BBC BJ Cuckold & Cleanup

$name2 has been fantasizing about his girlfriend, $name1, fucking other men for some time, especially black men. $name2 finally talks to her about it, and the fantasy becomes real with $name3.

The porn audio blasted from $name2’s computer as he furiously rubbed his cock in his right hand.

He was watching a porno where a white wife gets gangbanged by four black men, while her white cuckold husband watches.

“You like watching cucky?” The white woman said, jeering at her husband, “you like watching these big dicked black men ruin my white pussy?”

“Yes,” $name2 muttered to his screen, moaning as precum dripped from his cock, “I love watching your tight holes get resized.”

Jerking off to cuckold porn was a daily activity for $name2, it was the only way he got a release.

Her slim, 5-foot 2 frames, with C cup tits and a plump ripe ass, made it very hard for $name2 to control his sexual urges. Her long straight blonde hair and juicy lips made for dick sucking did not help either.

$name2 heard the door to the apartment open and quickly closed his computer and put his dick back in his pants. He walked out of his room to greet $name1.

“Hey babe, how was your day?”

“Hey $name2, it was alright, I had coffee with some friends and then we went shopping.”

She was very dismissive of $name2, it seemed like most of the time she was not interested in talking much with him.

“Oh, that’s cool, what did you buy?”

“Some tight jeans and a crop top, I going to the club tonight, so I have to look good.”

$name2 was taken aback, he didn’t know about her plans to go clubbing until now and wondered why she bought such slutty clothes.

“I have work tonight, you know that” $name2 proclaimed, “if I had known I would have told my boss to take me off the schedule. But it is too late to do that now.”

“Sorry dude, guess you’ll just have to miss this one out.”

She turned, not even giving $name2 any remorse or empathy, walked into her room, and shut the door.

$name2 was left standing there puzzled and upset. Who did $name1 need to look good for if he wasn’t going to be with her?

The idea of $name1 showing off her ass in tight jeans to random men made $name2 upset and turned on at the same time. He knew that $name1 was way out of his league. She was extremely hot and got attention from other guys who were stronger and bigger than $name2 all the time.

“Why is she still dating me when there is so much alpha cock to go around?”

$name2 said to himself. He always knew deep down $name1 lusted for other men, but never really wanted to admit it to himself, until now. Perverted thoughts of $name1 on her knees sucking another man’s dick filled $name2’s mind. His small dick became fully erect in his pants.

“Please suck his cock $name1, make me watch” $name2 thought to himself.

As his fantasy became more intense, $name1’s bedroom door opened. She walked out in tight white jeans that showed off her plump ass so well, along with a small blue crop top and red lip stick. $name2 was speechless when he saw her.

“What are you looking at?”

$name1 asked and laughed condescendingly. $name2 quickly looked at his feet and blushed.

“S-s-sorry” $name2 whimpered.

$name1 laughed under her breath. She thought $name2 was pathetic for just letting her slut herself out. He did not even offer up any opposition to her dressing sexy and going to a club full of horny drunk men.

“What are your plans tonight?”

$name1 asked $name2 as if she did not know. She just wanted to rub salt in $name2s already feminized ego.

“Oh… just work is all.”

$name1 walked to the door and looked $name2 directly in the eyes.

“Well have fun with your work I guess, I’ll be having some fun myself.”

She smiled and winked in a way that made $name2 feel total humiliation. Then she walked out the door, leaving $name2 with a crushed ego and raging boner. $name1 was going to get fucked tonight. $name2 could only imagine how many men would use her hot body as a cum dumpster. He wanted to jerk off to the though of it, but he had to be at work in 20 minutes and the drive was 15. Luckily, his dick was so small his boner barely showed through his pants.

He changed into his uniform and drove to his wage job at the local supermarket. $name2 hated this job but had to make money to pay for rent somehow. $name1 almost never paid her fair share for rent, and made $name2 carry the burden. He didn’t mine. He was loyal to her after all, even if she was not loyal to him. He was working night shift, and knew that not a lot of customers would come in.

“Maybe I should text $name1 and see how’s she’s doing?” He said to himself. He pulled out his phone, and texted her.

“Hey babe, how’s the clubbing?”

Normally she didn’t respond to $name2’s texts, or even care to read them, but he was hoping this time would be different. He waited a good two hours before he got a response, and by that time it was past midnight.

He heard his phone ring and checked. It was a text from $name1.

“It’s so fun! There are so many hot guys here. I’m especially getting along well with these two black guys I just met. I wish you were here to meet them!”

As soon as $name2 read that text his dick instantly began to get hard. $name1 always seemed to like black men a little more. Little did $name2 know that nothing made her hornier than getting fucked by big black cocks. The best part is, she wanted $name2 to know. She always knew that $name2 was a beta cuckold, and that his place was to watch and not participate.

$name2 texted back.

“Just as friends right? I’m sure they are really nice!”

She texted back almost immediately.

“‘As friends’ lmao. They both keep trying to rub against my ass. They definitely don’t see me as a friend.”

$name2, who was both distraught and horny, texted her back.

“Well tell them to fuck off then, I’m your boyfriend.”

