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$name1 has gone on holiday with her boyfriend, $name2, to the beautiful island of Antigua. The trip was long, and when they get there $name2 has an afternoon nap whilst $name1 lounges by the pool – where she meets a handsome black man, $name3.

$name1 and her boyfriend finally had everything ready to go on vacation; ready to fly out to spend several days in Antigua.

It wasn’t a simple flight to get to Antigua; there were plenty of connections and layovers meaning it wasn’t an overly enjoyable travel experience. $name1 slept most of the way there, whilst her boyfriend, $name2 remained alert and in charge of the situation, making sure they got to the right gates, didn’t miss flights…

When they got to the hotel, $name2 exhausted from the travel and being alert for almost 24 hours straight collapsed on the bed asleep.

Not wanting to waste an afternoon in paradise and having slept most of the way $name1 put on her bikini and went out to the courtyard pool to relax.

$name1 could show off a bikini with confidence. A size 12, but with thick thighs and a matching butt, her pear shape, and curves compensated for her average bust.

$name1 collapsed on the lounger, and it was at that instant that she realized a man was cleaning the pool. She wanted to take a dip but was happy to wait until it was free.

$name1 put on her sunglasses, and laid back in the sun, letting its rays lick against her skin.

Hiding behind her sunglasses, $name1 was enjoying the view, the beautiful sunlit courtyard, all the attractive people around the pool, and the tall, handsome black man cleaning it.

He couldn’t see that $name1 was watching him intently, but when he surveyed the courtyard and looked in her general direction, she instinctively gave a smile, surely giving the game away.

It’s a beautiful day.

$name1 without realizing was making small talk. No conscious thought went into starting the conversation, it just… Happened.

He seemed surprised that she was talking to him, but he smiled and relaxed.

Oh, yes. One of the best we’ve had this season.

As he said that, it didn’t escape $name1’s notice that he was looking at her from head to toe, trying to hide it, but his eyes were on every part of $name1’s body.

Hopefully, it will be this nice all vacation!

$name1 continued the conversation and returned the favor in looking him up and down some more, now he was closed. $name1 was drawn however to his board shorts and the bulge…

$name1 sat up on the lounger, offering him a beaming smile, it was almost an invitation for him to come closer to her, and without waiting for second invitation, he approached with a hesitant step.

$name2 was still sleeping, which was fine, but his absence didn’t mean her fun couldn’t continue.

What is your name?


Nice to meet you, $name3, I’m $name1.

The conversation continued and they chatted about the local area, and the island and $name1 was beginning to become aware of other people around the pool, and what if $name2 woke up and found her talking to $name3?

$name3 was clearly looking at her body, and $name1 was reacting to his gaze, her erect nipples visibly poking at the bikini fabric…

Is there a beach nearby?

$name1 asked, breaking his gaze.

There is, it is a short walk away but there is a pathway over here. Would you like me to guide you?


$name3 gestured to his right and began to show $name1 the way to a gate, and then onto a pathway. $name1 skipped ahead so that $name3 could see her ass in full glory.

Please, step this way, it’s quicker.

$name3 gestured off the path, and $name1 followed the direction. After around 50 yards she was met by a small clearing with a large rock in the middle, she turned and sat on it.

$name3 stood over her a little, with the height difference the view must have been good. $name1 leaned forward a little and $name3 took the opportunity.

$name3 bent down in front of her, kissing her.

He covered $name1’s mouth completely and sucked on her lower lip with pure lust, so much so $name1 could feel the passion in her pussy. He fondled one of $name1’s breasts, rubbing her nipples over the bathing suit, $name1 let out a moan against his mouth in pleasure.

Kissing her, pinching her nipples and fondling her breasts, their skin was making contact with each other as $name3 explored $name1’s tongue with his own.

Finally, he brought a hand to $name1’s pussy, and began rubbing her clit, but taking advantage of her already very wet state and sliding two fingers into her.

$name1 let out a moan, soon stifled again by a kiss from $name3.

$name1 spread her legs wider to give him more access, as he pulled her breasts out, slapping them in the process.

With two fingers penetrating her, $name3 began his assault on $name1’s nipples with his mouth and tongue, sucking on them, biting them.

