The Night After The Conference

$name1 has been attending a business conference, being held in a glorious hotel. After a long day of talks and seminars, as she relaxes in the bar she is joined by $name2…

$name1 sat at the bar sipping her cocktail. The Art Deco surroundings were magnificent. She loved the old world looks, mixed with the modern touches of LED lighting that made the whole mood of the bar so inviting.

As she soaked up the atmosphere, her mind wandered to thoughts of a candle-lit soak in her Jacuzzi bath upstairs.

She was dragged back to reality by the sight of $name2 walking towards her.

They had met earlier at the conference they were both attending at the hotel.

They had chatted over lunch about their jobs, and the reasons for attending the “Modern PR Professionals Conference”, and joked that watching paint dry would be far more interesting.

They had agreed to meet for a drink later to continue their moaning and groaning about the talks.

Hi $name1, can I get you another drink?

… was $name2’s greeting as he approached the bar.

Yes please, a daiquiri would be great!

$name2 ordered the drinks, and they then took a booth in the corner. The conversation flowed effortlessly.

They laughed and joked about their working lives, as the drinks continued to flow.

One hour, two hours, three hours passed, and they barely came up for air. $name1’s head began to spin slightly, as the daiquiris slowly took hold.

$name2 excused himself whilst he went to the toilet. $name1 watched as he walked away, wondering if his bedroom performance could match his charm and good humor.

She smiled to herself whilst she weighed up the idea in her head. Then, without giving it any more thought, she took a pen and paper from her bag and wrote…

Room 203, $name2, see you in 15 x

When $name2 returned, $name1 was gone.

He was shocked. What had he said? Had he offended her in some way? Then he noticed the note under her empty glass. As he read the brief note, his hand started to shake.

A mixture of nerves and excitement ran through him. What the hell should he do?

There was no question that $name1 was an attractive woman and great company.

The more he thought about her, the more excited he got at the prospect of a secret rendezvous. She had a great body, an out-of-this-world body!

Thinking no more about it, he headed for the lift and headed for the third floor. As he walked down the corridor, his legs began to wobble as the nerves kicked back in. As he reached room 203, he composed himself and knocked.

The door opened, and there she was, stood in front of him in her total gorgeousness.

Hi, you had better come in…

She said smiling. As he walked past her into the room, he could smell her fresh perfume.

She smelt amazing. As he turned to speak, she was right behind him.

She held him close, looked into his eyes for a moment, and then they kissed. Slowly to start with, then with passion. She reached down and squeezed his arse, and his cock reacted as if given instruction.

$name2 pulled $name1 closer as they kissed. His hands exploring the curves of her back and bum. Her tight dress hiding nothing of what lay beneath. He started to slowly unzip her dress.

She pushed $name2 playfully away and walked toward the bed, letting her dress drop to the floor as she did. Her sexy black underwear looked amazing, particularly as it covered very little.

$name1 was a goddess, and $name2’s cock knew it as it stood to attention. $name1 sat on the edge of the bed, smiled, and beckoned $name2 to her.

She was like a magnet drawing him closer. His heart was nearly jumping out of his chest as he approached.

As he stood in front of her, $name1 began to unfasten $name2’s belt and jeans. As she pulled them down, she took his boxer shorts too, exposing his erection for the first time.

$name1 began to slowly stroke his shaft. The tip of his cock glistening with his pre-cum.

As she wanked his solid cock, $name1 contemplated her next move.

Fuck it. She thought, as she took him into her mouth. She loved the slightly salty taste given off by his dewy release.

She eagerly licked and sucked at his length, desperate to taste every inch. $name2 held her head as she expertly went about her task of pleasing him. She squeezed his balls, as she threw herself into her sloppy blow job.

$name2 could feel his legs buckle as the pleasure increased. Desperate not to cum too soon, he stepped back. $name1 looked disappointed until $name2 said your turn now.

He pushed $name1 back onto the bed. She laid there looking good enough to eat in her black lacey underwear, and that was what $name2 fully intended doing. He knelt in front of her and parted her legs.

