First Steps In Becoming A Webcam Performer

$name1 has a wishlist as long as her arm, but between her and her husband, they don’t have the money to make the dreams a reality. One night, whilst trying to work out how to make money online she goes down the rabbit hole and registers on Chaturbate…

$name1 would watch YouTube and Instagram every night after work, dreaming of all the things she wanted to change and buy for their new home, but they had spent all of their savings and most of their fun money on the mortgage.

Her wish list of renovations and house items had already surpassed $20,000, and the fact that she would never be able to complete any of them made her sad rather than excited about their new home.

$name1 saw a video one night about a girl who made thousands of dollars a month selling photos of her feet and worn underwear.

$name1 clicked and was led down a rabbit hole of suggested videos on how to make money online as a cam girl and fetish model. These videos flooded her recommended list for weeks, while her dream list remained unfulfilled.

$name1 went downstairs to do her nightly browsing on the basement computer. She’d brought a bottle of her favorite wine with her tonight. She quickly became bored with looking at light fixtures for the hallway and decided to check out one site she had heard a lot about.

When she goes to the site, she sees a full screen of live cameras.

Each one is packed with nudity and sexual acts. She sees couples having sex in front of strangers, girls flashing rooms full of onlookers, and a variety of other images she never expected to find open and free to view. She sipped her wine and selected one of the performers.

The girl was sucking her partner’s dick, which he made her gag on. The conversation was about how good she was at taking big dicks and how much of a slut she was.

The next goal, $name1 noticed, was “cumshot,” and viewers could tip and vote on what they wanted to see.

The couple was able to sell 1,000 tickets in such a short amount of time, and the winner was facial. $name1 sat transfixed as she watched this girl smile as a cock exploded all over her face, drenching her in cum.

$name1 took a deep breath and realized how energized she had become as a result of that brief encounter. Her nipples were protruding from her nightgown. She goes back to the main page and bites her bottom lip.

$name1 this time chooses a window with a cute woman dressed in a robe and a black lace mask. She reasoned to herself that she might be able to do something similar.

Hundreds of people watched her. She may not have as many followers as celebrities, but she must be well compensated. “50 Tokens – Flash Tits” appeared as a tip notification.

The woman smiled and thanked the voyeur for his tip before lowering her robe to her waist and exposing her breasts to the 460 people watching.

She thanked everyone as she pushed her boobs together for the camera and pulled at her nipples. Before pulling her rope back up, $name1 noticed the viewer count had surpassed 500.

As she sipped her third glass of wine, $name1 couldn’t help but think, “Wow.” $name1’s mind then came up with an idea.

$name1’s mind was going places she hadn’t expected it to go when she entered Chaturbate, thanks to a combination of horniness and three glasses of wine.

She believed she could do it on her own, but she decided to put herself to the test by pretending to perform alongside the masked woman. “60 Tokens – Spank Ass 5 Times” came up in the chat as she was making this decision.

$name1 stood and turned around, imitating the masked performer and thanking the tipper. Her robe was lifted, revealing her thong-covered ass to her fictitious audience.

$name1 shivers as she sees the “Broadcast Yourself” button on the screen.

She presses the button and decides to register. SecretSlut$name1 is the username she chooses.

She felt compelled to reach down and touch herself as she typed her name and slut. She’d never done anything like this before, and it was incredibly appealing to her.

Her hand began to tease her clit over her thong as she clicked on verify account. $name1 dashed upstairs to retrieve her identification and then went to the bathroom to take a selfie with it. As she pressed the submit button, she teased herself with one finger.

While she waited, she set up a baby tip menu and spun the wheel with search bots.

$name1 begins to set her tip menu with her finger on her clit.

She realizes she’s new to this and won’t be showing her face, so she decides to start small to gauge interest. She does some research and discovers that one token costs the watcher around $5.

She blushes as she realizes how cheaply she has set up her body for sale.

  • Flash boobs – 10 tokens
  • Dance for 25 tokens
  • Show pussy for 30 tokens
  • Clit play 30 secs for 75 tokens
  • 100 Tokens – 30 Seconds of fingering

When $name1 received a new email notification, she was about to raise her prices. As she read that her account had been verified, her heart began to race. It would take days, she estimated!

She thinks of all the things that could go wrong as she stares at the Broadcast Yourself button, but then she remembers her dream house list and clicks it.

“New here, just having fun!” she writes in the title of her stream. She then dashes to her basement closet to retrieve an old Halloween mask from an outfit she wore in college.

$name1 presses the GO LIVE button, her pussy tingling, and her heart racing.

$name1 is dressed in a baby blue nightgown and a black lace mask as she sits there. She sees herself in real-time, but the view count is still zero.

$name1, trembling, adjusts the lighting in the room. When she sits down again, she notices that the video quality has improved, but it is still not great. She’ll need to upgrade her camera.

Slutlover7451 appeared in her chat and said, “Hello sexy.” $name1 takes a big gulp. “Hello,” she says, looking into her camera.

She now notices three people watching her. 10 tokens were tipped by HornyBigMan87. “Oh my goodness! Thank you so much, HornyBigMan!” $name1 blushed as she said.

Her fingers were undoing the robes’ belt. She pulls the robe back over her shoulders, revealing her breasts in a black bra to a total of 6 viewers for the low price of 50 cents.

She smiles as she cups her boobs in her hands.

“Fucking look at those tits”


“Play with your nipples whore”

$name1 reaches back and unclasps her bra, but keeps her other hand on it. She then drops her hand, allowing her bra to fall to her lap, and sticks her chest out even more to flaunt her perfect boobs.

$name1’s now 14 viewers are sending her compliments and gifs, telling her what a gpod slut she is and how perfect her boobs are. She even receives a couple of $1 tips! $name1 takes her bra out of her bag and begins to put it back on.

Three different viewers tip ten tokens each as she does so. $name1 lets go of her bra. “You guys must really like my boobs,” she says. She laughs as she squeezes her nipples together and begins to play with them.

$name1 was overcome with emotion as her viewership surpassed 50. She was cursing herself for setting her tip menu so low.

Her audience had stripped her quickly, and before she could get dressed, someone would tip for more spankings, dancing, or even fingering and clit play.

She was moaning as she fucked herself for the fourth time in minutes with two fingers. She was thanking chat as she got closer and closer to orgasm. Guys were requesting one-on-one time or her snap chat in her private messages.

$name1 knelt down again for another round of spankings. She kept her ass and pussy on display after the fifth spank and began rubbing her clit and moaning as her orgasm grew.

Her cummed on the fingers she had filled her tight pussy with to the joy of chat soon had her shaking. Tips for the free cum show they had just received were pouring in.

$name1 began to feel ashamed of how much of a slut she had become as her orgasm subsided. She quickly ended her stream after realizing she had been on for nearly two hours. $name1 quickly showered before joining her husband for some much-needed rest.

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