After Work Drinks Ends In Lesbian Fun

A frantic impromptu lesbian romp in the bar after work. Name1 is your focus girl, and name2 is her mysterious stranger who takes her to climax…

After a long tiring day at work, $name1 was ready to let her hair down and have a little bit of fun so she went to the nearest bar and ordered a gin.

Hard day at work?

One lady sitting at the bar asked $name1, as the bartender prepared her drink.

The worst.

She replied then introduced herself to the stranger and offered her hand.


The lady, introducing herself with a nod and moving up the bar stools to sit next to $name1.

It’s tough out there for women.

She added and $name1 couldn’t agree more.

That was the beginning of a new friendship and over the next two hours, the two women got drunk, as they chatted, swapping stories and bonding over their shared trauma in the corporate world.

I’m so drunk and I gotta pee.

$name1 confessed when she could no longer hold it in.

Come on, I’ll help you get to the restroom.

$name2 offered and the two women staggered towards the ladies room while supporting themselves because neither of them could walk straight.

Once there, $name1 got into a bathroom stall and it took a while before she realized that she was wearing a jumpsuit and she couldn’t get out of it without help.


$name1 sheepishly called out to her new friend.


Can you help me unzip my outfit?

$name1 pleaded after trying to and failing several times.

Sure thing.

$name2 replied then joined $name1 in the tiny stall and helped her unzip her tight jumpsuit and lowered it below $name1’s waist so that she could pee.

She didn’t let go of her immediately, her hands lingered on her body caressing and touching $name1 who shivered in reaction.


No. Your light touches are making me…

$name1 confessed as she held $name2’s gaze. Being drunk made her brutally honest and the chemistry between the two women was undeniable. They inched closer to each other and their lips were inches from each other when $name1 suddenly remembered that she had to pee.

I have to pee.

She said then lowered her jumpsuit to her ankles and dropped down.

Cool. I’ll just be out here if you want me to zip you up.

$name2 then left the stall and a minute later, she was summoned back to the stall to help the lady put her jumpsuit back on.

Her upper body was exposed, with her lacy bra showing off her sexy breasts that $name2 was dying to touch. $name2 couldn’t help herself and without asking, she placed her hands on $name1’s bare midriff and caressed her belly making her shiver even more.

$name2 didn’t stop there, her hands roamed all over $name1, on her chest before she exposed her breasts and began pinching and rubbing her nipples until the poor woman was inconsolable. They were both drunk, super horny and no one was in a better state of mind to stop the other from making regrettable choices.

I’m going to kiss you.

$name2 whispered and $name1 nodded enthusiastically then met her kiss halfway. 

They kissed each other hard and passionately until they parted for air while panting loudly. Instead of helping $name1 dress up, $name2 was undressing her.

Without hesitating, $name2 took one of her hands to her crotch then pushed two of her fingers in $name1’s pussy.

$name1 moaned, throwing her head back as her body got  overwhelmed by the intense pleasure.

$name2 teased $name1 before fishing out her glistening fingers and taking them to her mouth then sucking them greedily while holding  $name1’s gaze.

$name1 begged while moaning as if she was in pain, and she moaned in relief when $name2 took her fingers back to her pussy.

She went on to finger fuck her hard while using her thumb to rub on her swollen clit, causing a rush of sensations to spread all over her body.

$name1 enjoyed every second of it and she screamed at the top of her lungs loving everything that $name2 was doing to her. She was getting closer and closer to getting a release and before she could launch off the cliff, $name2 pulled back and got on her knees.

She purred seductively then winked at $name1 who blushed.

$name2 went ahead and lowered her jumpsuit and panties to her ankles then widened her legs until she could fit her head there. 

$name1 gasped as $name2 launched her tongue, and placed her mouth to $name1’s pussy and went to town on it.

She sucked her juices, slurping them greedily while $name1 moaned loudly not caring that anyone in the restroom could hear them. $name2 used her tongue to fuck $name1’s pussy, making $name1 quiver and convulse with each stroke of her tongue.

She rubbed her engorged clit with her thumb pleasuring $name1 who was in cloud nine.

She sobbed and pleaded for more, she couldn’t get enough and $name2’s wicked mouth was driving her insane.

Her body desperately needed a release and $name2 dragged it on, teasing and driving her crazy with pleasure until $name1 couldn’t handle it any longer.

$name1’s body started shaking and convulsing as a powerful orgasm took control and took her on a wild ride that had her sobbing and cursing while $name2 kept herself busy between her legs, drinking her juices that flowed in plenty, making the orgasm go on and on.

Her body was flooded  by sensations that left her a hysterical mess and $name1 surrendered and rode the wave until her body finally calmed down.

Afterwards, $name1 was still dazed and her knees were weak and she couldn’t stand up straight without being held. She had just had her first lesbian experience and it had been so awesome that she couldn’t wait to do it again. 

She wanted to reciprocate the same to $name2 but they were interrupted when a large group walked into the restroom and she reluctantly started dressing up.

Your place or mine?

$name2 asked as she zipped up $name1’s jumpsuit.


$name1 answered without any hesitation. She was far from done and she couldn’t wait to have more fun with $name2, the mysterious sexy lady she had just met hours before.


Author: Alice

Alice is one of the founding authors of, and enjoys a variety of erotic kinks from cuckolding and voyeurism, to oral fixations and fantasy genres.

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