How To Meet & Treat A Unicorn

The term “unicorn” is sometimes used by humans to describe a single human who might be looking for other people like themselves (often a couple) to engage in an encounter that involves intimacy, romance, or even sex.

One thing that’s really important when engaging in inter-human interaction is to make sure everyone is clear going into the experience as far as what each participant would hope to gain.

Unicorns can be any number of things and are often depicted as having romantic relationships with multiple partners.

The number of other people a unicorn might have enjoyed sexual encounters with in the past may vary. Still, it’s important to remember that regardless of numbers, unicorns are committed to each and every partner they choose to have intercourse with.

Once again, don’t assume anything about what a person is looking for if you’re unfamiliar with their expectations! And while it may seem obvious – always make sure to set down some ground rules before any sexual activities occur!

How to meet and treat a unicorn?

The best method to approach a unicorn is, to be honest, and upfront about what you’re looking for.

Inquire whether they want to take on specific roles in the relationship, such as caring, controlling, or submissive.

Most importantly, never assume who a unicorn is romantically drawn to since this information will be critical in deciding whether or not they are interested in performing a particular role.

People form relationships for several reasons, which vary from person to person.

Some unicorns are polyamorous, which means they believe it is possible to love more than one person simultaneously.

Unicorns are the ultimate fantasy lover. In fact, if there was the earth made for men, you would need one.

The reality is, it is a serious business, and it takes a lot of effort to land a unicorn. You can’t just throw a magic lasso around a girl you’re interested in, drop her in a fantasy castle, and expect her to be like, “ok, what’s next.”

Treating a unicorn like a regular girl will only drive her away.

Not that you’d want that. Having a unicorn in your life is something we all strive for.

A unicorn is a person you have a relationship with that is open, honest, and fun. This person is someone you can have a great night with, talk to, cuddle with, and confide in.

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