Holiday Villa Police MMF

$name1 is on holiday, renting a villa to herself an enjoying a much needed break when there is a loud bang at the door, and she finds herself in the company of two local police officers…

She’s now sitting on the porch of her holiday villa, pondering how to begin her well-earned vacation. $name1 has already unpacked her small suitcase, so she might as well unwind.

It’s twelve o’clock.

She lifts her shirt slightly, hesitantly inspecting the white skin on her chest. She could begin sunbathing; the sun is a little clouded, so it should be fine.

She thinks to herself, “I might as well change.”

$name1 returns to her room.

Because her bikini is in her bag, she’ll have to unpack if she wants to start sunbathing.

She drags her overstuffed luggage up the narrow stairwell leading to the bedrooms and into one of the three bedrooms.

She quickly undresses and tosses her belongings on the floor.

She realizes she needs a shower as she examines her untanned naked body in front of the wooden floor standing mirror.

She had already showered today after six hours on the train and 45 minutes in a taxi.

“Why should I take a shower now? I’m alone here, and I’ll just end up sweating under the sun…” she sighs as she stands naked in the hallway.

She snorts and sulks to the bathroom, cursing herself for not being able to just go down to the beach and not give a damn.

The cold water sends shivers down her spine, jolting her awake from her stupor.

After all, it might have been a good idea.

She steps out of the box, grabs a fresh, soiled towel from the cabinet next to the sink, and returns to her room.

She discovers the small bag containing all of her swimsuits in her luggage.

She snatched them all up in her haste to leave.

She grabs the skimpiest without hesitation.

A black two-piece that includes a halter top and a thong with laces on the hips and behind the neck.

She bought it with her girlfriends during a post-graduation vacation in Ibiza two years ago, but she never had the courage to wear it.

But, with no one around, it appears to be just right, with all those easily untidy laces.

$name1 puts it on, takes one last look in the mirror, and heads downstairs in her flip-flops.

She chirps, “No tanlines this summer…” just as an unexpected sound catches her attention.

$name1 flinches when she hears the doorbell ringing just as she returns to the living room.

Who could it possibly be?

Another couple of loud rings, followed by a knock, shake her out of her stupor.

She takes a step towards the hallway, but she pauses when she sees herself reflected in a mirror wearing only her skimpy bikini and flip-flops.

Meanwhile, the rinsing has ceased, and someone appears to be fiddling with the front door lock.

$name1 takes a few more steps down the hallway before stopping in front of the door, terrified.

“W-who goes there?” the girl wonders, mustering all of her courage.

“Police, please open up!”

From the other side, a burly voice says.

$name1 squeaks from behind the door, “W-what?”

The voice repeats, “Police, Ma’am. Please open up.”

“Ok $name1, don’t freak out… Clearly, there has to be a simple explanation for this,” the girl mumbles to herself, hyperventilating.

“Let me just put something on while I’m taking a shower.” “$name1 explains.

She can’t greet the cops in that manner.

“Simply put… Please do not slam the door shut “She begs for mercy.

A second voice from behind the door replies, “Fine Ma’am, hurry up.”

$name1 returns to the second floor, unconvinced.

She doesn’t want to put on her sweaty old clothes again, and she still hasn’t unpacked her luggage, so she grabs the towel she used to dry herself off and dashes back downstairs.

She notices the strings of her bikini top are clearly visible under the towel as she walks past the hallway mirror.

“$name1, please calm down. You stated that you were going to take a shower… Let’s not give them the impression that you’re a freak who showers in her swimsuit “She says this while quickly removing her top and tossing it into a wicker basket in the hall.

“With any luck, they’ll become embarrassed and leave,” she adds, squeezing her breasts inside the yellow towel with a grin.

“Ma’am? Are you still standing there?” Enquired the voice that startles her.


When $name1 opened the door, she was confronted by two police officers.

With grim expressions on their faces, they examine her from head to toe before looking at each other and nodding in agreement.

“What exactly is it?”

$name1 inquires innocently as she adjusts her towel.