“So what? When they touch my ass it actually turns me on. Unlike you. And fuck you for being so disrespectful to me. Don’t fucking tell me what to do loser.”

$name2’s boner grew to full size, $name1 was humiliating him and he loved it.

“I’m sorry $name1, I should have been more understanding.”

“Black men turn me on, and your little puny white cock does nothing for me. Understand that beta!”

$name2 was shocked. He then realized in that moment that $name1 was offering him the ultimate pleasure. He was going to cuck for her and enjoy every second of it.

“Yes, I understand. They have permission to do whatever they want with you.”

“Like I need your permission, I was going to suck their cocks whether you wanted me to or not. And also, I’ll have a surprise for you later.”

And with that text her phone was silent for the rest of the night. $name2 jerked off in the bathroom multiple times during his shift to the thought of what must have been occurring.

$name1 sucked both their cocks that night, letting them cum in her mouth and on her face. When she got home, $name2 was already asleep in his room. They didn’t sleep together because $name1 didn’t want to sleep with $name2 in the same bed. She walked in his room and shook him awake.

“Hey, wake up cucky.”

“Whaa…” $name2 arose from his slumber to see $name1 standing in front of him. Her mascara was dripping, and there was cum residue on her lips and face.

“Here’s your surprise”

$name1 leaned in and kissed $name2. This was the first time in months she had kissed him. $name2 didn’t hesitate to kiss her back deeply. He tasted the cum from the dicks $name1 must have sucked earlier.

“Lick up every drop of black cum off my face!”

$name2 procced to do so.

“I know you like tasting black men’s cum on my mouth.”

“I do $name1, I love kissing your used mouth.”

“Good, because the only time I’ll ever kiss you from now on, is after I suck another mans cock. Now go to sleep beta bitch.”

“Yes $name1” Logon obediently replied. He slept happily that night, his dreams the same as his fantasies.

$name2 awoke from his sleep the next morning with a notification on his phone. He checked his phone and saw a message from $name1.

“Your taking me shopping today for some new clothes. I’m not asking. Bring your credit card.”

$name2 immediately got up and got dressed. $name2 knew in order to satisfy $name1, he had to fulfill all of her needs and not ask questions.

He greeted $name1 in her room.

“What took you so long? I’ve been waiting for you loser, get your ass in the car now!”

$name1 was mad, so $name2 complied.

“Sorry $name1, I will be faster next time.”

“You better.”

$name2 got in the car with her and she drove them to the mall.

“I’m looking for some sexy outfits to impress my new friends. You know, the black men I sucked off yesterday. I haven’t given them my pussy, yet you know.”

“Yet?” $name2 asked, “your implying that your going to let them fuck your pussy at some point?”

“What do you think cuck? Are you stupid?”

“Yes, and yes, I know they are going to fuck your pussy. I know because they are alpha males, and I am a beta male cuckold.”

$name1 smiled and laughed.

“See, now your starting to get it! You know your role. You get to watch, and they get to cum inside my fertile white pussy.”

$name1 pulled her car that $name2 bought for her into the parking lot. They got out and walked into the mall. It was crowded, and there was lots of activity going on. $name1 was wearing black leggings, showing off her bubble butt, which was sure to attract attention from male customers. $name1 knew that her ass would attract attention, and that it would make $name2 jealous. He gave her so much attention and she gave none back to him. Instead, she gave her attention to every hot guy she could find.

When they got to the clothing store, $name1 immediately went to the shorts section.

“Oh, I think Jacob and Adam would love these.”

She pointed to a pair of bright pink booty shorts.

“I’m going to try them on!”

$name1 went to the changing room and, after a minute, came out wearing the shorts. They were so small half of her ass cheeks hung out the bottom. It was the sluttiest thing I had ever seen her wear.

“Wow they really make my ass look good, I’m sure the boys won’t be able to resist.”

$name1 said this happily to herself, but loud enough so $name2 could hear.

“Uh Excuse me?”

$name1 called out to an employee who had been stocking shelves.

“I need some help over here!”

The employee, who was a tall, strong, black man, ran over to help once he saw $name1’s irresistible booty.

“Hey, my name is $name3, how can I help a pretty lady like yourself.”

“Hey $name3, I’m $name1. I was wondering, do you think these shorts look good on me, my boyfriend said that I look fat in them.”

“I never…”

Before $name2 could get the word out, $name3 proclaimed.

“I think you look great in those shorts $name1. Your boyfriend is not very grateful for what he has. I’m sure other guys could treat you a whole lot better.”

“He doesn’t ‘have’ anything besides a small cock”

$name1 said as she laughed. $name3 laughed too. $name2 just stood there embarrassed.

“Hey $name1, you think you could turn around so I could get a better look at those shorts?”

“Sure $name3,” $name1 said as she turned around and stepped closer. She arched her back so $name3, along with every other male in the store could get a good look at her sexy white ass.

“Damn girl, its not the shorts that look good, it’s just your ass. You’re giving me a boner!”

$name3s massive black cock began to become erect. They could both see his cock growing in his pants.

