Lesbian Encounter At The Gym

$name1 has just finished a workout at the gym, when she bumps into $name2… Accidentally caught admiring her body in the shower, they decide to take a closer look… And taste…

$name1 completed ten reps of squats in front of the full-length mirror, on the north wall of a nearly empty gym. Doing a little bounce, she watched her reflection, as her tits jiggled in time with her movements.

Years of devoted exercise had left her with a pair of swollen 34dd breasts that defied gravity, with prominent and usually hard nipples. Growing up, she didn’t like to wear bras except it was a push-up sports bra, and only when she was working out.

She turned, looking over one shoulder to check out her bubble butt, tucked nicely inside the gray high waist spandex shorts she was wearing. Her cheeks were thick and full, and as she did her little bounce again, they wobbled delightfully.

It had been said in her presence once before that she was the embodiment of the tall, long-limbed Californian summer girl. And as she took pride in her athletic physique, $name1 herself was inclined to believe that notion.

She was the kind of girl who would stand under the hairdryer, back arched, thrusting her perfect breasts to the world as she ran her fingers through her wet, black hair.

Today she concluded her evening routine fifteen minutes after nine o’clock and entered the ladies’ showers. Six showerheads line the right wall, paralleled by a white, ceramic shelf where towels and toiletries could be retained.

The shower was empty, of course. The gym was already clearing out; only a few people worked out this late, $name1 included. Although, her cardio workout routine could be quite onerous when compared to that of some of the other gym-goers, as she kept to a morning, afternoon, and evening schedule, four days a week.

She pulled off her outfit, relishing the mild euphoria that came with being completely naked; liberated. Clothes had always been such a bother for $name1 unless they were lingerie, in which case they were wonderful fun.

Unlike its counterparts, the showerhead at the far end of the room was detachable and was $name1’s favorite for that reason.

Closing her eyes, she leaned back against the tiled wall, and directed the spray of hot water onto her throat, and down the valley between her two breasts; loving how the water meandered its way in rivulets through layers of delicate abdominal muscles.

After maybe half a minute, she heard the creak of a door and opened her luminous cyan-colored eyes. Standing by the entrance was a lithe blonde woman staring back at her with an awestruck expression.

“You like what you see?” $name1 asked.

The question seemed to pull her from her trance. She blinked.

“Oh! Um, sorry for gawping. I just—you look like an Amazonian supermodel, and I just couldn’t help myself.”

“You don’t have to apologize. I’m not the least bit offended.” said $name1, running a hand along the underside of one breast, “after all, what’s the point of looking like an Amazonian supermodel if no one can appreciate it?”

“I guess you’re right.” Said the blonde in a very soft voice, as she sauntered across the room, shedding off her towel as she did so.

$name1 watched her petite breasts—adorned with pink pencil-eraser nipples—bounce subtly with every step she took. The blonde herself was a tiny thing, barely over five feet tall. She had piercing blue eyes, and her lips were rosy pink.

Ducking under the running shower next to $name1’s, she said, “I’m $name2.”

$name1 offered her own name in turn, and then she said, “You don’t look so bad yourself.”

“Who? Little ol’ me?” The southern drawl of $name2’s accent was prominent.

$name1 took the shampoo bottle off the shelf. Squeezing, she filled her palm with green slime and proceeded to lather her hair with it. As she raised her arms, however, she could feel $name2’s eyes on the sides of her breasts that gently swayed back and forth, like a pendulum.

$name1 could see her struggling to keep from staring too much as her gaze fluctuated between the nozzle of her own shower and $name1’s body.

When $name2 turned back around to grab the soap, her eyes seemed not to be able to look away. $name2 collected the soap and started washing her body as if it was covered in some hidden parasite that just wouldn’t come off.

$name1 reveled in the other woman’s fixation, as a thick glob of foam trickled down one side of $name1’s neck, latching itself onto one nipple.

“Do you want to touch me?” $name1 asked.

“Yes.” $name2 said, almost immediately. “I very much want to.”

$name1 took a deep, purposeful breath, her ample bosom rising and falling; a nonverbal cue on where she wished to be touched.

In spite of that, $name2’s first touch seemed tentative—a fleeting brush of her fingers over $name1’s hardened nipple, but it was enough to sting like mines of sulfur beneath $name1’s skin.

$name1 sunk her teeth into her bottom lip, stifling a moan. But when $name2 dauntlessly fondled her heavy breasts—pinching one nipple in the process—it was all $name1 could do not to call out $name2’s name, as her breasts yielded to the exquisite pressure.

“Holy shit, $name2.” She called again. “Be gentle… I’m overly sensitive…oh god. Fuck.”

But $name2 must not have heard. It seemed a feral hunger for $name1’s flesh had taken over every conscious decision she could make. All $name1 could do was squeeze her eyes tight and try to breathe as the pressure built in her lobules.

As $name2’s lips closed around $name1’s aching nipple—teeth scraping the sensitive pink bud—$name1’s verbal pronunciations were reduced to guttural groans.

“Too much. Oh, god. Too much!” She cried out, placing her hands on $name2’s collarbones, but not pushing.

Hot water continued to drizzle around them, shrouding their naked bodies in sweltering mist. $name2 pressed their bodies flush, in a union of tantalizing heat, and started to suckle on $name1’s munificent tit.

Her reward was another sensual moan from $name1’s pale pink lips, and then another.