The man to her left silently takes something out of his pocket and hands it to her.

“Here is the warrant; we need to inspect the house.”

“Wait a minute… what?”

$name1, perplexed, takes the paper in her hand and quickly skims through it.

“But, but… who? Why? There has to be a blunder! “She stutters when it comes to addressing the two officers.

“There will be no errors, Ma’am. We have reason to believe that this home is being used as a key node in the local drug trade”

The burly voice she heard before coming from the man to her right response to her.

“If you don’t let us in now, we’ll have to use force,” he says.

They have a warrant, and $name1 understands that there is nothing else she can do legally.

The only way she can get out of this is to let them in.

She will be judged by the evidence.

If they make a mistake, there will be plenty of time to sue them later…

The two men exchange another meaningful glance before entering the house.

She shuts the door behind her and walks into the living room with them.

The one with the deep voice begins his inspection without ceremony.

He begins by lifting the couch pillows, then flips up almost every object in the room, completely destroying the living room in a matter of minutes.

$name1 stands powerless, arms crossed, watching the scene.

“As a result… Hmm… Who are you two? “As the first officer moves to the kitchen, she asks hesitantly to the other officer.

His short goatee is being massaged by the man.

He appears to be more interested in the young woman than anything else after taking a quick look around.

$name1 quickly realizes that he is more interested in inspecting her than the house.

“My name is Captain Virgil, and his name is Officer Henry,” he says, his probing gaze unabated.

“What’s going on upstairs?”

“For the first time, he asks smiling in return.”

“The rooms themselves… There’s also another bathroom “$name1 responds cryptically, braiding her wet hair.

Perhaps she could take advantage of the Captain’s apparent interest in her.

Christian wouldn’t approve, but what’s wrong with a little innocuous flirting if it gets her out of a tight spot?

“Do you want to see it?

“Ask $name1, who flashes her best charismatic smile…

“What do you think?”

“T-the second floor… I pondered… You asked what’s upstairs, after all…”

$name1’s self-assurance melts like a popsicle under the captain’s inquisitive gaze.

“Of course, just kidding,” the man responds, his lecherous smile adding to the girl’s embarrassment.

She snickers, knowing full well that laughing at a man’s jokes is one of the most flattering things a woman can do.

“Lead the way after you, Ma’am. I’m going to be… I’m directly behind you.”

Was it yet another sexual innuendo?

This guy is a total jerk…

This time, $name1’s smile is obviously forced, but the officer doesn’t seem to notice.

“Henry, with Miss, I’m going to inspect the upper floor…”

“$name1, $name1 $name1,” says the narrator.

“Miss $name1 and I are going upstairs… Take your time and inspect everything thoroughly…”

$name1 walks to the stairwell, more irritated than she would admit by the officer’s lack of decorum.

The Captain is trailing her.


She can almost feel his eyes slipping under her towel, trying to get a glimpse of her bare ass as she climbs the stairs

Step by step, she makes sure to put on a show for the Captain.

For the first time, he appears embarrassed as he climbs after her.

$name1 snickers as she adjusts her towel, which has ridden up a few inches on her hips.

The Captain can’t seem to take his gaze away from her butt.

“Is this what you were hoping to see?”

“There are three bedrooms and one bathroom… As well as the stairwell to the attic… Is there anything specific you’d like to double-check?

“I’d appreciate it if you didn’t mess everything up like your colleague downstairs” She adds a hushed tone.

After clearing his throat, he says condescendingly, “Let’s check the bathroom.”

She leads him into the cramped bathroom and stops right in front of the box shower.

“Will it be wet if I touch it?”

Asked the Captain with his lecherous smile.

$name1 simply returns the smile.

She’s tired of him, but she can’t tell him yet.

The Captain silently reaches out to touch the tiles.

“After all that, it is wet” He says it with a surprised expression on his face.

“Now, $name1, I’m going to need your help…”


“We need to go over what you did before we came knocking. I’d like you to repeat every action and gesture you made prior to opening the door.”

