Mistaken Escort Hotel Session

After a wild night on the town, $name1 drunkenly stumbles back to her hotel and accidentally goes through an unlocked door, and is mistaken for an outcall escort… This is a story requested by one of our readers x

After a wild night out on the town, $name1 was so drunk when she went back to her hotel and she swiped her card on the first door she came upon, thinking it was her hotel room, it must be her door, I mean, it opened?

Stumbling into the dark room, $name1 threw her bag down onto the floor and begins to disrobe…

“You are late. I called for you two hours ago.” A gruff male voice said as $name1 undressed.

“What? Late for what?” $name1 asked as she struggled to unzip her dress and the strange guy came around her and unzipped her dress then surprised her by grabbing her ass.

Unaware whether this was real, or her own drunken, horny imagination, $name1 didn’t think anything of it.

“Fuck! I’m so horny and you are sexy as fuck. Worth every penny.” The guy growled then began kissing $name1’s neck making her moan shamelessly instead of putting a stop to it.

The stranger dropped light kisses all over $name1’s face and shamelessly licked her neck making her shiver while his hands got busy and caressed her now naked body.

It felt so good and $name1 went along with it even though at the back of her mind, she was beginning to sober to the thought that this was real, this was really happening… But at the same time, did she care?

“Do you like it?” The stranger teased $name1 as his mouth went lower to her breasts.

“Yes.. yes please..” $name1 pleaded huskily and the guy opened his mouth and took one nipple in her mouth and started sucking it while $name1 moaned shamelessly.

“God.. yes.. yes.. please. Don’t stop.” She sobbed as the stranger sucked, licked, and bit her sensitive nipple making her go crazy going from one breast to the next, and by the time his mouth moved lower, her breasts looked like they had been attacked by a wild animal.

“So wild like a bobcat. I like it. I wonder how much you’ll like my mouth sucking the life out of your pussy.” The stranger growled crassly while $name1 moaned shamelessly.

“Oh please… I need you.” She pleaded and the stranger grabbed her hips and dug his fingers in her flesh as he trailed his mouth lower until it got to her dripping wet pussy.

“So fucking tasty.” The guy growled as he took one lick before coming back for more and attacking $name1’s pussy with a little more enthusiasm until she was moaning and screaming non-stop.

He fused his mouth to her pussy then sucked her juices while his thumb stroked her swollen clit driving poor $name1 crazy.

“Oh God yes.. that feels so good. Don’t stop please.” $name1 sobbed as the strange guy took her body to new heights.

Her body was burning up and $name1 didn’t think she could take it anymore. The guy’s mouth was like a vacuum, sucking up all her juices and making her go wild.

“Please, I need to cum please.. please, I can’t take it anymore.” $name1 sobbed but the guy ignored her and kept torturing her with his mouth until she lost it with her body quaking so hard.

“Oh G…o..d…” $name1 screamed as all her muscles spasmed with her pussy gushing with her juices that the guy greedily lapped up, prolonging $name1’s orgasm.

He finally stopped torturing poor $name1 then pushed her in bed and undid his robe before joining her in bed.

“I’m so fucking hot for you. Feel how hard you make me?” The guy growled as he thrust his manhood against $name1’s nude body.

“I want you so bad. Please.. I need your throbbing cock in my pussy fucking me so fucking hard.” $name1 sobbed begging for the stranger’s cock and he didn’t make her beg for it for long.

He mounted her then lined up his cock against her pussy and slammed all of his length inside her.

“Aah yes.. so fucking tight..” The guy growled then pulled out of her pussy as if it had burnt him.

“And you are so fucking big.” $name1 cooed then widened her legs and the stranger pushed his cock in her cunt once again then went on to thrust in and out of the tight hole harder and faster making poor $name1 scream shamelessly as wild sensations rippled through her body.

The stranger kept fucking $name1 and as he neared climax, he became more rough thrusting into $name1’s tight pussy faster until she couldn’t take it anymore and she reached climax spectacularly, screaming as her body jerked violently with her pussy being flooded with her juices that pushed the stranger closer and closer to a wild orgasm of his own.

The stranger wasn’t going to last long and he grunted like an injured beast as he thrust in and out of $name1’s pussy and with the said pussy tightening around his cock in a tight vice grip, it only took a few more seconds of trying his best to hold on before he gave up and shouted as his body shook violently with his cock shooting his cum up in $name1’s womb until his balls emptied and when their bodies had finally calmed down, the stranger pulled his now limp cock out of $name1’s cunt leaving his cum oozing out of it.

“That was spectacular.” The guy said as he rolled off $name1’s sweaty body.

“I know and now, I desperately need some sleep.” $name1 replied.

“Okay, you can rest for a few minutes. Just be gone by morning. Your money’s on top of the side table.” The guy said to $name1 then turned his back on her and started groaning as he went to sleep.

Wait… $name1 thought to herself. Did he think I was an escort?

Author: Maria

Maria is an amateur erotic author, having written shorts on other sex story websites in the past. With an interest in taboo and fantasy, Maria likes to focus on the kinky side of sex, and combines it with the potential sensuality of sex.

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