$name1’s swollen labia pulsated with need, as desire slithered through her every nerve with shocking intensity. The sensation was stronger than anything she’d ever imagined, leaving her feeling wet, and empty, down between her legs.

Instinctively, she moved her hands from $name2’s collarbones, and over her shoulders as she wrapped her arms around the blonde’s neck, pulling her even tighter.

$name2 moved onto the other breast that had been neglected thus far. First, she planted tiny kisses on the areola before taking the nipple into her mouth.

$name1 felt the tip of $name2’s tongue flick her delicate bud before $name2 started to suck vehemently, driving one leg between $name1’s thighs as she wrapped her arms tightly around $name1’s waist to pull her forward.

Eventually, $name2 left the tender mounds of $name1’s breast with a parting kiss, strings of saliva bridging her rosy lips and the now inflamed nipple.

When $name1 smoothly moved her hands to cup the shorter woman’s face, she saw that $name2’s eyes were hooded, lips swollen and slightly parted in desire.

$name1 claimed those lips with hers. For the most part, the kiss was gentle, but the mutual lust soon gained sway as $name1 propelled her tongue into $name2’s receiving mouth; grinding her vulva against $name2’s thigh at the same time.

$name2 snaked one hand between their bodies and parted $name1’s lips until $name1’s clit manifested amongst her blushing folds. $name1 ground harder, sensing an impending orgasm on the horizon. And then $name2 started rubbing vigorously at $name1’s clit, pinching the ultra-sensitive button now and again.

“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.” Whimpered $name1.

The coconut fragrance of $name2’s shampoo, the feel of $name2’s lithe and yielding body, the rough stroke of $name2’s fingers against $name1’s flushed pussy, the taste of $name2’s mouth—all of it was too much for $name1, yet not nearly enough. Soon she was convulsing tremendously as one powerful orgasm electrified her spine, so much so that it made her knees buckle. $name2 had to hold her up as $name1’s cries of pleasure carried across the room.

“Wow…” said $name1, catching her breath, “that was fucking amazing.”

“Well, I’m mighty glad you let me indulge, sugar, your body is simply a work of art.”

$name2’s radiant smile produced dimples on both her cheeks. She was about to say something else when $name1 stole the words with a kiss.

“Follow me out into the changing room.” $name1 whispered against $name2’s earlobe.

“What if someone walks in?”

“Then we give them something to talk about.”

The hot water had become lukewarm by the time $name1 turned off the showers. She then possessively pulled $name2 by the wrist and led her into an empty changing room.

“I want you on your back.” She said, pointing at the wooden bench in between two rows of lockers.

$name2 complied with a childlike glee; smiling ever so slightly as she settled onto the narrow piece of furniture, feet planted on either side, thighs invitingly spread apart. The smile that stretched her lips quickly faded, only to be replaced by need as $name1 squatted between her legs.

$name1 placed both hands on $name2’s muscularly slender thighs and leaned forward, imprinting her palm onto $name2’s skin and then pushing up, up along her ribcage, up until she was firmly kneading $name2’s tits.

When $name2’s eyes closed at the pleasure, $name1 pinched and pulled $name2’s nipples, hard, until the blonde’s eyes fluttered open.

“I want you to watch.”

“Feels so good,” $name2 panted. “I don’t believe I’ll be able to keep these baby blues open all that much.”

“You can. And you will if you don’t want me to stop.”

“Oh, honey, please don’t stop. Not for anything.”

“Then watch.”

$name1 relished $name2’s surrender, as she slid her hands away from $name2’s nipples, thumbs dipping into the soft indentations between $name2’s taut abs before continuing to her inner thighs. Settling back on her heels, she pried $name2’s legs farther apart.

“You’re leaking,” She remarked, brushing her fingers lightly over the folds of $name2’s pink pussy.

$name2’s hips jerked, chasing after $name1’s fingers.

“So sensitive.” Said $name1, thrilling at the small spasms of muscles beneath $name2’s skin.

$name1 gently spread $name2 open with thumb and forefinger before dipping her head to lick slowly, savoring the first delicious taste.

As the rich flavor coated the tip of her tongue, $name1 couldn’t help but go in for more, intensifying the pressure of her tongue. $name2 shuddered, muscle tensing, and $name1 forced herself to pull back.

“No, hon. Please—” $name2’s fingers fluttered against $name1’s face before clutching both edges of the bench.

$name1 looked up to meet $name2’s imploring eyes. She raised two fingers to her lips and coated them with a sheen of saliva. Arousal flashed through her ad her eyes darkened even further.

For a long time, she remained poised at the entrance to $name2’s body, breath washing over the sensitive flash. And then, as slow as to be mentally torturing, she pushed inside. Almost immediately, $name2’s walls clamped down around her.

Delighted by her responsiveness, $name1 reintroduced her tongue into play, fluttering and pushing deeper, one fraction of an inch at a time. And then, $name2’s tight body grew rigid quite suddenly. $name1 glanced up to watch the approaching ecstasy play across $name2’s face.

“Jesus! I’m cumming—”

$name1 hollowed her lip, crooking the very tip of her finger, so she was gliding across $name2’s g-spot. She was rewarded with strings of moans and curses from $name2, who was shattering beneath her, hips surging, groaning $name1’s name.

$name1 didn’t pull away until the tautness dissipated from $name2’s muscles. Raising her head, she drank in the sight of the body she had just pleasured, so sexually provoking even at the heights of sexual ecstasy.

“That was the best thing on planet Earth.” Confessed $name2, breathlessly. “Let’s do that again.”

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