While he said that, the Captain’s face was devoid of his stupid irony, and even his lecherous smile had vanished.

“Well, I told you I was taking a shower…” says the girl, hesitantly.

“Show it to me.”

“WHAT? You can’t possibly be asking me to strip naked…”

“$name1, please, please… Isn’t it true that we’re being friendly here? Let’s try to work together. Isn’t it true that we all want to know the truth as soon as possible? Apart from that… Didn’t you say you’d be grateful if you hadn’t messed everything up? ”

Just as it did downstairs, the Captain’s gaze probes her.

“You know how one hand washes the other?

“He adds, a hint of a grin on his face.

“Is it a prank?

“In a mixture of embarrassment and skepticism, he asks the girl.

“It’s all part of the probe. A crucial component…”

“Okay, I’ve gone too far… I welcomed you into my home… I even managed to maintain a friendly and cooperative demeanor while you were destroying my home “$name1 snarls.

“Despite how strange it may seem, I was under the impression that you had a legitimate reason for coming here… But now I see you’re just looking for a way to profit from the situation “She adds enthusiastically.

“Captain Virgil, I’ll have to report you. Now, if you’ll pardon my interruption…”

“So, as you can see… This is what irritates me… You were in the shower… You come down naked and dripping when we ring the doorbell? “Suddenly, the Captain interrupts her rant with a question.

He doesn’t appear to be preoccupied.

For that matter, neither is even slightly affected…

“hmmm… yeah? So, what’s the point? ”

“…hmm… And you heard us from this vantage point? ”


“So you could have brought your towel down already…”

“No way… I mean, I didn’t exactly hear what you were saying… I thought I heard something… a-and I came to see what was going on. I didn’t put anything on because I thought I was alone…


The man, looming over her in the small space between the shower and the sink, presses her.

“Yes, indeed… Maybe a bird had flown in through an open window, I reasoned.”

$name1’s breath has become more shallow.

She’s making it up as she goes, and she wasn’t expecting an interrogation.

“Okay, let’s put this aside for the time being… So when you realized it was the cops, you returned here and put on… a towel, a towel, a towel… Is this correct? ”

“Yes, indeed… I mean, I was perplexed, and you rushed me, so I wrapped myself in my towel and went back down to open you.”

“And you didn’t consider it to be inappropriate?”

“Uh? No, I don’t mean I didn’t consider it! ”

What nerve! Inappropriate?

Wasn’t he the one who kept staring at her behind and then demanded that she shower in front of him?

“… $name1… Let’s be honest about it. Why are you telling me this nonsense?”

“Wha… I swear, it’s true! “She squeaks and squeaks and squeaks and s

“I noticed you’re wearing your underwear underneath that towel… What’s the point of all this nonsense? ”

“I’m… T-no, that’s not the case.”

$name1 is speechless, but her face quickly turns a bright red, speaking for her.

She wouldn’t have given Virgil that upskirt if she thought he couldn’t see anything.

Even without the towel, the string is barely visible… How did he see it?

The Captain grabs the hem of $name1’s towel and yanks it down with a quick and completely unexpected movement.


She squeaks, surprised, and covers her breasts with her hands.

“T-ridiculous! That’s”

“So, what exactly is it?

“Asks the Captain calmly, pointing to her crotch.

After a brief pause, the girls grumble, “It’s the bottom of my bikini…”

“If you’re taking a shower, why are you wearing your bikini?”

“I-I’m not sure…”

She snorts, her gaze falling to her feet.

Is there any point in lying any longer?

“I’d just gotten out of the shower… I just put on my swimsuit because I was going to sunbathe.”

“That’s interesting… Should I believe you at this point? “The Captain makes fun of her.

Even if he appears to be in complete control of the situation, she can feel his eyes glide across her naked skin, and his arousal is palpable.

“Why didn’t you just open the door like that?”

“I had assumed it would be… inexplicable “The girl mumbles hesitantly.

“WHAT? You’re kidding, right? “Virgil responds with unexpected hilarity.

