Swinging: Same Room v Separate Room

Swinging is a sexual lifestyle and activity that is enjoyed by many couples. Couples who engage in this lifestyle often find themselves in situations where they are in the same room with other people who also have a partner of their own.

This can put their relationship to the test, as they do not officially see one another.

Swinging in Same Room

When you think about swinging with partners, you would most likely feel a specific dynamic would be with your play. You play well together, but sometimes the other person wants to do something the other partner does not. Other swingers enjoy a third-party experience.

They love to watch their partner’s experience with other people and how their reactions make them feel so good, sending them over the edge as well.

Some couples prefer playing in the same room because it makes both partners feel ‘safe’. For such pairs, it also makes for an easier transition into playing together themselves, which they often do once their turn has come up.

Others who want to experiment more will offer feedback to the person on the other side of the couple by going over some of the rules that are responsible for making this lifestyle what it is.

Swinging with partners in the same room has its advantages and disadvantages.

You can see what they are doing and how they are acting, but it also means that they can watch you as well. That can make many people feel uncomfortable, and you may not be able to let loose.

Swinging in Separate Room

Some people will never be able to overcome their sexual repression. They simply cannot bear the thought of someone of their sex seeing them nude. Swinging with a partner in a separate room can be pretty

awkward. You need to be able to organize, arrange and communicate with this other partner. This can take a lot of effort and energy, which is why we have created the Swinging Organizer.

Even the thought of another person seeing them nude can cause them a great deal of anxiety and even an inability to function sexually since they are afraid of being mocked by other men or women.

If another guy, or worse, a woman, is there during their closeness with someone they love, they may feel their manhood is in jeopardy! Some partners do not want to see their lover engage in physical intimacy with someone else.

In contrast, they are physically intimate with someone else because they would instead focus on their pleasure and not be disturbed by thinking about another person.

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