Rival Sports Fans Bar Fuck

$name1 is visiting the city with work, but as a true fan of his team he won’t miss a game, so he finds a bar to watch the game. There he meets $name2, who is a fan of the rival team. She makes a bet with him on the game, but they both win in their own way…

$name1 was in London for business when he decided to head to the nearest bar and catch the latest match.

It was a game between his team, and a team you could consider a rival, but $name1 had no doubt who was going to win the game.

He was so ready to cheer his favorite team to the finish line.

He took a seat near the counter and ordered himself a drink and as he took a sip, he looked around at the bar and everybody there was a man except for one lady wearing the other team’s jersey.

She was so fucking sexy, $name1 couldn’t help but notice and he must have stared for a tad bit too long because she turned around and met his gaze.

She then waved at him then came over to where he was and introduced herself.

“Hi I’m $name2, and the way you’re staring at my jersey, it’s either a good or a bad thing…” She said with a mesmerizing smile on her face and $name1 couldn’t look away.

“I’m $name1, visiting the city for the weekend.” $name1 said then took her offered hand and shook it.

“So, your team…”, $name1 enquired and the lady nodded while pointing at her team’s crest proudly.

“Yes. They are going to win you know.” She replied and while $name1 found her beauty to be extraordinary, he disagreed with her confidence on her team’s chances.

“Nah, I think we’ve got this one in the bag… We can bet on it.” $name1 said as they chugged their drinks.

“Well, I disagree. I bet a hundred dollars that we will win.” $name2 said

“No need for money. How about if we win, you do anything I dare you to do?” $name1 countered

“Like what?” $name2 asked.

“Like flashing me.” $name1 whispered in her ear and she nodded in agreement.

“Deal.” She said and they went on to watch the match while drinking and by the time the match ended, they were both tipsy and $name1’s team had won the game.

“Time to fulfill your end of the deal.” $name1 replied and $name2 took his hand and led him to an out-of-order bathroom.

“You wanted to see my boobs, well, here they are.” She said then lifted her jersey exposing her bra-clad breasts.

“Wow. They look sexy, get rid of the bra.” $name1 ordered her hoarsely and he watched so pleasedly as the lady undid her bra then let it drop to the floor while holding up her shirt.

“You can look for as long as you want to.” She purred seductively and $name1 couldn’t tear his eyes away from her perfect breasts whose nipples started to harden under his gaze.

“I think we both know that looking won’t be the only thing I do.” $name1 said with a loud growl then walked closer towards $name2 and stood inches away from her. He stretched his hand forward and grabbed her breast then gently squeezed it.

“If I touched you like this, would you be opposed to it?” $name1 asked $name2 who gasped and shook her head as he gently fondled her breasts then rolled her nipples between his fingers.

“Please…” She pleaded and $name1 responded by lowering his head to her chest then took one nipple in his mouth and began sucking it hard.

It felt so good to $name2, and he took it further by sucking his nipple hard and grating it with his teeth.

“Oh God yes.. please don’t stop.” $name2 pleaded with a sob.

“I swear on my honor that I won’t.” $name1 teased $name2 then went back to kissing and teasing her breast while taking his hands to the middle of her legs and locating her dripping wet pussy.

“Horny huh?” He teased $name2 who nodded with a sob. “Do you want me to push my fingers in your pussy and show you a good time?” $name1 added.

“Yes.. yes please… fuck me please.” $name2 said and $name1 pushed three of his long fingers and went on to push them in and out of her pussy that gripped his fingers so hard.

The sensations that rushed through $name2’s body were so overwhelming and she sobbed, moaned, and pleaded for more as $name1 took her to new heights by shoving his fingers in her aching pussy and hitting all of her most sensitive sweet spots.

“Please.. I need to cum.. fuck me faster.” $name2 sobbed helplessly while $name1 took his thumb to her swollen clit and began stroking it repeatedly.

$name2 couldn’t handle it, her body got overwhelmed by wild sensations and she was soon shaking and spasming as the wildest orgasm that she had ever experienced, took control of her body

She gasped and groaned as her body jerked with every muscle in her body spasming and as that went on, $name1 kept fucking her prolonging the orgasm and when her body finally calmed down, $name1 got on his knees and replaced his fingers with his mouth.

His head settled between $name2’s thighs before he fused his mouth to her tasty pussy that was flooded with her juices then went on to suck her pussy like a starving man while $name2 screamed at the top of her lungs from the wild sensations that spread all over her body.

He ate her out with his amazing skills, sucking and licking her pussy with his wicked tongue that he pushed in and out of her pussy. He poked at her swollen clit with it and he soon had her on the verge of another orgasm.

$name1 pulled back just in time then lifted $name2 onto the bathroom counter, parted her legs, and settled in between them with his cock lined up against her pussy.

“Please…” $name2 whispered, begging for his cock. “I need your cock please..” She sobbed and $name1 grabbed each of her thighs and dug his fingers in her flesh then thrust forward and went ahead to bury his cock in her flesh.

His inches disappeared inside inch by inch until she was full of him.

“Oh God yes.. you feel so fucking good.” $name2 cried out and $name1 didn’t hold back.

He thrust in and out of $name2’s tight pussy starting slowly at first and steadily increasing his pace until he was taking $name2 harder and faster.

Their loud sex sounds filled the room and as $name2 moaned and sobbed, overwhelmed by the excessive pleasure, $name1 grunted loudly as $name2’s tight pussy tightened around him in a deadly grip which drove him crazy.

“So fucking good.” $name1 growled as he fucked $name2 who screeched as she neared the end.

“Please, I need to cum.” $name2 sobbed and $name1 went deeper and faster and when he located her g-spot, he went on to hit it repeatedly until $name2 lost control. Her body jerked and convulsed violently as if she was having a seizure as she reached climax.

She saw stars and it felt like she was having an out-of-body experience as the wild orgasm drove her crazy and left her sobbing and gasping for air.

$name1 on the other hand was going crazy, he couldn’t take her deadly grips any longer.

He did try to last longer but it proved too much in the end and he ended up cumming in a violent climax that had him shaking hard while grunting as if he was in pain.

He felt all the sensations at once and his body couldn’t process it all and it exploded spectacularly with his cock jerking in $name2’s tight pussy and spilling loads and loads of his thick cum while her glorious pussy milked him until his balls emptied.

The night was just beginning, and $name2 couldn’t wait to show him a proper post-game celebration.

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