$name1’s cheeks flushed with embarrassment.

“M-my bikini was quite revealing, so I considered covering up, but you pressed me, and I just said the first thing that came to mind… I couldn’t just say, ‘Hey, hold on a second, the swimsuit I’m wearing is too revealing to greet guests, give me a minute to change…'”

“…hmm… If it’s made up of only one piece, it’s definitely slutty…”

“In the hallway, I tossed the top in a vase…”

“Why?” The Captain is clearly amused at this point.

“As a result,… I noticed it sticking out of the towel and didn’t want to appear to be showering in my swimsuit…”

“Really? That is to say… But why is that? ”

“I-I just thought you’d think I was lying if I said I was taking a shower and then it didn’t look like I did…” $name1 rambles.

“That’s all… It doesn’t make any sense…”

With a shake of his head, the Captain expresses his thoughts.

“What are you trying to hide? Please tell me!” After a brief pause, he exclaims loudly.

“N-Nothing! I swear to God! This time I told you the truth “$name1 sighs and takes a step away from him.

“Fine! Then I’ll have to bring you in “The man responds, sprinting across the room and seizing her right arm.

“No way! I am aware of my legal rights… Nothing was done by me! ”

She tries unsuccessfully to wiggle free from his grip.

“You can’t just take me in for this because I’m a lawyer!”

She makes a bluff.

$name1 inquires, “What is the charge?”


Officer Henry responds from the doorway with his distinctive burly voice.

They both turn to him at the same time, surprised.

He’s smugly grinning and holding a plastic bag the size of his hand filled with what appears to be dried sage.


$name1 squeals, perplexed.

“Henry, what exactly is it?”

Without letting go of his grip, the Captain inquires.

“What do you think? Captain, we were correct.”

The Captain takes the bag in his hand and weighs it before dragging $name1 out of the bathroom.

“That isn’t mine, by the way!”

“Where did you come across it?

“He inquires as he enters the right-hand double bedroom.

“It was in the kitchen when I discovered it. It was simple. Because the shelves were covered in dust, I quickly noticed a smattering of fingerprints on this one small pot. The bags were stowed away inside.”

“Way to go, Henry.”

The Captain hurls her across the large bedroom.

$name1’s panic is overwhelming her.

She’s in a bind.

Between her and the door are two officers.

“Miss $name1, now it’s your turn… This significantly alters your position. I didn’t understand why you were lying before, but I believe I’m beginning to understand now…”

“Captain, if I may… The fingerprints appeared to be new. The bag was recently moved there… I have a feeling it’s the girl…”

With a gesture, Virgil brings him to a halt.

“So you came to open the door when we rang the doorbell. The shower story is complete nonsense! You realized you had to hide this when you saw it was the cops “Dangling the bag in front of her, he explains.

$name1’s eyes widen and she is speechless

“So you made up an excuse and scrambled to hide this information. Perhaps you were planning to sunbathe… So you’re the one who put on the whole show. I must admit, it was a pleasant show “With a grin that seeps through $name1’s spine, the man concludes.

“T-No, that was not the case! That isn’t my property!”

Suddenly, an idea appears in her head.

“What made you think we’d do something like that?”

The Captain responds coldly.

“Okay, fine, my apologies… But that isn’t my stuff; I just arrived this morning… This is just a vacation home for my family… You must believe me!”

She whimpers and alternates between the two officers, looking for answers.

Henry, on the other hand, appears to have only recently noticed that the girl is no longer wearing her towel and looks at her as if she has never seen a woman before.

Through the slats of the lowered blinds, a hot, sultry breeze enters the room.

Only the distant cicadas are breaking the deep silence that has descended upon the bedroom.

“Okay, I’ve figured it out! Is this what you’re looking for? That’s all there is to it” $name1 suddenly stands up and removes her arms from her breasts.

The two gentlemen are deafeningly quiet.

“But wait, there’s more! I was on the verge of forgetting”

She laughs hysterically as she undoes the laces of her bikini bottoms and lets them fall to the ground.