Suddenly, $name3’s head disappeared between $name1’s legs, his tongue licking as expertly as possible. She held his head so he wouldn’t think of pulling out.

Once again, he played with her nipples as he licked her pussy, drinking all that came out of her, which was a lot, and wet his face all over, but he was licking, still devouring $name1’s pussy like it was the last pussy he’d ever get to eat.

$name1 let out a scream that could have been heard beyond that clearing and came in spurts flooding $name3’s mouth, who gave $name1’s pussy one last lick, and stood up.

It was $name1’s turn to return the favor.

She pulled down his boxers and released a colossal-sized cock, he was so hung. It was huge, it was fully erect and $name1 has to spit on it and work it with her hands to get most of it in her mouth.

$name1 looked up and $name3 was looking down at her, with eyes alight with lust. He put a hand on the back of her head to make her movements faster, and edge his cock closer and closer to the back of her throat.

Realizing how difficult it was taking $name3’s cock in her mouth, $name1 reached down to her pussy with one hand and began masturbating, preparing herself for what surely would be an immense task of taking his cock inside her.

He was telling me many things and talking dirty while she was sucking his exquisite cock, her thoughts however preoccupied with sucking on his cock and tasting his precum, and preparing her own pussy for the onslaught yet to come.

$name3 took her by the arm and raised her up, her mouth releasing his mammoth cock. He moved her around and lay her front on the rocks, leaving her bent, and her ass exposed.

Caressing her buttocks, $name1 began to fear that it was her ass that $name3 wanted, and not the wet pussy she has been so actively preparing…

$name3 undid the ties on her bikini bottoms, and rests his member against her ass. Sliding it up and down, the tip of his massive black cock rests against $name1’s pussy lips, and with almost relief, $name1 feels $name3 gently begin to ease the tip into her.

Penetrating her, little by little, feeling her tight pussy adapting and stretching to accommodate his massive cock, $name3 gives a gentle push, forcing an inch inside resulting in $name1 letting out a little welp.

Realizing that $name1 was willingly taking his thick cock, enjoying the stretching, $name3 held her by her hips, and forced as much in as he could in one swift movement.

$name1 let out another loud moan. Feeling his cock inside her, stretching her, ruining her was sending her senses into overload and she was delirious with the pleasure, and pain this cock was causing.

$name3 slowly pulls out, before ramming back in, knowing she can take his cock, he begins to fuck her, hard.

His onslaught was violent, merciless, with no intention of stopping anytime soon.

$name1 screamed turning her head to see him, and on her face, there was an expression of lustful pain, but she didn’t want him to stop for anything in the world, her pussy would feel abandoned now if he left it.

All $name1 could think was: please don’t sto.

How delicious it was be fucked like this. His cock was not entirely inside of her, smashing against the entrance of her womb with every thrust, he was literally filling and stretching her.

$name3 grabs $name1 by the hair, and using his new grip begins to ram her even harder, her large ass bouncing off of his abdomen and her small boobs flailing infront of her.

$name1 came once more, tightening around his cock as she did.

He was unstoppable.

After a few minutes, $name3 took me her his arms like a doll and fucked me standing in front of the rocks.

He reached for $name1’s mouth and kissed her almost tenderly as he fucked her mercilessly.

Pulling out, $name1 was left to slump to the floor. Sitting up right she saw $name3 wanking his glistening cock, and instinctively $name1 opened her mouth with and stuck out her tongue, waiting to receive his load.

$name3 came in spurts, thick white strings of cum lashing against $name1’s tongue, cheeks, and chin. As she closed her mouth to swallow the initial spurts, $name3 released a second wave, aiming more for her neck and breasts.

Slumped in a pile on the sand, $name1 was used, covered in cum, and gaping from his onslaught.

$name3 lends her his shirt to clean up a little before they head back to the sun loungers in the courtyard pool… It was another hour before $name2 joined her in the evening sun.


Author: Maria

Maria is an amateur erotic author, having written shorts on other sex story websites in the past. With an interest in taboo and fantasy, Maria likes to focus on the kinky side of sex, and combines it with the potential sensuality of sex.

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