Happy Ending Massage

You go for your regular sports massage, and you see that the girl you know is the new masseuse… This is one massage with a happy ending…

I walked into the gym for my scheduled sports massage and after changing into a robe, I walked towards the massage room, where my masseuse awaited. $name1 instructed me to get naked, get up on the bed and lay face down.

$name1 was very professional and when I removed my robe and stood naked before her, she did not lose her professional veneer.

Instead she steered me towards the massage bed and once I was settled in, she poured warm scented oil on my back then placed her soft but firm hands on my back and began giving my sore body a relaxing massage, undoing every tense knot.

Her hands then went to my feet and she massaged her way up to my calves. $name1 performed her magic until my legs felt weightless. Her magical hands then moved on upwards to my thighs and onto the rest of my body.

The masseuse gave me one hell of a massage. $name1 concentrated on the aching spots in my body and left my body tingling in a very good way once she was done massaging my back.

I couldn’t wait for the next half of my massage and when I turned over, I finally took a good look at $name1, who happened to be very attractive. She was a petite woman with curves in the right places and thinking about what I could do to her soon had my cock stiffening.

It quickly grew in size until it was fully erect and I didn’t even notice it until she mentioned it.

Do you need more time to tend to that sir?

$name1 asked me while pointing at my erect cock and when I turned to look at it, I was so horrified.

Oh God, I’m so sorry!

I said then quickly covered my offending erection with my hands but it was too big to be hidden and I just stared at her awkwardly, unable to defend myself.

Don’t worry about it, this happens all the time.

$name1 said giggling as she massaged my body starting from my ankles and when she got to my thighs she looked me dead in the eye.

$name1 stepped away then took off her top exposing her pert little breasts that I longed to cup with my hand. They would fit so perfectly, I could tell and once she was topless, the masseuse went ahead and wrapped her hands around my huge erection.

Very big boy.

$name1 cooed seductively then slowly began moving her hand up and down my cock and gave me one hell of a handjob that made me sweat and gasp loudly.Β 

She purred with her face leaning down to mine until they were inches apart and I could feel her warm breath on my skin which was so arousing.

I was so close to losing it, and $name1 kept up the pleasurable assaults on my cock, using her fingers to trace all over the bulging veins in my cock which began palpitating on her touch.

I had never experienced a cock massage but whatever she was doing with her fingers could only be described as such and I didn’t want her to stop.

Please, I’m so close… Please, I need to cum.

I pleaded and she brought her other hand to my balls then gently squeezed and caressed them while her other hand stroked my cock faster. I moaned and pleaded for more until I was so close to losing control. It felt so good and I knew that I couldn’t last any longer.

$name1 used her thumb to caress the sensitive underside of my cock then brought her warm mouth to cock and gently sucked it while her tongue licked and explored my tip sending wild sensations flooding throughout my body.

I couldn’t handle the intensity of it all and I lost it just as she freed my cock from her sinful mouth. My body began convulsing and quaking violently as a wild orgasm took control of my body and all the muscles in my body spasmed.

I literally saw the stars as I experienced wild pleasure and my cock jerked before it blasted its cum all over her glorious boobs.Β 

Once my balls had emptied, I couldn’t help but be filled with pride as I stared at the art I had created with my thick cum that was plastered all over her breasts.

I’m going to need to clean up first before we carry on with the massage.

She said then grabbed a towel and began wiping my cum off her boobs.


Author: Alice

Alice is one of the founding authors of NaughtyFable.com, and enjoys a variety of erotic kinks from cuckolding and voyeurism, to oral fixations and fantasy genres.

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