She stands still for a long time, her chiseled, young body completely exposed to their gaze.

Their eyes eagerly probe every nook and cranny of it, with no regard for propriety.

Their lust oozes on her like warm syrup, clinging to her naked skin.

“Satisfied? Is it possible for you to leave now?”

She speaks with a quiver in her voice, covering her breast once more in an attempt to conceal her swollen nipples, but leaving her well-trimmed mound exposed.

For a split second, the two exchange glances.

Enough to be able to read each other’s thoughts.

“I’m glad to see you’re so eager to collaborate, $name1,” the Captain begins.

“…… But, even if we wanted to, we have evidence that we can’t ignore “The Officer continues.

“Do you want to see me take a shower? That’s something I’m capable of! That stuff isn’t mine, please!” She cries out in desperation.

“That was the case… a component of the investigation It would be pointless at this point because we’ve already established that you were lying.”

The Captain’s words slammed into her like a tonne of bricks.

She staked herself, her body, as a last resort, but it proved to be ineffective.

“I-I can’t let this tarnish my reputation… I’d never make it as a lawyer! Just tell me how I can get out of this… I swear, nothing was done by me…”

The two gentlemen exchange another glance.

$name1 is about to burst out laughing.

She has no control over anything.

Her entire body is deserting her.

She is unable to breathe and is unable to stand.

The humid heat in the room is now unbearable.

“It’s only natural for a student’s life to be full of pressures, so it’s only natural to seek a distraction…” begins Henry after a while.

“That stuff isn’t mine, I swear… It’s not my property! “$name1 pants again as her leg collapses and she collapses onto the large bed.

The Captain motions for her to step aside and allow the Officer to finish.

“…… We do, however, comprehend. A cop’s life is also fraught with stress” Henry continues.

“To get you out of this mess? We might be able to… We arrived at a time when the house was still empty, say. That you arrived later than us and informed us that you were on vacation. You welcomed us in by opening the door and staying outside while we inspected the house and looked for the bag…”

“This would completely clear your name, and the drug-dealing charge against unknown would remain pending.”

“But that would mean lying…” Virgil interjects before $name1 can fully comprehend his colleague’s words.

A gentle breeze begins to blow on her back, drying her sweat as if it were a gentle caress.

Her senses gradually return to normal as she feels slightly refreshed.

“Why would you tell me a lie?” hesitantly asks the girl, who is suddenly wary.

“Oh, don’t be concerned about that… I’m confident we’ll be able to come to an agreement quickly because you’re so willing.”

“W-Can you tell me what you expect me to do?”

“The Officer warned you about how stressful our lives could be… and everyone requires a vent valve in order to continue… We’ve been under a great deal of stress recently. Perhaps you could assist us in de-stressing? ”

$name1’s heart is pounding in her chest.

She understands what they require of her…

“I’ve got a boyfriend…”

“What happened to him, and where is he now?”

From his corner, the Officer inquires.

“He really is… He’ll be here soon, I’m sure.”

“Well, that’s too bad…”

“He should be arriving any moment now… When you arrived, I was expecting him… That’s why, when I first heard the doorbell, I didn’t bother to get dressed.”

“If we don’t see each other for more than a day, he usually fucks me on the doorstep right away…” $name1 defiantly adds after a brief pause.

For a brief moment, a smidgeon of irritation wrinkles Virgil’s confident grin.

She lied in the hopes that the prospect of being discovered by her boyfriend would scare them away.

Is it possible that the Captain was duped?

“That means we’ll have to make do with something quick…” he says as he approaches her and unzips his fly.

“Don’t worry, it’ll only take a few minutes. After all, Officer, you’ve already worked us up to a frenzy.” Virgil continues, his cock dangling directly in front of her.

Henry simply nods, his crotch being massaged through his pants.

$name1 is completely speechless.

She can’t seem to come up with a coherent thought.

“Let’s get this party started! Isn’t it true that you’re not cheating on your boyfriend?” When the Captain notices her hesitation, he presses her.