“Oh my God $name3! Its so BIG. SO much bigger than my boyfriends. Quick, let’s go in the changing room before anyone sees your boner.”

Before $name2 could interject, $name1 grabbed $name3s hand and guided him into the changing room. $name2 watched helplessly. As she closed the door, she smiled at $name2 and winked.

“She’s my girlfriend now!”

$name3 said to $name2, laughing. $name2 was so humiliated and turned on, and he wanted to hear what was happening. He decided to get into the changing room directly next to the one they were in. $name2 sneaked in and put his ear up against the wall. He could hear pants unzipping, and $name1 laughing playfully.

“How big? Nine inches! That’s more than twice the size of my boyfriend. He could never make me horny like your do $name3.”

“You want to suck my cock baby, while your boyfriend is just a few feet away from us?”

“Yes $name3, I want your big black cock in my mouth, I want to suck all your sperm out and make my boyfriend listen.”

$name1 raised her voice.

“You hear that cucky? I know your listening.”

$name2 didn’t say anything back, he just stroked his dick through his pants.

“Oh yes.”

$name3 moaned as $name1 wrapped her pink lips around the tip of his cock. Her tongue fluttered on his dick as she took his cock deeper into her mouth. She began to suck, looking into $name3s eyes.

$name2 could hear the sucking sounds as $name1 began to pick up the pace. $name2 knew she was sucking the life out of him when he heard $name3 moan.

“Oh yea baby, suck that black cock. Aye $name2, you like listening?”

$name2 said nothing.

“Aye white boy, I’m talking to you bitch, you like when I fuck you girlfriends’ mouth?”

“Yes sir” $name2 muttered pathetically.

“I love when you violate my girlfriends mouth.”

$name1 stopped sucking to get a word in.

“Hey cucky, you want a closer look?”

$name2, who was on the brink of orgasm was able to barely get out the word.


“Well come on in loser, you’ll get a front row seat.”

$name2 stumbled out of the dressing room he was in and watched as the door opened. Quickly, $name3 grabbed $name2’s arms and pulled him into the stall before anyone could see. The sight that $name2 saw almost made him cum right away. His beautiful $name1, on her knees in front of a massive black cock. Her lips were wet and moist with his precum.

“Get on your knees and watch me suck him cucky. I know you want a close look.”

$name2 obeyed and got on his knees, eye level with $name1 and cock level with $name3. She looked $name2 in the eyes, smiled, and then looked up at $name3s cock. She took his cock in her mouth again and began to suck the life out of him. $name2 just watched, mesmerized and on the verge of cumming. $name3 grabbed $name1’s head and pulled. His cock went deeper and deeper into her throat until it couldn’t go in any further. She gagged and choked as he held her head for a second, then let her go. Spit came out of her mouth, and her makeup was starting to run down her face. Her straight blonde hair was now messy.

“Kiss your boyfriend $name1, make him taste my cock on your lips.”

She laughed.

“That’s a good idea, a cuckold beta bitch like you would like that, right?”

“Yes $name1, let me taste him on you.”

She leaned in and kissed $name2 deeply, sticking her tongue in his mouth. $name2 immediately tasted $name3s precum on $name1’s lips. He loved the taste. She kissed him some more until $name3 grabbed her head. He forced her mouth back on his cock and fucked her throat again.

“Oh fuck, I’m going to cum.”

“Cum in her mouth.”

$name2 said enthusiastically.

“Oh, I will white boy.”

$name3 said as he let a thick stream of cum cover $name1’s lips. He didn’t stop there, however, as his second stream of cum covered $name1’s face, and the third stream shot directly into her open mouth. She kept all the cum in her mouth, making sure not to swallow a drop. Instead, she looked at $name2 and swished his cum around in her mouth while he watched.

“Damn $name2, your girlfriend was so good at sucking my dick, lucky for you, you can have her back now!” $name3 said.

“We’re not done yet!” $name1 exclaimed, “cucky over her still has to clean up the mess.”

$name1 looked right at $name2, her face covered with another man’s cum. $name2 didn’t even need to be told what to do, as $name1 spit all of $name3s cum directly into his open mouth.

She then kissed him passionately and deeply, making sure that $name2 could taste every bit of $name3s cock that had come in contact with her mouth.

“Does it taste good?”

$name1 asked mockingly.

“Yes, it tastes so good.”

“Well, I think I’ll leave you two alone, have fun with your used girlfriend you cuckold loser.”

$name3 slapped $name1’s ass as he walked out.

“Next time you come in this store, I’ll take your girl’s pussy from you. Spread her ass and cum deep inside her fertile white holes. I’ll stretch her asshole like you couldn’t imagine. I know you’ll love to clean that mess up!”

“He would love that, wouldn’t you bitch boy?”

$name1 said to $name2.

“Yes I would.”

$name3 walked out and closed the door, leaving $name2 and $name1 alone together.

“Well that was fun, wasn’t it? It’s still amazing to me how pathetic you are. You slurped up his cum up like you knew it would taste great.”

“Thank you for letting me watch $name1.”

“Yea whatever loser let’s go so you can buy this for me.”

They walked out of the changing room and $name2 bought her the booty shorts.

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