Caught Wanking By The Babysitter

You ($name1) are at home with your younger brother, but your parents don’t trust you so have still hired a babysitter. You lock yourself in your room and start to play, but then the babysitter, $name2, lets herself into your room and catches you red-handed…

$name1 cursed as he sat on his bed, nearly putting his hand through his bedside table. He couldn’t believe it: he was a college student, and his parents still didn’t trust him to look after his younger brother when they weren’t at home.

He wasn’t concerned with the lack of trust itself. It was the fact that the babysitter they had hired had been told not to let $name1 out of the house under any circumstances.

He could easily leave, but the sitter kept checking on him to see if he was still there, and he knew if his parents found out, he’d be kicked out of the house.

Which would be fine if he had a job, but he had recently lost his and couldn’t afford to pay his rent, so he had to return to his parents’ home.

Worst of all, he was aware that a large party was taking place at the time, and he had informed everyone that he would be attending.

It wasn’t all bad, though. Even though she was a little older than him, this babysitter had one redeeming quality: she was a great looker. She was in her late thirties but could easily be mistaken for a twenty-year-old.

Her face was wrinkle-free, and she wore her hair in a vibrant blonde style with stunning blue eyes. Her tits were enormous and perfectly formed. She had all the right curves in the right places.

$name1 felt his dick squeezing against the inside of his pants. He couldn’t help himself; he had unzipped his pants and let his cock spring out before he even realised what he was doing.

His hand gripped the rod and began running up and down his length mechanically. As he felt the pressure build-up, he closed his eyes and craned his neck backward, slightly opening his mouth.

Then the door swung open.

And then she appeared. $name2, the babysitter. He’s staring at his dick, which he’s holding in his hand. He was speechless, his hand still grasping his penis, and he couldn’t even move.

“Are you jerking off, $name1?” $name2 inquired slyly.

“I was just, umm…” says the narrator. $name1 stutters.

“So go ahead and complete it. Allow me to observe you spewing your load, “She informed him. “Unless you want your parents to know?”

As he resumed fucking his hand, $name1 stammered, “A-all right…” When she surprised him, his cock had become soft, but it quickly grew back to full erection.

$name2 complimented his boner, saying, “Nice big cock you have.” “When I walked into the room, what were you thinking about? Were you considering my tits?” She cupped her colossal tits in her hands and thrust them at him.

$name1 grumbled. “Yes, I was thinking about your big tits and the shape of your nipples.”

She teased him, “You want to know what my nipples look like?” She pulled her nipples through the fabric of her t-shirt with her fingers, causing her fat nipples to swell and protrude through the thin fabric.

“Can you tell me what color they are?” As he continued to jack his prick, $name1 moaned.

She drew her shirt back and looked down at her massive tits, saying, “Let me see.” “They’re pink at first, but they’re darkening as I play with them.” She kept tugging and plucking at her protruding nipples through her shirt. She inquired, “Would you like to see them?”

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes As he got closer and closer to ejaculation, $name1 practically yelled.

“All right,” she said, pulling up her T-shirt and flipping her bra cups up to show him her melons.

Her tits were exactly as he had pictured them, with large, erect upturned nipples.

As she pulled and twisted them, the color changed to a darkening pink. As he approached orgasm, her gaze was fixed on $name1’s erection, and he could see the lust in her eyes.

He fucked his hand and shot out several long streams of cum, bucking his hips. The cum spewed from his cock with such force that it nearly knocked $name2 out of the room.

$name2 approached $name1 and took his limp cock in her hand. “Don’t be concerned! It won’t be like this for long.” She was absolutely correct. He was standing up again seconds after she touched it.

$name2 crawled on top of $name1 after pushing him back onto the bed. His hands wiggled their way up her back. Her breasts were right in front of his face at this point. She kissed him quickly and kept her face a few inches away from his.

As she lay there smiling at him, her long blonde hair draped down over both of their faces. $name2 leaned back in her chair and yanked her shirt off. $name1 quickly undid her bra, allowing it to fall to the floor beside the bed.

Her breasts were bigger than he expected. $name1 took one of her nipples into his mouth and licked it for about a minute.

He was now fully erect, his ice-cold pointing out. $name2 had other plans for the night, so $name1 could have stayed there all night.

She drew his hands under her skirt and into her cotton slacks. When he touched them, they were damp.

Slowly, he began rubbing her cunt through her wet underwear, causing her to moan. Soft moans at first, then louder and louder as he stroked her more vigorously.

“Fuck me, I want it now,” says the narrator. This was all $name1 required for an invitation. $name2 lowered herself onto his pole after he slid her panties to the side. She started by only putting the head in.

She was dripping wet. She tried to take it slowly, but she was just as horny as him, so she lowered herself all the way down his cock in a matter of seconds. As his dick completely engulfed her, she let out a loud sigh.

$name2 started bucking her hips and raising herself up and down his cock gradually. She was grinding her teeth and trying not to scream as the moans became louder and louder.

She attempted to breathe through her nose but eventually gave up and let out joyful screams.

“$name1, fuck my cunt. Make me cumbersome. Oh, my god, yes.” $name1 rolled her over onto her back and began thrusting fiercely into her drenching pussy before blowing his load.

$name2 was now completely out of control.

She was unable to control her screams. $name1 was enthralled by it all.


$name1 began to fondle her while thrusting his hand into her cunt. She slowly gripped her breasts and began to lick her nipples as he pounded her. $name1 sensed the arrival of his climax. $name2 was well aware of this, which only fueled her desire to fuck him harder and faster.

She screamed as she clawed at his chest.


She couldn’t keep herself in check any longer. Then he burst forth from within her. $name1 collapsed on top of her after she let out one last scream of passion.

His cock shrank in size and slid out of her body. They both got up after a minute or two of waiting.


Author: Alice

Alice is one of the founding authors of, and enjoys a variety of erotic kinks from cuckolding and voyeurism, to oral fixations and fantasy genres.

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