$name1 can’t help but compare him to Christian because he’s already tough.

In her life, she hasn’t seen many cocks.

Her Captain cock is longer and thicker than her boyfriend’s, though she would never admit it.

As he brings it to her mouth, she tries to say, “I-I can’t do this…”

Despite her words, when Virgil prods her lips with his cock’s head, her lips offer little resistance.

Blowjobs have never been her strong suit.

She did it to her first boyfriend before giving him her virginity on several occasions, as well as to a guy she had a fling with in Ibiza.

The Captains, on the other hand, don’t seem to mind her lack of skill and eagerly slide his meat rod back and forth inside her mouth for a good half of his length.

$name1 just stands there, almost motionless, her brain recording every detail against her will.

His scent, his taste, the warmth and consistency of that foreign body inside her mouth, the texture of its skin, and how it glided against her lips, aided by her own drool.

One of the Captain’s hands reaches down to her breasts and fondles it, removing her arms from her chest.

As he pinches her throbbing nipple between his thumb and index finger, she squirms in surprise.

“Come on, Henry! What exactly are you looking forward to? Is there a formal invitation? “The man grunts to his colleague.

$name1’s heart begins to skip a beat.

They can’t have her blowing them both at the same time.

“And you, get down on your knees,” says the narrator.

The Captain dragged her off the bed on her knees, his hands sliding under her armpits.

For a brief moment, his cock slips out of her mouth, allowing her to protest.

“I’m not a prostitute… I’m not going to be sucking both of you at the same time! “She says it with all her self-assurance.

Henry looms over her, his face contorted with lust.

“Hey, you’re the one who’s in a hurry; we’re just helping you out… Are you concerned about your boyfriend’s visit? “The Captain says this before placing his hand on her shoulder to keep her in place.

“Who told you you couldn’t stop sucking, by the way?”

After a brief moment, he cocked his back inside her welcoming mouth.

$name1 is meekly allowing him to use her, her eyes closed in shame.

She hears Henry’s zipper being undone, and she sees an unknown hand take one of hers and place it on something strange… limbless… hairy… Cock!

She reopens her eyes and realizes she is holding the Officer’s sluggish, chubby manhood.

The hideous, shapeless thing swells up under $name1’s fingers in a matter of seconds, reaching a size $name1 never imagined could exist, let alone belong to someone like Henry.

She tries to withdraw her hand, but the Officer wraps it around his shaft again and begins jacking himself off, grunting softly.

$name1 notices that her fingers barely close around it, as thick as it is, with horrifying fascination.

As the Captain withdraws from her mouth and offers her head to the newcomer, she feels a familiar, guilty quiver between her legs.

She didn’t even get a chance to catch her breath.

With one hand, the Officer grabs her behind her nape, while the other guides his massive log to her lips and forces it through them, nearly dislocating her jaw.

She tries to push him away, or at the very least prevent him from tucking his thing in any further, but the Captain grabs her arms and locks them behind her back, kneeling behind her.

As his free hand moves to her chest, she feels his erection brush against the naked skin of her back like a burning ember.

“Such a beautiful body… Do you think your boyfriend realizes how fortunate he is? “Squeezing her supple breasts, he whispers in her ear.

“So fine…” he says again as his hand moves down.

“Officer, how do you like it? What are your thoughts on our new pal? “He inquires as he examines her more closely.

The Officer restricts himself to a deep grunt, pressing his cock even harder into the girl’s narrow mouth.

“What about you? Are you having a good time? “In her ear, the Captain teases her.

“I’m sure you do…”

His hand quickly reaches between her legs, locating her dewy lips.

They bloom out like a fleshy rosebud as his fingers gilde along the rim of her quivering mystery, more receptive to his touch than $name1 could ever want.

“Hey Officer, our young friend over here is having a great time. She’s completely drenched! “The man chirps as he inserts two fingers into her yielding, seeping hole.

