Dirty Dancing Girlfriend

You’re in a nightclub with your girlfriend, when it takes an unexpected cuckold turn…

I was out with $name1, to a nightclub dancing like the world is about to end when a guy comes up behind her and grabs her waist.

He pulls her towards him and they start dancing with their moves in sync. Their hips are swaying with his crotch connected to her ass and my girlfriend doesn’t stop dancing, she is totally lost in the music. She must know that the man holding her isn’t me, I argue jealousy.

My first instinct is to get in the way and stand up to the guy for having the audacity to dance with my girl like that, but I take time to assess my opponent… 

He is very tall, much taller than me, and very muscular and I immediately know that I can’t fight him even if I try. He is daring me to fight him, I can tell from the taunting look on his face but I’m too drunk to even swing a fist much less land it in the face of an Adonis.

My girlfriend doesn’t look like she has any complaints about being in his arms. She is having the time of her life, dancing and draping her body all over him while his large hands possessively grab her hips and pull her towards him and I’m no genius but I suspect that he is humping my girl and it makes my blood boil.

I’m jealous and seconds away from throwing a tantrum but the two seem not bothered at all. I stare in fury and the guy brazenly meets my gaze and smirks. He is taunting me and I can already picture his thoughts.

“I stole your girl, so what are you going to do about it?” He is basically saying with a taunting smirk on his face and because I know it would be a fight I’d definitely lose, there’s nothing I can do about it.

I resort to watching them from the sidelines, very much a scorned lover while the two are all over each other on the dance floor

My girlfriend’s eyes are closed as she dances completely consumed by the music while her companion, my tall rival slowly caresses her. She is loving it, I can tell and it tortures me. Her lips are parted, with her body leaning back against his as they move in synchrony. 

The wicked guy holds my gaze as his hands move upwards to my girlfriend’s breasts.

They are huge and they have always been my pride and joy until now. It is always fun for the both of us to show them off to other people who wouldn’t touch which is why I influence my girlfriend’s fashion choices.

Her tiny deep v-neck slip dress is very sexy and shows off her assets, her big boobs, and her long legs. That would have been ideal on any other night but not when she is in another man’s arms. It is pure torture and I’m in agony and seething with anger while $name1 is completely unaware or is simply teaching me a lesson.

The guy knows it’s killing me and he smiles as his hand’s cup my girlfriend’s breasts before he caresses her nipples with his thumbs and they rise instantly. I can see them poking at her silk dress and I’m not the only man watching which makes it even sadder.

$name1 is horny and her lips part as she moans. The guy winks at me taunting me and before I take the first step ready to go punch, his hands disappear inside my girlfriend’s dress and I freeze in place. I can’t move, I can only stare in horror and outrage as he touches what’s mine.

My girlfriend’s breasts are mine and only mine and I can’t believe the asshole has the guts to caress them and knead them before me. He doesn’t stop there, he lowers his mouth to her neck and kisses her sweet spot, where my mouth usually is and my girlfriend moans audibly.

$name1 coos seductively and my knees go weak. 

I almost fall to the floor as my girlfriend is pleasured by another man while they dance on the crowded dance floor in full view of everyone and the worst part of it is that she can’t even tell that it isn’t me.

That is the biggest betrayal of all and I want to collapse on the floor and bawl my eyes out not that anyone would care, they simply would dismiss me as another loser who didn’t get the girl.

The guy doesn’t stop there, he fishes out his hands from her dress when he has had enough of groping my girl then winks at me mockingly.

I’m seething by now and I can feel my forehead veins throbbing when his hands go lower and grab the hem of my girl’s tiny dress. I can already see the worst happening and the guy doesn’t disappoint.

His hands slide up her dress and I can’t see what’s happening but I have an idea what’s happening because my girl collapses against him and starts moaning loudly.

They are dancing very closely and he is fingering her without a doubt and that’s the limit of what I can take anymore. I storm over to them then grab my girlfriend’s hand and pull her towards me forcefully despite the guy holding on to her possessively.

Harsh words are exchanged and when a crowd forms around curious about the commotion, the guy finally releases my girlfriend but not before winking and smirking at me, rubbing it in the fact that he had his way with her.

Author: Alice

Alice is one of the founding authors of NaughtyFable.com, and enjoys a variety of erotic kinks from cuckolding and voyeurism, to oral fixations and fantasy genres.

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