Halloween Maze MMF

$name1 has ventured into the Halloween maze with her friends $name2, and $name3, who soon turn the adventure into a steamy MMF threesome…

For the Halloween carnival, $name1 was dressed as a zombie nurse, despite the grotesque parts of the costume, she looked quite sexy. $name1 was petite, but with DD boobs, something that gave her a very erotic appearance.

$name1 had chosen that outfit, as she had thought it was the best in the store.

She had arranged to meet her friend Rachel to go to the carnival. $name1 went to pick her up and found that Rachel’s brother $name2 was also going and his friend $name3.

$name1 didn’t mind, the more people that went with her, the better. $name1 had only seen $name2 on a couple of occasions, upon arriving at Rachel’s house, she greeted him.

“$name1, how are you? Hopefully, Rachel will be out of there sometime between now and two months from now…” $name2 said with annoyance, as his sister was running late. Next, he looked at $name1’s tits.

She noticed it predictably but thought nothing of it. $name1 noticed $name3 after a while, and he, like his friend, was staring at $name1’s huge breasts. $name2 couldn’t suppress a smile and introduced them.

The moment might have been awkward, however, Rachel was already on her way out, dressed as Catwoman, or so it seemed too $name1, and they all made their way to the carnival.

Rachel was driving, and $name1 must have sat in the back seat with $name3, who kept making innuendos to her that $name1 ignored. Rachel talked endlessly about what they would do when they arrived, while $name1 was lost in thought.

$name2 was directing his sister to stop talking, as she was stunning everyone. $name1 had missed the joke.

“I hope we get there soon so I can lose sight of you.” $name2 commented, and Rachel shot him a murderous look. $name3 laughed but promptly went back to trying something with $name1.

The place was amazing, it seemed almost magical. The guys spread out to enjoy all that it had to offer, at first they were together, but $name1 ended up pairing up with $name2 in the haunted house.

$name3 looked at his friend reproachfully, $name2 picked up on it, and however, he decided to overlook it. $name3 and Rachel went another way. Rachel was glad to be rid of $name2’s comments.

He used to treat her that way, and she got impatient very quickly. Rachel knew that being with $name3 would be much more enjoyable that night. The four of them said their goodbyes for the time being and set off into the labyrinth.

$name1 ran alongside $name2. All around them were shadowy things that $name1 hadn’t expected. As they rounded a corner, someone shouted at them very close, causing $name1’s heart to race, so much so that the girl started to tremble.

Then came laughter from $name2, who next to her hadn’t been frightened in the least.

“Would you shut up?” $name1 asked him, and they kept walking.

As they went on, the labyrinth was getting lonely. There was no one there to shout anymore or anything. $name2 and $name1 hadn’t run into the others in about an hour.

They noticed that they were lost, they were walking in circles, each time coming across the same large, gloomy room. $name2 wasn’t worried, but $name1 wondered what would happen to her friend if she didn’t make it out in time.

Would $name3 try something with her too? Tired from walking, they sat down for a minute so they could continue their search for the exit.

$name1 and $name2 began to talk, and with each passing second, $name1 was less tense and enjoyed her conversation with $name2 more.

He was nice, and she hadn’t noticed that before, plus he had a very attractive face. $name2 would find any excuse to touch her legs, and $name1 thought it didn’t bother him the way $name3’s advances had bothered her.

However, she acknowledged that she had been flattered when $name3 had made those advances to her. $name1 remembered and smiled. $name2 saw this as a good omen, although he didn’t know why she was smiling exactly.

$name2 moved forward and approached $name1 to kiss her. $name1 complied, moving closer to him. Sitting on the floor in that labyrinth, the sense of adventure was strong. $name2 parted $name1’s lips with his own, and so he was able to slip his tongue into $name1’s mouth.

She thought her friend’s brother was a good kisser, and she was quickly aroused. The little noises of satisfaction were not long in coming. $name2 moved forward with more confidence, and as he kissed her, he slid one hand from $name1’s leg to her pussy.

The nurse’s dress was very short, and $name1 only had to spread her legs a little wider. $name2’s idea was to check if she was willing to go further and if she responded to his kisses as she should. $name2 was now sure that he could continue.

$name1 was wet, and she was attracting $name2’s head much more now, she was holding him by placing one hand on the back of his neck. $name2 carried his tongue further, and she sucked on it.

Meanwhile, $name2 was already massaging $name1’s pussy over her panties, and he was drawing moans of pleasure from her, which were uttered against his mouth.

$name2 smiled feeling triumphant and pushed $name1’s head in a token way. She would understand what it was all about. Yes, she did, but she wanted $name2 to keep rubbing her, so she delayed the request.

$name1 moaned loudly, spreading her legs wider so $name2’s fingers had plenty of room with which to maneuver.

$name1 was cumming, she thought it was too soon, but she didn’t divert $name2’s hands. He was glad to be the cause of that orgasm, and subsequently, she wet $name2’s fingers, as she cried out from the pleasure she felt.