Overwhelmed by shame and guilt, pinned and harassed by two strangers, yet so close to a massive orgasm that I can’t stop thinking about it.

“Maybe we should take it a step further. Henry, what are your thoughts? ”

Instead of responding, the stout man pulls his cock from $name1’s mouth, eliciting an uncontrollable gasp, and bends down to grab her by the waist, surprising both her and the Captain.


Before being lifted off the ground like a feather and tossed belly up on the large bed, he manages to say something to the girl.

“Henry, I really like the way you think!”

The Captain expresses his opinion.

$name1 is taken aback for a moment as she realizes where his voice is coming from.

Suddenly, she feels a pair of hands grab her ankles and pull her until her ass is protruding from the bed’s edge.

“I-I didn’t…” she squeaks frantically, but the rest of her squeak dies in a gasp as she feels something inside her yearning pussy in place of the Captain’s fingers.

Something a little more substantial.


Much better…

She looks down between her legs, biting her lower lip so she doesn’t scream, only to be greeted by a familiar lecherous smile.

As the man begins to pound her, she tries to cover her face with her hands, but the Officer isn’t of the same mind.

He turns her towards him after pinning her arms above her head and moving her wet hair off her face with the dexterity of a mountain bison.

He smacks her pout repeatedly with his massive member, eagerly.

The sensation is similar to being slapped in the face with his service nightstick.

“Didn’t you take a shine to her cute little mouth?”

As his colleague tries to force his way back inside the helpless girl’s closed mouth, the Captain grumbles.

“Oh, your wife hasn’t let you get any lately, hasn’t she?”

He adds, a goofy grin on his face.

Meanwhile, $name1 squirms and moans, her lips pursed in an attempt to offer a late rebuttal to her tormentors.

“But, hey, you should definitely check out this hole as well… It’s a perfect fit.”

The prospect of resurrecting the monster within her terrifies the poor girl.

“Uh-Oh! Look at how she’s squeezing me down here like a vice” The Captain chirps.

$name1 is mortified, but she realizes she can’t do anything about it.

The man pulls out cock, teasing her slit with its tip for a few seconds before slamming his entire shaft back inside in one single stroke, smacking his ballsack right against her exposed asshole.

With the Captain’s subsequent deep jabs, the awkward sensation ignites a spark that quickly turns into a powerful orgasm, causing the girl to gasp uncontrollably.

The Officer takes full advantage of the situation, stuffing his meat into her gaping mouth.

$name1 is simply overwhelmed by the stimulation.

As the Captain’s thrusts become deeper and faster, her head begins to spin.

Every inch of him goes in and out of her overcharged pussy, igniting a hazy chain of minor orgasms.

As his movements become more erratic, the man’s hands firmly grip her thighs, keeping them huddled up and open, preventing her from refusing him in any way.

$name1 is on the verge of another climax when he pulls away, exploding on her stomach.

Thick ropes reach all the way up to her chest and land between her swollen breasts.

The scalding sensation of the seed on her skin is enough to push her over the edge one last time.

The Officer, on the other hand, hasn’t finished with her…

“Captain, you’ve made a shambles! Take a look! “A bellowing voice grumbles.

“Henry, remember your rank,” the Captain says sternly as he sits in a corner of the room to regain his composure.

The Officer snorts, obviously annoyed by the situation.

$name1 is exhausted and grateful to be able to catch her breath when the large object lodged in her mouth abruptly withdraws.

She can even move her hands and legs freely for the first time in a long time, but she is weak and disoriented, so she just lies down with her eyes closed.

She thinks to herself, “Perhaps he’ll just let her be.” She feels a deep sense of calm wash over her.

A pair of large hands suddenly slip beneath her back and flip her over like a pancake.

Before the girl can gather her strength, the same heavy hands seize her wrists, locking them behind her back while also pinning her down.

She tries to push with her feet, which are dangling freely from the bed, but it’s futile because the man is much stronger than she is.

“What are you whining about, Henry? You’ve already discovered a fantastic solution.”

