Work From Home Plumber Fuck

Working from home was taking its toll, and waking up to no hot water (or clean running water in her apartment) was just about enough to tip $name1 over the edge. Left with no choice, $name1 calls out the plumber (and his apprentice) to fix the problem.

With stay-at-home orders in full force, $name1 started working from home like everyone else in the country.

All $name1 needed was a computer and a phone, and she was ready to rock and roll.

It had been weeks since $name1 had last seen the inside of an office, and working from home with the restrictions, weeks since she had enjoyed casual chit chat, or catching the gaze of guys trying to see down her dress, staring at her cleavage on the train…

$name1 missed being with her co-workers and going for a drink on Fridays after work.

Since she wasn’t going out much, $name1’s social life had diminished to weekly Skype calls and virtual drinks with her girlfriends.

Sitting in front of her computer, $name1 closed her eyes, rubbing them with her hands, she was tired and decided to call it a day.

One disadvantage of working from home was that it made it much more difficult to get the workday started. $name1 covered her face with the pillow, squeezing it tightly, but finally, she had to get her big butt out of bed.

Her brown hair was tousled, and her big breasts almost poking out of her sleeping gown (an outfit she usually worked in).

$name1 headed to the bathroom, and that’s when she realized that I had a serious plumbing problem. Turning on the shower, rather than the hot, clean water steaming up the cubicle – $name1 was met with a murky, cold, brown water.

The same water was also coming from the washbasin and the faucets in the kitchen.

Resigned to the situation, and unable to live in an apartment with no clean (or hot) water, $name1 had no choice but to call a plumber.

$name1 hoped that the plumber would not be too long and that the situation needed to be resolved as soon as possible.

$name1 got dressed, concentrated on her work, and it wasn’t long before the doorbell rang.

Relieved and went to open the door, and took a step back to allow them to enter with social distancing – but instead of one plumber, there were two. An older gentleman, who was clearly in charge of the operation, and a younger lad, presumably an apprentice.

$name1 guided them to the bathroom, where the younger lad was instructed to go turn on the faucet and shower.

Both men put their hands to their heads. That was not a good sign. It was never a good sign.

$name1 left them alone, telling them that if they needed anything, she would be in the spare room/her makeshift office.

Minutes passed, and then maybe hours and they were still in the bathroom while $name1 worked. Was it possible that they couldn’t handle that job? What was taking them so long?

$name1 was concentrating, lost in her work when she heard a knock on her office door. The older plumber instigated a conversation:

We’re sorry to interrupt you, miss…

Please, call me $name1.

Very well, $name1, I’m going to have to send the lad here to go and get a part from the merchants, and by the time he’s back I should have gotten to a point where I can install it – and fix yer problem.

Thank you for letting me know!

Annoying as it was, at least it looked like the problem could be fixed and $name1 could end her day with a hot bath.

10 minutes later, the plumber reappeared to tell me he was just waiting on the part now. Unaware that $name1 was trying to work, he tried his best to make small talk with her.

His eyes wandering constantly to her vest top and cleavage, admiring her big boobs.

$name1 watched him with a frown on her face, and he just kept laughing nonstop until he stopped, and stopped pretending.

Eventually the plumber ventured back to the bathroom, leaving $name1 alone in the spare room. Fidgeting in her seat and infront of the computer, her mind was racing.

The plumber was clearly flirting with her, and clearly checking out her tits and body. The apprentice hadn’t returned yet, and $name1 was beginning to become more curious as to what state her bathroom was in – and if any redecorating would be required.

Leaving the spare room, $name1 glanced into the bathroom but couldn’t see the plumber.

Walking around her apartment, she eventually spied the plumber in the far hallway, standing in front of a radiator. Writing it off in her mind that he was maybe checking water pressure… She noticed that on that radiator she had some clothes drying, including thongs…

$name1 was watching him standing there, staring at the radiator – staring at the underwear?