Now, she was ready to comply with $name2’s request. With her heart still pounding, she crouched down in front of him and then got down on all fours so she could suck $name2’s cock while he sat up.

She unbuttoned $name2’s pants, and she released the beast hidden in the boy’s pants. $name2’s cock was fully hard and wet at the tip. $name1 opened her mouth and reached for the cock to lick it like ice cream.

$name2 held his breath, and let the air out the moment $name1’s tongue was in contact with his cock. $name1 wiggled the cock for a moment, and then hungrily slipped it back into her mouth.

$name1’s head bobbed up and down, while $name2 closed his eyes and enjoyed every second. Neither of them remembered the others. $name2 put his hand behind $name1’s head so that she sucked faster.

She moved her head flawlessly, and $name2’s cock embedded itself more ardently in her mouth. She involved her tongue; she twisted it around the glans and shaft to bring $name2 more enjoyment.

He realizing what she intended, asked her to stop for a moment so he wouldn’t come first.

$name1 smiled inwardly and the blowjob increased in energy as $name3 and Rachel stood close behind them. Rachel at some point got out of sight. $name3 couldn’t get her no matter how hard he looked.

She had disappeared, suddenly, $name3 heard her voice, but couldn’t see her. $name3 decided it was best to follow, and then they would all meet in the car.

Never did $name3 think that as he rounded a corner, he would see $name1 with $name2’s cock in her mouth.

He stared, and arousal got the better of him. $name3 was rubbing his cock over his pants as he watched and was thankful Rachel wasn’t there. $name1 had mounted $name2’s tool next. She was riding him on the floor, scraping her knees, and $name2 was in a good position to touch her big tits.

He kneaded them, and without holding back the temptation, $name2 licked them, sucked them, played with them, and in general, he feasted on $name1’s big breasts. She wiggled expertly on top of him, and $name2 tried to concentrate on not coming sooner.

That’s how good $name1 was. Her hips were like a particularly fast blender. $name2 was trying to divert his concentration from the pleasure she was giving him.

$name1 was screaming, and clinging to $name2’s chest when she sensed the presence of someone else.

The first thing that crossed $name1’s mind was that Rachel was there and was watching her on top of her brother, but $name1 stopped and saw that it wasn’t her, but $name3 with a large erection in his pants, and eyes hungry for action.

$name3 hurriedly pulled out his penis and came to her to take it into her mouth. $name1 accepted it, as her senses were aroused by all the mindless joy she felt riding $name2’s cock. $name3 choked $name1 with his stiff member, she went to great lengths to suck it, not neglecting the movements of her hips and thus driving $name2’s cock as deep into her cunt as possible.

$name2, who had had his face buried between $name1’s breasts, but who was no longer viable, had now grabbed her buttocks and lifted her a little so that she landed harder on his cock.

$name3 had begun to move, and bury his cock more forcibly in $name1’s throat, she was choking and dropping large amounts of saliva on her chest. $name1 was very busy, but she was handling things well.

$name3 wasn’t giving up, and he was ramming $name1’s face roughly, while $name2 was lifting her, she was small, so it was easy to do and she was impacting his cock at increasing speed.

The intensity of it all made it clear that $name1 had been in the mood for both boys from the start, especially $name2. $name1 bucked, and unable to moan or make any other kind of fuss, she moaned until she came a second time in that maze that seemed to have no way out.

The boys watched her squirm, and she pulled $name3’s cock out so she could scream, the echo was terrible in that place. $name1 didn’t care; she let her screams of pleasure flow as if she were in a hotel perhaps.

$name3 tired of waiting slipped his cock back into $name1’s mouth, and she opened her eyes wide in surprise. $name2 beneath her laughed, and the three of them continued with the task they had been up to since Japan appeared in the corner of the maze.

Long had $name2 held out, and finally, he couldn’t do it a second longer. He came inside $name1, and she felt the flood of semen inside her. $name2 grunted audibly and felt his balls empty.

$name3 seeing that $name1 had enjoyed that, thought she would enjoy him cumming in her mouth more, so $name3 came into $name1’s mouth.

She closed her eyes and swallowed every drop like a revitalizing elixir. $name1 fell onto $name2’s chest, and $name3 let them know he couldn’t find Rachel.

It was the wrong time for him to tell them that. $name2 and $name1 adjusted their clothes, sweat running down their faces, and cleaned up, they had to get out of there.

Finding their way out of the maze was easier than it looked. The three of them got out with big smiles and went in search of the car. None of them remembered where Rachel had parked. After twenty minutes, $name1 caught a glimpse of it, and they drove to that spot. There Rachel was upset.

“You were together all this time? She asked.

“Of course we weren’t. We just ran into each other. That maze is dangerous.” $name2 said with a sarcastic smile, but Rachel believed him.

The four of them went for a drink, it was early, and they had no desire to leave. $name1 was exhausted, but happy and remembered the moments lived and $name2 who was now riding in the back seat, pinched her ass from behind, $name1 wished to repeat, and they would do it at some point…

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