Becoming A Hotwife

You’re in bed with your wife ($name2) and you start exploring hotwife fantasies… It’s then she calls you ($name1) on day two to see just how real these hotwife fantasies were…

$name2 and $name1 had been together since high school and had been married for nearly a year.

They had always been open about sex and had experimented with a variety of topics, including dominance and submission, as well as various positions and toys.

They had been playing with sharing partners more recently, and despite never having done so, they would talk out their fantasies in bed.

When $name2 described herself as being with a black man, $name2 began to notice that $name1 was particularly enamored.

She decided to pry further one night while sitting atop $name1. “Don’t you just love the idea of a black man fucking your white wife?”

“I know it shouldn’t be taboo in this day and age, but the idea of a black man fucking you, the contrast against your pale skin, it does something,” $name1 grumbled.

$name2 gyrated slowly, grinding against him. “Please tell me about your fantasy.”

$name1 reached up and encircled her waist with his arms. “I picture a black man slamming his head between your thighs, begging him to fuck you, begging him to make you cum.”

He started. “Before you know it, you’re sucking on his big black cock,” he continued, interrupting $name2.

“Is he a big baller?” “You know how much I enjoy the sensation of balls slapping against me when I fuck,” she explained.

He confessed, “Huge, swollen balls, ready to fill you.”

“He’s not wearing a condom?” $name2 grumbled. $name2 moaned again as $name1 shook his head. “What if he takes a liking to me?”

“You’re on the pill,” $name1 snarled at her.

$name2 smiled and leaned forward, sliding across $name1’s body, knowing that this position always brought $name1 to climax quickly. “Who am I?” Is it true that I’m on the pill in your imagination?”

“If you weren’t, would you get him to pull out?” $name1 asked, leaning up against her and planting his lips to hers.

“Would it matter what I wanted?” $name2 panted against him, her own orgasm close by. If I asked, would he back out?” The suggestion made both $name1 and his wife groan. “Would he cum in on me if he knew he could beat me up?”

As he filled her, $name2 felt $name1 tense and her own orgasm bubble over, and they came together in rigid pleasure.

$name2 said after a few moments of panting. “Wow, that was a powerful orgasm; I believe you enjoy this game.” “I believe you enjoy the idea of a black man actively attempting to conceive me.” She felt him throb within her and become hard once more. “Wow, honey,” I exclaimed.

He rolled her over to look down at her as he fucked her again, so she didn’t get to finish. “You seemed to enjoy it as well.” You squirted all over me,” I said.

“It’s a naughty game,” she said with a nod. “Is my black lover going to cum in me again?” she inquired.

He replied, “As often as you want.” As they continued to converse, he gradually increased his speed, their suggestions becoming increasingly lewd as their lust grew.

She wondered aloud, “What if he wanted to share me?”

“I think you’d enjoy it,” $name1 responded. “What if he wanted to make a mark on you, like a spade tattoo?”

“What is that?” $name2 grumbled.

“Queen of spades tattoos are given to women who fuck black, to show they are owned,” $name1 continued his motions.

As $name1 filled $name2’s cunt for the second time that night, $name2 squealed and her legs drew him closer.

“So I think we have a new chapter in our games,” $name2 said later as they lay in bed.

“I guess we’ll be sharing some fantasies about a black man fucking you,” $name1 joked.

$name2 shifted in her sleep. “And you fucking black women, maybe partner swapping with the knowledge that we could both get pregnant.”

“Should I buy you a big black dildo?” $name1 grumbled.

“You let me handle the props,” $name2 said with a smile. I’ll make certain you’re satisfied.”

The Next Day

When $name1’s phone rang, he was occupied with his work. It was his wife, according to the display. “Hi honey,” he said quickly over the speaker.

“So you know how we’ve been playing these games?” $name1 asked, hearing a tone in her voice. $name2 was the one who inquired.

As he walked to his office door and closed it, $name1 quickly picked up the phone and turned off the speaker. As he did, his assistant raised her brows at him. “I’m familiar with the games we’ve been playing.”

“How slutty do you want your wife to be?” she inquired.

“Is this really an appropriate question to be asking on work time?” he laughed.

“Well, no,” she said cautiously, “but you know the new office furniture we bought for you?”

“Yes,” $name1 said with a nod.

“Well, it’s being delivered right now, and one of the delivery guys is starting to get a little hot.” If I give him a ride, I’ll almost certainly have to give his friend a ride as well.”

$name1’s cock was quick to respond. “Are you implying that you’re going to give them a tip?”

“Well, I hope it’s more than a tip,” $name2 joked. But, yes, the question is, “How slutty do you want me to be?”

“Well, if you think you’re going to enjoy it, be as sluty as you want,” $name1 said, enjoying the banter. “Did you remember to take your pill this morning?”

“Would that turn you on more if I hadn’t?” $name2 asked, her voice tinged with a smile.

“You know it would,” he said with a laugh.

She replied, “Oh, great!”

“Ma’am, where would you like the desk?” said a strange voice, which $name1 recognised.

$name2 replied, “Just in here, please.” “I’m sorry, Honey, but I have to leave.” When they’re finished, I’ll let you know.”

$name1 went on to say something else, perplexed that it wasn’t just idle chatter…

$name2 replied, “Just in here, please.” “I’m sorry, Honey, but I have to leave.” When they’re finished, I’ll let you know.” As the two movers shifted the desk into the office, she hung up the phone. It was a gleaming wooden desk with a green leather top and a small laptop recess that could be adjusted.