He was most likely imagining her ass on either side of that little thong. He began biting his lips.

$name1 couldn’t deny she was getting turned on too. The plumber was strong and masculine, and in those moments had captured her attention.

The sound of a phone ringing broke the tension, and he reached into his pocket, pulled out his phone, and answered.

$name1 listened to him talk but then breezed back to her office. It didn’t sound like good news.

Not knowing that he had been seen staring at her thongs, the plumber knocked on the door again to notify $name1 that they needed to come back the next day with the replacement.

As he said goodbye, the plumber leered at $name1, staring at her tits.

Able to use the basin, $name1 used the tea kettle to fill it with hot water and had a makeshift shower, and knowing they would be coming back tomorrow, began to hatch a plan.

$name1 laid out a dress, and the underwear that the plumber had been so eagerly looking at just hours before on her bed for the next day. Laying in bed that night, with anxious excitement, $name1 had a plan but no idea if she had the confidence to go through with it.

The next morning, $name1, dressed and did her make-up, and started work waiting on the arrival of her plumbers.

When there was a knock on my door, she was ready.

$name1 knew exactly who it was, and opened the door welcoming them with her best smile.

They both saw her with shocked expressions on their faces. It was an expected reaction and had been her intention from the beginning, given her change in attire and effort levels from the previous day.

$name1 wanted them to see her looking very attractive.

The plumbers ventured to the bathroom after making sure they had seen as much of $name1’s body as they could and quickly got on with the job at hand.

Letting them get on with installing the replacement parts, $name1, began phase two of her plan and set her emails and Teams to away, and went to talk to them in the bathroom.

They didn’t seem to mind her being there, and $name1 asked if she was interrupting them, and they said no, so she didn’t leave.

At one point $name1 offered them something to drink, as they were sweating profusely, and they gladly accepted.

The plumber, who had stayed the previous day and stared at her lacey thongs, looked very sexy and masculine sweating like he was, so much so that $name1 felt her pussy contract a little.

$name1 crossed her legs to hold off the temptation, but it was a difficult task. She could no longer restrain herself and asked the plumber who had admired her thongs to follow her for a chat.

He was a little weirded out; however; he stopped what he was doing and followed her out of the bathroom and into the living area.

Yes, Miss $name1?

He asked as he continued to follow her through the living area and into the spare room. He was trailing behind following her at a safe distance, but she wanted him to get a closer look at her underwear, seeing as he enjoyed it so much on the radiator the day before – he surely would enjoy it with her wearing it.

He had adopted a face of confusion more and more marked as they walked down the hallway, he didn’t know what was going on, but he would find out.

$name1 ushered him into the spare room and carelessly left the door ajar.

Yesterday, I noticed you admiring my underwear on the radiator…

Ah, yes, miss, the radiator, I, err..

I wanted you to take a closer look at my underwear; yesterday you may have missed some details.

His eyes went from sheer panic to sheer confusion. Like a deer caught in headlights, he stood there still and staring, unknowingly accepting a fate. He started sweating copiously.

$name1 took off her dress, lifting it over her head, revealing her very small thong that was tucked between her buttocks and a spectacular, matching lace bra.

He took a step as if unconsciously just carried away by the sight before him. At that instant, the other man came in and got the surprise of his life. He was only looking for us because he needed guidance on the next part of the job.

The apprentice had no intention of leaving, so $name1 told herself it wasn’t a bad idea. It could be interesting, they were both strong, virile men, brimming with masculinity.

Once $name1 thought about that, it seemed like a very good idea. Her pussy was twitching and getting wetter, and she knew she couldn’t waste the opportunity of having two burly men alone with her in her apartment.

$name1 approached the first plumber who wasted no time and put his hands on the object of his desire, her tits, he shook them and then wanted to play with my nipples, pulling the bra down to reveal them.

The apprentice one stood behind $name1 rubbing his cock very hard against her buttocks and then spanking her ass gently.

