Debt Collector Comes For What Her Husband Owes

$name1 is home alone and enjoying her day when there is a neck at the door. $name2 greets her, a debt collector, there to collect on behalf of his agency to recover her husband’s debt…

In the kitchen, $name1 is in her tight red dress getting ready to go out with her girlfriends, the tight and revealing dress is riding up her ass showing a slight butt cheek.

Suddenly there is a knock on the door.

In her knee-high black boots, she walks to the door and checks through the peephole.

On the other side of the door stands a tall handsome well-trimmed man. He is wearing a uniform with a small name on the right side, $name2.

$name1 opens the door slowly to ask who he is and what he wants.

$name2 informs her he is here to collect the debt her husband owes, she explains he is not home and he cannot enter.

He forces his way through the door and she backs off to the kitchen and backs herself up the kitchen table. $name2 takes off his jacket and tells $name1 he will stay until her husband returns.

$name1 is attracted to $name2 and she realizes she’s getting wet through her lacy red panties.

$name2, in his tight shirt, is sitting on the couch and $name1 offers him a drink. He accepts and she decides a glass of red wine is the best drink.

$name1 walks up to him on the couch with her dress pulled further up her body so her panties are on show. $name2 notices her ass and starts to get hard.

$name1 puts the wine glasses on the glass table in front of $name2 and sits next to him, close.

Her hand is on the couch next to $ name2’s leg.

$name2 is throbbing now and the outline of his huge cock is showing through his trousers. $name1 sees this and begins to get horny.

She runs her hands through her hair, down her neck, onto her breasts, and down her body.

She puts her hand on $name2′ zip and waits for him to move.

He doesn’t.

She begins opening his zip and $name2 still does not move. He puts his hand around the back of $name1’s neck and pulls her in for a kiss.

He kisses her hard and pushes his tongue into her mouth.

She jumps up and sits her legs on either side of his legs, letting her wet pussy sit on his hard cock.

$name2 picks her up and slams her down onto the kitchen table. opening his trousers and throwing them away, revealing tight boxer shorts with a huge bulging 9-inch cock ready to pulse inside $name1.

He rips her lacy panties off with his teeth and begins vigorously licking her, around her clitoris, sucking on her pussy lips and plunging his tongue deep inside of her. Her body begins to writhe in passion and pleasure.

His tongue is so wet with her juices and she begs for him to slide his large cock into her.

He obliges, the tip of his cock teases her. he slowly slides it inside of her, pulling himself deeper and deeper inside of her. Using his hand to rub her clitoris, her body is wriggling at his touch.

With no thought of her husband coming home, she moans and cries out when $name2 grabs her hips and thrusts himself deep inside of her, faster and harder making her moan so loud.

She grabs her own breasts and pulls her dress down so they’re revealed to $name2, he grabs them hard. Pulling her further down the table to get deeper inside her.

She is hot and ready to explode, she calls out for him to thrust hard into her. She groans, ready to cum hard.

$name2 is pulsating and he is ready to blow his load all over her. She cries out. Cumming hard on his huge hard cock making it wetter and wetter, her legs are shaking and she’s ready for his huge load.

He pulls out of her pussy, pulls her head down, and demands she sucks on his hard wet cock. tasting herself and ready to take his load. He gets harder into her mouth and tells her to look up at him whilst he cums on her face.

She looks up at $name2 with her pussy dripping onto the kitchen floor, mouth open waiting for his load.

He begins to moan whilst rubbing his cock and blows his huge load right over her face, dripping in her mouth and over her exposed tits. she licks her lips enjoying his cum.

Next time, he says, he will bring a second debt collector with him as her husband owes a lot, so she will need to work hard to cover two cocks worth of debt.

Author: Alice

Alice is one of the founding authors of, and enjoys a variety of erotic kinks from cuckolding and voyeurism, to oral fixations and fantasy genres.

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