The good-looking delivery man took some paper from his back pocket as they set up the desk, while the shorter man went back outside, $name2 assuming for the desk chair.

$name2 inquired, “So, you said this was your last delivery for today?”

As he handed over the paperwork and a pen, the man nodded, “Yes, finally done, looking forward to getting off.”

$name2 shifted her weight onto the new desk and knelt. She had begun to dress more provocatively since $name1 and she had begun to play their games, and she was wearing a tight blouse and a short skirt.

As she bent over, the buttons on her blouse popped, but she knew the delivery man couldn’t see her because she had her back turned.

She quickly turned around to see him look upwards after signing the paper. He was clearly staring at her behind. Her lacy bra was visible beneath the gap in her blouse.

It didn’t show all of her breasts, but it did show a lot of cleavage. “So, you have a little bit of time before you have to leave?” she inquired.

“Ma’am, I would,” the man said with a smile, “but Mateo will be back any minute.”

“How about you both help me break in the new desk?” $name2 said as she took a deep breath and peeled her blouse off.

Mateo stepped back into the doorway with the chair, just as she did. “Do we have a live one?” he inquired.

$name2 realized she didn’t know his name and, to be honest, didn’t care. $name2 smiled as she said, “Your delivery company said full service.”

Mateo, the shorter of the two men, sat down and immediately began removing his shirt as the taller man leaned in to kiss $name2. He was a little sweaty, which was to be expected after a day of delivering packages, but it only added to the erotic nature of what she was about to do.

As his hands pulled her blouse from her shoulders, she pulled him into a kiss and moaned into his mouth. Before stepping away, his hands moved quickly to her back and unclasped her bra. “These are some tetas!” “I can’t wait to bat them,” Mateo said.

$name2 turned to face the shorter man, who was already naked and had a cock of similar proportions. It’s getting shorter and thicker. As she inquired, she licked her lips. “Can you tell me what he said?”

“He said you have wonderful breasts,” the tall man said smoothly as he began to undress.

“I think it was crasser than that,” $name2 said as she yanked her skirt and panties off in one motion.

“Oh, it was,” the tall man said with a smile. In his cum, he wants to cover your tits.”

She told him, “Let him know that he can cum anywhere he wants.”

As he finished disrobing, the tall man translated, and Mateo knelt at the desk’s edge. Before licking her cunt and saying something, the shorter man kissed her legs. $name2 turned to the tall man for assistance with the translation.

As he walked around the desk, he told her, “He says you taste fresh now, but you won’t when we’re done.”

Before she could say anything, he bent her backward, leaned over, and kissed her softly. “There’s no need to be gentle. Take me in any direction you want.”

Before standing, the tall man smiled and lightly bit her lower lip. As he pressed his cock to her lips, it was a pleasant length and not overly thick. She kissed and sucked on his head as he pushed deeper, and she felt his pubic hair against her forehead and nose in a matter of minutes.

The shorter man stood up and spat on his cock as the tall man began to fuck her face and throat.

Because of the cock in her face, $name2 couldn’t see him, but she could hear him speak as he rubbed his cock against her wet slit. “He’s hoping you’re on the pill because there’s no way he’ll be able to get out of such a nice cunt without it.”

As the two delivery men began to find a rhythm, $name2 moaned at the words. She heard her phone buzzing in the distance and wondered if it was $name1 telling her not to fuck these two. She shuddered on the twin cocks at the thought that she was in this situation due to a miscommunication.

The tall delivery man reached over $name2’s head and grabbed her breasts as she revelled in the attention. He squeezed them hard, and she moaned about the discomfort. She felt abused and adored it.

He fucked her face while holding her tits. $name2 didn’t want to let the cock out of her mouth and beg him to fuck her harder. Mateo, on the other hand, had her hips in his grip and was fucking her in rough short strokes, his fat cock rubbing against her as he moaned something in Spanish.

As his grip on her tit’s tightened even more, the man with no name made squelching noises from deep within her throat. She was sure she’d get bruises, and she hoped they’d show up by the time $name1 got home so she could show him what a scumbag she’d been. Mateo groaned as his sack slapped against her face, and she felt him push into her and hold her in place as he approached.

She shuddered around him, joining him in orgasm as he stuffed his cum into her married cunt.

The tall man drew back a few moments later, putting his hand in her mouth. The first burst landed on her tongue, coating it in a sweet, salty coating. He sprayed her face, lips, chin, and tits after releasing her tits and pulling back even more.

He showed up in droves, streak after streak splattering her face and tits.

As his cock let loose a couple of weaker gouts onto $name2’s face, $name2 swallowed what was in her mouth. As he spoke, one of his eyes was closed.

“Thank you, Ma’am, and please let us know if you need anything moved.” I’m confident we’ll be able to provide you with excellent rates?”

Mateo yanked her out of her cunt, his cum pooling on the desk’s edge as he asked, “qué pasa con la silla?”

“Dejalo,” the tall delivery man shrugged as he walked away from the desk. “Your cornucopia has the ability to move it.”

“I will make sure I give you a five-star rating,” $name2 said after a brief mutter.

As he scribbled something on a piece of paper, the tall one laughed. “I’ll leave my personal contact information.” Please contact us if you require any additional services or items to be moved. I am confident that we will be able to assist you with whatever you require.”

As she lay there with cum dripping from her face and cunt, they dressed.

She heard the door close not long after that. It took her twenty minutes to regain the strength to move again.

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