They seemed to be weighing their options. Thinking about what they should do first. $name1 was very horny and touched the cock of the plumber in front of me through his trousers. It was so hard and thick already.

The apprentice behind her was kissing her neck, they were both sweating, and making $name1 feel so horny as she could feel their lust for her.

There weren’t many clothes to remove, they just touched $name1 all over, slapping her ass, her breasts, and the man in front of $name1 even dared to give her a light slap before kissing her lustfully, running his tongue first across $name1’s lips, then shoving it all the way down her throat.

The apprentice behind her had pulled his cock out and was slapping it against my buttocks, making them glisten with precum.

In a joint effort, they relieved me of my bra and thong, and I stood completely exposed between them, both with their cocks poking out of their trousers.

The apprentice ran a wet finger across her ass and bent down to put his face between $name1’s buttocks.

$name1 stopped kissing his partner to moan loudly, his tongue was everything she had wished for and was working between her pussy and her ass.

He licked vigorously.

$name1ย bent over a little to make everything easier for him, and his partner seeing that started to undress and went to the bed to lie down with his cock in his hand.

The three of them moved over with him. $name1 still having her ass eaten by the apprentice positioned herself on all fours, letting the apprentice service her, whilst she took his master’s cock in her mouth.

Sucking his cock, $name1 soon felt the tip of the apprentices cock pointing at her pussy which he had salivated and wetted with all her fluids. He pushed in, stretching her pussy, and began to move faster fucking me hard.

With each thrust, the cock in my mouth went much deeper into my throat.

The man whose cock $name1 was sucking had his hands behind his head enjoying the show, and the blowjob. Whilst his partner was penetrating $name1 hard, letting his abdomen bounce off her huge ass.

The cock in $name1’s mouth was choking her a little. She couldn’t moan, just gag and glug, which threatened to make her come quickly.

Unable to hold back, it happened, $name1 came and moved involuntarily, shaking my hips, prey to the most intense pleasure.

$name1 moved her head back, freeing her mouth and she let out the moans and a scream she’d been denied previously.

The apprentice continued to penetrate her from behind, not breaking stride, and the plumber put his cock back in her mouth.

Finally, they stopped and changed $name1’s position.

She sat with my back to the one lying on the bed, and lowered herself down onto his cock. He guided $name1 down, but not into her pussy, but into her ass.

$name1 squealed as his cock, wet from her mouth and spit, penetrated her ass. Leaning back, the apprentice had a full view of her naked body and knelt in front of her.

Realizing what they were doing, $name1 shuddered with anticipation and excitement.

The double penetration was a feeling like no other. $name1 rolled her eyes into the back of her head as both men assaulted her holes with a steady, but heavy rhythm.

Looking down, $name1 could see their cocks going in and out at an alarming speed. Looking down, she also realized the rhythm and position meant her boobs were bouncing everywhere.

It was inevitable, $name1 came one more time, and thought she would lose her mind, that time it was twice in a row.

$name1 was being fucked with force, determination, her pussy, and ass were on fire, and she loved it.

They didn’t stop for a second, they kept fucking $name1 until finally she was helped off the bed, and dismounted both cocks.

$name1’s legs were shaking, and she was struggling to stand – which is fine, as the two men just wanted $name1 to kneel.

On her knees in front of them, $name1 stuck her tongue out expectantly, playing with her boobs with one hand, and running the other over what now felt like a very empty pussy.

The apprentice grunted first and held his cock closer to her tongue. As he grunted, he made sure all his load fell on $name1’s tongue and into her mouth. Happy to receive his load, she swallows it all.

The older plumber not so accurate grunted and began to spray cum over $name1’s face and boobs.

After some laughing and awkward small talk, the plumbers got dressed and went back to the bathroom. As they finished installing the part, $name1 cleans herself up and is ready in time to say goodbye once they had finished, giving them a departing kiss and letting them have one last feel of her tits and ass.

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