her wrists tightly. $name1’s back straightened, her shoulders fell back, and her breasts were more prominently displayed as a result of her outstretched arms being torn back.

“LET ME GO!”$name1 grumbled.

His eyes widened as he said, “Not a chance.”

$name1 flailed desperately, attempting to break free from their grip. She couldn’t do anything, though.

The boy took the bottled water and sprayed the front of $name1’s shirt with it. $name1’s chest was drenched in ice-cold water. Her shirt was immediately tightened around her boobs.

The liquid trickled down her nipples under her shirt.

The cold water continued to drip down $name1’s chest, hardening her nipples. Her blue gym T-thin-lined shirt’s fabric molded to her tits.

“Oh my god!” exclaims the speaker. Her jaw dropped as she realised her nipples were now clearly visible through the shirt.

His arrogant grin tore into her, obliterating what little dignity she had left. $name1 yanked her arms in an attempt to flee, furious with embarrassment.

Her face was suffocated by a blast of heat. She tried desperately to get away, kicking and throwing her arms. As her tits shook with every pathetic movement, it only seemed to bring him more pleasure.

He laughed and said, “You’re not going anywhere.”

$name1 couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw what was happening. With their terrorizing, lusting expressions, they were staring at her soaked shirt.

His tone was so sarcastically smug that it made $name1 sick. “Looks like someone forgot a bra today,” he said.

He slid a stool over and sat right in front of her, removing his sweatshirt and tossing it to the side. His fingers squeaked $name1’s boobs through the wet shirt, reaching across her protruding breasts. His veiny arms flexed as he tightened his grip on her.

“Look at you,” he exclaimed, his gaze fixed on $name1’s chest.

His nails dug into her boobs’ rounded outer surface. His grip was ferocious, razor-sharp, and powerful. Her vulnerability to him was only heightened by the way he grabbed her.

He cupped her tits’ undersides and lifted her boobs’ weight upward. $name1 had a gasping, amazed, and wide-mouthed expression on her face as she looked down.

His hands rose slightly, releasing her large, round breasts. Like a ball landing in the sand, they plummeted and rebounded.

His fingers clung to the ends of her nipples as they came to a halt. He pulled, tugged, twisted, and flicked her tits through the shirt.

The facial contortions danced across her face, which he could see. $name1 did her best to conceal them, but “best” was a meaningless term at this point.

He continued to play with her nipples, a gleeful grin on his face. He then sent a tingling sensation all over her body. $name1’s nipples were being yanked out of her chest in a straight line.

As she rolled her head to the side, the tension in her body gradually dissipated.

$name1 tried to catch the whimper with “Mmm,” but the boys’ smirk made it clear she hadn’t.

As the boy admired $name1’s body, she turned her head away. He kept playing with her boobs, gently lifting them and watching them fall back into place.

He crept up on her just a smidgeon. $name1 could feel his dick shifting against her thigh, which was enough for her to notice. To $name1’s right, a full-fledged erection pressed against his gym shorts. As she turned her head to see the boy to her left doing the same, $name1 felt a sick sense of pride.

$name1 focused her gaze on the boy’s fingertips gliding over her wet shirt, teasing her giddy nipples. A

s his fingers applied light pressure to the ends of her limbs, she whimpered softly. He pounced on them, tugging them around in a playful manner. As he drew her chest closer to his, her jaw dropped.

“Too hard, too hard, too hard TOO HARD!” pleaded $name1.

He took a breather, savoring her vulnerability. He then let go, honoring $name1’s request.

“Because you’re such a good girl,” he joked.

“Should I lift this up?” he asked rhetorically as he tugged at her shirt.

With a soft moan, $name1’s head nodded upward. His twisted grin morphed into a destructive grin as he was taken aback.

“Really? Did you see that, boys? She agreed with a nod.”

$name1 couldn’t believe what she was hearing. He was torturing her, but she couldn’t stand up to him. He gave his friend a friendly smile before lifting the bottom of her shirt upward. Her round, heavy boobs spilled out of her shirt, completely exposing herself to the boys.

His lips quickly pressed against her chest. They clenched their fists, creating suction around $name1’s nipple. His tongue was twirling around her nipple, and his other hand was twisting the edge of her nipple.

“Fuckkk…” $name1 muttered, her head thrown back.

“Should I continue?” he wondered.

$name1’s brain said no. She wasn’t going to let him get away with it. Her selfish body, on the other hand, would not allow her to make such a rash decision.

“Y-yes,” $name1 replied.

He offered a second chance, “Are you sure?”

She uttered, “Mhmmm.”

He smiled at her as if he hadn’t expected anything less.

The sound of keys rustling at the door startled me. $name1’s shirt was pulled down and lifted away from her by the boy. Mr. Litwick’s burly arms unlocked the door, and everyone in the room turned around.

“What was the point of locking the door?” He turned to the boys, who had formed a line in front of $name1 and were facing Mr. Litwick.

They replied, “I’m not sure.”

$name1 quickly grabbed the boy’s sweatshirt from the floor and threw it over her head. She then proceeded to walk through the crowd of boys, brushing them aside as she went.

Mr. Litwick turned to $name1 with a surprised expression, as if he hadn’t expected her to be there. “Are these boys bothering you?”

“No, sir,” she stammered, “they were just assisting me with a… workout.”

The boys, who appeared surprised, raised their brows.

Mr. Litwick paused, not entirely convinced by the response, and then said, “Well then… get to class.”

$name1 hurriedly grabbed her bag and bolted out the door, never looking back.

Author: Alice

Alice is one of the founding authors of, and enjoys a variety of erotic kinks from cuckolding and voyeurism, to oral fixations and fantasy genres.

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