He began kissing her feet, moving slowly up her legs, paying a lot of attention to her inner thigh.

$name1 giggled, partly because it tickled, partly because she was getting more turned on. As $name2 approached her greedy honeypot, he could smell the musky fragrance of her arousal. $name1’s knickers were damp with her juices, and he wanted to taste her.

He looked directly into her eyes as he slowly pulled her knickers down. Then, with a smile, he buried his face into her sweet pussy. The smell and taste were intoxicating.

He eagerly lapped at her lips and clit, desperate to taste every bit of her sweetness. $name1 moaned heavily as the rhythm of $name2’s tongue sent her head spinning. Then, he gently inserted 2 fingers and began teasing her g spot.

“My god” she thought, as the intensity increased.

The juices gushed from her pussy, and sent $name2 into a feeding frenzy that just made the whole experience more pleasurable. She grabbed the back of his head and forced his face closer to her pleasure.

$name2 parted her lips and sent his tongue into overdrive on her now throbbing clit. She was so close.

She tried to hold off the inevitable explosion but to no avail.

With a sudden jerk of her hips, the most intense orgasm ripped through her body. She screamed out as wave after wave of indescribable pleasure dominated her body.

$name1 could do nothing more than accept this outcome, and enjoy the ride.

As she caught her breath, $name2 undressed.

Standing before her, his manhood was still semi-erect despite receiving no attention during the previous 10 or 15 minutes.

That said, $name2 was turned on by the pleasure he gave, as much as the pleasure he received.

As he moved back towards the bed, $name1 sprang to life grabbing his cock firmly with a wicked look in her eye.

She dropped to the floor, taking both his balls in her mouth, whilst wanking his shaft vigorously. $name2 was immediately hard, as she took control.

$name1 stood and bent over the bed.

Right you bastard. I want you to make me cum again. I want you to fuck me hard right now!

With her guiding his hard cock, $name2 entered her from behind. Slowly getting into his stride, he could feel $name1’s pussy gripping him as he slid in and out.

Faster you bastard!

She screamed. $name2 could barely control himself. Harder, faster, deeper he went.

$name1 pushed back against each of his strokes, her pussy eating every inch of his manliness.

She was now stroking her clit in time with $name2’s trusts. Tighter her pussy gripped his shaft. The faster he went, the wetter she became.

$name2 gently spanked her, a small squeal coming from her mouth as he did. She obviously liked this.

A little harder he tried, again she responded. More filth came from her mouth as she demanded…

Fill my pussy with your cock you bastard!

I’m close to cumming $name1.

Don’t you fucking dare!

$name2 pulled out and start to finger fuck $name1 from behind. She continued to rub her clit and push back against his hand.

Neither of them had ever “let go” to this extent. Raw animal instinct had taken over both of them. A primal need to satisfy and be satisfied.

I’m cuuuuuuuummmming…

Screamed $name1 as her fingers furiously pleasured her clit.

$name2 immediately slid his still erect cock back inside her. He grabbed her hips and started fucking her as if his life depended on it.

I’m there. I’m there…

Came $name1’s voice over $name2’s grunts.

With that, she collapsed forwards, still impaled on his cock. Her body shaking as her orgasm shocked every nerve in her body.

$name2 continued to pump deep into her pussy. Every thrust intensifying the pleasure she received.

Please stop, please stop. I can’t take anymore!

$name1 begged. As he pulled out, she took him in her mouth again. She could taste her own sweet juices, and she loved it.

She licked and sucked and wanked his throbbing cock, desperate to relieve him of his frustrations.

$name2’s body went into spasm, as he unleashed his thick salty paste into her mouth. There was too much for her to take, as it ran from her mouth down her chin and onto his naked body.

Both were exhausted. $name2 lay there as $name1 climbed up his body, and rested her head on his shoulder.

His chest was heaving as he caught his breath. His vision was still blurred by the intensity of what had just happened.

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