Work Christmas Party Hookup

$name1 is at her Work Christmas Party, and enjoying the festivities and wine, and hooks up with her colleague, $name2, in the bar bathroom.

The restaurant where this year’s Christmas party was to be held was very elegant, a beautiful room to behold. $name1 arrived with her friend and co-worker in plenty of time.

They were both sober, but perhaps not for long. $name1 laughed nonstop, while her companion searched for the perfect table. They had time until the others arrived. $name1 fretted, she couldn’t wait to get started on the wine, which she was assured would be plentiful.

$name1 liked these Christmas parties, everyone in her office, despite what they had experienced during the year, celebrated in style.

The boss was a little uninhibited, and generally speaking, it was a good time for the office. $name1 sat down next to Cindy, and they chatted enthusiastically, although they were still waiting for everyone else.

Already in no mood of wanting to wait any longer, $name1 ordered the wine intended for that meeting. The first glass was heavenly, and her ears turned warm. A good sign for her.

By the time everyone arrived at what would undoubtedly be the best party in years, $name1 had several glasses of wine to her credit.

$name2 looked more handsome than ever, and she got up from her seat on her way to the bathroom so he could see her big ass swaying as she walked. This strategy worked to perfection.

$name2 unhesitatingly laid his eyes on those oversized buttocks. $name1 couldn’t check it out, but immediately upon returning, she asked her friend about the results of the ploy.

“No biting, girlfriend.” Cindy commented and they both laughed like mad.

The night progressed, everyone was having fun as expected, and $name2 walked over to $name1’s table.

She watched him as he got up and made his way to $name1’s table. She greeted him warmly, and the conversation drifted without delay into dangerous territory.

They were both single, yet getting involved with someone from work was not always a good idea. The flirting that began kept $name1’s panties partially wet, she crossed her legs, the wine had taken its toll on her, which led her to place a hand on $name2’s leg, he was leaving.

He had nothing to lose, and much to gain. $name1 would put her buttocks in $name2’s hands and he would enjoy it.

Cindy moved out of $name1’s way, and she already with a very hot head, took $name2′ hand after half an hour of intense talk. During this exchange of hot words and innuendo, she imagined what was coming next. $name1 and $name2 slipped out of the party.

$name1 was unable to bear to touch $name2′ leg one more time without going even further, this was final. He obeyed, letting himself be dragged along by $name1, who was a little too drunk. The wine had had an incredible effect.

They entered the bathroom, it was deserted. The rest of their companions were at the party, very exalted by the excessive drinks. $name1 turned around after closing the door, and kissed $name2 full on the lips.

It was an avid kiss that sought to make clear what the tone of the evening would be from that point on. $name1 thrust her tongue deep into $name2′ mouth.

He wrapped his around her in such a way that the sensation washed over them both, the feeling of pleasure reaching beyond their mouths pressed against each other.

$name2’s naughty hands, hands worthy of a man as attractive as he, rested on those buttocks, which had starred in her dreams for some weeks.

That night, when $name1 went to the bathroom, she had made it clear that she knew about these fantasies.

They leaned against the cubicle door, and the hottest kisses ensued. $name2 attacked her breasts, which were also huge.

He licked her nipples, he bit into that delicious flesh, he sucked until his pants became too small to contain his cock. $name1 had let one of her hands go forward, and she touched that bulge that hastily teased him.

$name1 went sliding to the floor, kissing $name2’s abs, dropping to her knees on the floor. She had to try, and unbuttoned his pants.

$name2 had closed his eyes, meanwhile $name1 searched until she came upon the hardest, thickest cock she had ever come across, it was big, at least one of the biggest she had ever seen, and felt.

Looking up at $name2, she sucked that cock as it worked its way as smooth as silk all the way down her throat ready to hold it for as long as it took.

$name1 bobbed her head and rested her lips on the surface of $name2’s cock, this without taking her eyes off his face. $name2 couldn’t quite believe how good $name1 was at this.

She was moving her head, setting the pace with great precision, her lips doing a masterful job accompanied by her action-hungry tongue. The cock was divine, its hardness turned $name1 on, she masturbated as she sucked with great skill.

$name2 moaned a little, and watched as the woman sucked his cock with ardor. $name1’s tits could be seen very well from up there, and $name2 squeezed one and slapped it, $name1 pulled his cock out of her mouth and waved it over her breasts.

This sight was unnerving to unsuspected levels. $name2 pulled her up, and pushed her into the cubicle.

No one had appeared, and that was very good. Neither of them had been watching the door. She felt $name2’s rough hands turn her around to position her on her back, he pulled her dress up even further, pulling down her panties which were wet.

$name1 had masturbated over her panties. He let her panties down to her ankles, and folded her. $name1 rested her hands on the wall, and raised her ass. $name2 assaulted her eagerly, penetrating her with enough force to hurt her, but she resisted, for her fluids were abundant.

$name1 joined him soon after, that cock was incredible.

Inside her it was a divine sensation, pleasure overwhelmed her as $name2 rammed into her, and wrung screams of joy from her.

Their bodies slapping against each other, clashing to the rhythm of $name2’s most accurate movements, produced a melody they both longed to hear.

$name1’s huge buttocks, bouncing uniquely on that shapely abdomen. $name2’s thrusts were brutal, he was simultaneously groping $name1’s tits from behind, and it was fortunate, for she could not hold on for much longer.

$name1’s legs were failing her, the violent, full onslaught of bestiality had turned $name1’s limbs to jelly.

$name2 was unstoppable, he was thrusting in and out of $name1 at full speed, ramming her hard. The noise this caused could be heard throughout the area, along with the screams of pleasure $name1 was emitting.

$name2, feeling the familiar pull, increased the violence with which he penetrated $name1, her buttocks were a vision…. $name1 came, and a great jet spurted out of her pussy, forcing $name2 to withdraw for mere seconds. They both received some of it.

$name2 continued, ramming her hard about three more times before he came inside her. $name1 could no longer hold herself up, and sat on the toilet.

Her pussy was still dripping. All the semen mixed with $name1’s fluids was coming out, and she was breathing heavily. $name2, in turn, was trying to recover.

They left the bathroom, and there were only a few people left at the party. $name1 called it a night and asked $name2 to take her home. $name2 gladly obliged, and they kissed goodbye at the entrance of her house. Great Christmas party for both of them…

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