To her dismay, she feels the warm weight of the Officer’s massive manhood leaning on her back, darting between her buttocks like a slimy fat trout and smearing her own saliva all over.

“Aren’t you going to rip that poor girl’s little asshole to shreds?”

The Captain sneers sadistically.

$name1 is compelled to make yet another desperate attempt to free herself just by thinking about it.

When she tries to crawl away, her body refuses to obey her.

“I’ve never before…”

She squeals as she hears a loud, warm knock at the door of her puckering, defenseless abode.

“You’ve never taken it up the ass before? Oh, this is going to be fantastic” The man in the other corner of the room laughs.

“After all, what are friends for?”

When $name1 feels her pussy stretching to accommodate the Officer’s gibbous log, it’s almost a relief.

The relief quickly turns to stinging pain.

“Don’t pay attention to him. He simply enjoys teasing you “As his manhood slowly makes its way inside her, rearranging her internal organs, the Officer grunts in an unexpected outburst of kindness.

However, his kindness is fleeting as the pace of his thrusts quickens.

As the brawny man humps her like a rutting animal, $name1 grunts and gasps.

His cock penetrated parts of her body she had no idea could be reached.

His hands were kneading her buttocks, clutching her supple flesh so tightly that it hurt her.

Even if her pussy is bruising at the seams, the pain gradually fades to a burning numbness as the Officer abruptly slows down the pace of his thrusts.

She finds herself clenching around him and bucking her hips to meet his thrusts, which is almost unbelievable.

Despite the fact that she has never been threatened with less respect and care, her body continues to react in this manner…


She wonders in a flash of clarity, oblivious to the fact that her hands are free once more.

$name1 is taken aback by the pressure of his thumb against her asshole, which catches her off guard, while he smacks her butt cheek with the other hand.

She’s out of breath, but she shrieks to the tops of her lungs and claws at the bedspread when he bluntly slips his thumb inside, overcoming her muscles’ resistance.

The climax is both powerful and unexpected.

“F-Fuck…” she grunts, then manages to muffle the rest with both hands as the Officer jabs her worn-out sex like a madman to get to his own.

$name1 is terrified as the warm geyser bursts deep within her.

Her body betrays her once more, triggering a chain of orgasm timed to the man’s spurts, leaving her heaving and spasming.

Henry continues to thrust steadily, and his cum soon begins to trickle back down.

Even if $name1 isn’t fully awake, the sloppy seconds soothe her sore pussy, which is finally loosening.

The man doesn’t seem to mind swashing into her warm puddle, and he takes his time with it, only withdrawing from her when his cock is completely limp.

As thick white globs ooze out of the young girl trampled flower, he wipes it against the skin of her thigh with a huge grin of satisfaction.

$name1 remembers hearing before passing out, “Well, that’s been the start of a wonderful friendship.”

“Marcello, did you really have to go inside? Do you think it was a wise decision? The Captain hisses as he straightens his hair in front of the living room mirror.

“What’s the issue?” grumbles the Officer, his tone disappointed.

“The issue is… I don’t know, what if she gets pregnant?”

“Relax, Colin… You know how kids are these days, she’s probably on the pill.”

“Well, that doesn’t sound half as bad as you think,” Virgil grins as he joins the Officer in the kitchen, still looking for food.

$name1 is still lying face down on the bed, unconscious.

Virgil flips her over, and Henry joins him as he catches his breath.

“W-what are you doing? We have to get out of here or her boyfriend will find us.”

“He’s not coming… It was a bluff, you idiot!” says the man, adjusting $name1’s position on the bed like a ragdoll and motioning the Officer to lower his voice tone.

He takes a step back and pulls out his phone once he’s satisfied.

“This will be our insurance,” he says as he snaps a series of photos and shows them to the Officer.

The girl appears to be obscenely scooping cum out of her pussy with one hand while caressing her breast with the other on the phone screen.

Her hair and body are covered in sweat and clotted spunk, and her closed eyes give the impression she’s getting away with it.

He adds smugly, “We can leave now.”

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