Lesbian Affair With The Client

$name1 is a busy woman, and often travels a lot with work and is visiting one of her favorite clients, $name2. After the business meeting, and a few drinks, $name1, and $name2 end up back in her hotel room…

She was always on the road, and she didn’t mind. She enjoyed those business trips, where she not only met new cities, new cultures, but also interesting people.

$name1 was going to visit a client in a faraway but beautiful city. She was excited, as she had never been there before. $name1 had a work appointment with a client named $name2.

She did not know $name2 in person, but they had spoken via video call days before $name1 left. The meeting would take place in the afternoon, $name1 hoped it wouldn’t take longer than necessary.

Always at the end of meetings, it was her company’s custom to take clients out to dinner at a restaurant of their choice. The client on each occasion would choose the restaurant, that way $name1 could see and eat the best the city had to offer.

The plane landed, and after dropping off her things at the hotel, and taking a shower, $name1 left with just enough time for the meeting. She had put on a very tight dress, but it served the purpose, and as she could not have expected less, she could also go to dinner dressed like that.

$name1’s body could be seen clearly drawn, but not inappropriately so. She applied tricks like that to her meetings, and the subsequent dinner. She arrived at the meeting place, and $name2, the client, was already on site.

“Good afternoon.” $name1 greeted, holding out her hand to $name2.

“Good afternoon. It’s a pleasure to finally meet you in person.” $name2 replied with a huge smile, though she could tell he was a little nervous for some reason. That was $name1’s impression.

It didn’t escape $name1’s attention that $name2 was staring excessively at her breasts that showed round through the fabric of her dress.

Her smile had not left her face during the entire meeting, and $name1 perhaps hesitated at the sight of so many meaningful glances.

The meeting came to an end, and $name1 was still trying not to make a big deal out of $name2’s stares.

She shook her head to clear her head, where all sorts of thoughts had begun to surface that had nothing to do with the business at hand.

“Now thenโ€ฆ” $name1 began to say. “It is customary to take clients out to dinner at a restaurant of their choice.”

$name1 said this in a tone of voice that was not appropriate in that kind of situation. Other clients, she wouldn’t have treated that way, but even she didn’t realize she had done it.

$name2 almost jumping with excitement, led $name1 to her favorite restaurant, or at least that’s what she told $name1. She listened and nodded enthusiastically.

Once at the restaurant, $name1 and $name2 talked about a variety of topics, not just the one that had brought them together in the first place. Dinner had been delicious, and drinks followed as if by obligation. They did not want to leave the restaurant.

On more than one occasion, their hands touched over the table if spoke with more exaltation. $name1 was beginning to think that things were unfolding in a way she had not anticipated.

When Mary brought her glass to her lips and looked at it intently, $name1 frowned slightly but still smiling. The situation had taken another path, and once she was willing to follow.

On the way out of the restaurant, $name2’s eyes were alight, $name1 wasn’t sure if the drinks had caused it, but she announced as if tempting the ground.

“It’s time to go back to the hotel, $name2. If you prefer, we could continue there with the drinks.” She said feigning innocence.

$name2 didn’t need to be told twice, they walked together to $name1’s hotel room. As they passed the door, $name2 threw herself on $name1 almost knocking her down, she threw her arms around $name1’s neck, which surprised $name1.

Despite the surprise, she returned the kiss ardently, she cupped $name2’s face with both hands and thrust her tongue in vigorously seeking hers. $name2 twined it with $name1’s, and they kissed with urgent passion.

$name1 took a step back, then another until she fell onto the bed with $name2 on top of her, but that changed in less than a second as $name1 rolled over so that she was on top to kiss and caress her as she pleased.

She grabbed her breasts, and at the same time kissed her, but not for long, as she moved to her nipples to lick them. From $name2’s mouth came moans of pleasure. $name1 ate her nipples, biting them lightly, and her hand caressed her abdomen until it reached her center.

$name2 still had her clothes on, but $name1 put another twist on that as she sat up to undress her completely.

$name2 was now lying naked from head to toe and $name1 was back on top of her to eat her nipples, lick her breasts fully and give special treatment to her clit that already felt swollen under $name1’s fingers.

$name2’s gasps and moans became more intense as $name1 moved her fingers faster, and her mouth sucked more enthusiastically on her nipples. $name2’s juices overflowed, soaking not only $name1’s hand but the bed beneath $name2.

$name1 felt her own fluids begin to emerge and wet her panties, so she removed her clothes as she did with $name2, and $name2 got hold of her tits right away, squeezing them and looking at her furiously. Their naked bodies gave off a penetrating heat.

$name1 couldn’t stop kissing her and licking the entire surface of her skin. She worked her way down and came upon his button, which was inviting her to lick it hungrily.

$name1 plunged her face between $name2’s legs, as she cried out, and pulled her hair. She pushed her tongue as deep as possible, not losing control over the rhythm of her hands kneading $name2’s breasts. Suddenly, $name2, in the throes of pleasure, turned around and told $name1 to eat her ass, as she had lifted it, and the hole was visible. $name1 thought nothing of it and went for it.

“Eat me, please.” $name2 asked between whispers.

Hearing that, $name1 increased her efforts, licking her asshole vehemently. Sucking and licking both at the same time, at a moderate speed, but one that gave no room for pauses.

$name2 rolled her eyes rolling her eyes lost in the delight $name1 was giving her. She took the opportunity to stick a finger in her pussy, while licking her asshole, and $name2 didn’t hold out for much longer: a stream shot out of her pussy soaking $name1, and she didn’t flinch as $name2 writhed on the bed.

She spread her legs and positioned herself in the middle, making their pussies collide, which gave $name2 another orgasm; however, $name1 didn’t stop moving her hips rubbing against her until her own orgasm kicked in.

By that point, $name2 had already come several times and they both fell exhaustedly on the bed, naked and ready to continue after resting. As they talked, they kissed, and $name1 pinched $name2’s nipple playfully. They were very relaxed.

That visit for $name1 was the best. It was undoubtedly the best reception she had ever received…

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