Handyman: The Grateful Student

A part of the College handyman series, in which you ($name1) the handyman helps a student couple out during the day, and then the female student ($name2) wants to give you a special thank you later on…

As the walkie-talkie on $name1’s right hip began emitting a loud and incoherent sound, $name1 leapt to his feet. The words were vague, but he knew the person on the other end of the line was giving him his next assignment. He’d been working as an all-around handyman for Shaftsburlington College in his new hometown for a little over a year and still felt a little out of place.

Because he was 21 years old, all of the students were his age. Over the last few months, it had gotten him some strange looks and judgmental eyes, but nothing he couldn’t handle.

$name1 had no qualms about his job or his current situation. He may not have attended college himself, having served two years in prison in the interim, but he still felt needed on campus. The job paid well, and he even got a tiny little house on site for himself after giving Miss Merchant, the principal, some puppy-dog eyes.

$name1 rubbed his scruffy beard and brushed his dark blonde hair out of his eyes. With a sigh, he stood up and walked over to his golf cart, which he used to get around campus. To get into the cart, he had to duck and tuck his shoulder, but once seated on the worn leather, the ride wasn’t too bad.

Things were always breaking at Shaftsburlington, and the students who lived there in their dorms would come up with the most inventive ways to wreck their rooms, which they would then call maintenance to fix.

$name1 was hired as a regular janitor, but because he appeared to be the only one without two left hands, he was given the task of fixing things. He had just received a call to go to Building B, which housed the male student dorms.

He felt like he was there every day, always having to patch up a hole in the wall or unclog a clogged toilet. If those guys were going to fuck like rabbits, $name1 had tried to explain that they should stop flushing their condoms down the toilets.

Although, as $name1 rode past the A building on his way to building B, he thought to himself, “Things could be a lot worse.” He smiled and waved to some girls who were doing a yoga routine outside their dorms in building A.

$name1 wished he could stay in there all day fixing things, and he found the female students to be a lot more… friendly. $name1 continued on his way to his destination, daydreaming a little.

$name1 climbed the stairwell and entered the room of the person who had called for maintenance. He knocked on the door of room 780 and waited for an answer. The door slowly opened, and a skinny, shirtless man with a short brown beard looked up at him. He didn’t appear to be more than 18 years old, so he must be a freshman.

He welcomed him in and introduced himself as Benji, fidgeting nervously with his hands while avoiding looking at $name1. “So, what appears to be the issue?” $name1 eventually inquired. “Look, it’s a little awkward, it’s just… you know..i’m sorry, uhmm…” Benji sighed and relented. “Trust me man, over the last year, I’ve seen some weird shit around here,” $name1 said with a smile and a playful punch to Benji’s shoulder. I’m not going to pass any judgement on you.” As he finally took Benji to the bathroom, where the problem seemed to be, this seemed to calm him down a little.

$name1 was prepared to give the guy a lecture if it turned out to be another clogged toilet. But what he saw when he opened the door was quite different. In the shower, a girl, $name2, lay on the floor, barely covered by a towel. She smiled awkwardly, turning red in the face with embarrassment, just like Benji had. “Right…” sighed $name1.

The girl was on her knees, her wrists and ankles tied together with thick ropes, and she appeared to be tied to the shower faucet as well.

“We wanted to try something new in a new environment, but we can’t seem to get the ropes off.” $name1 tried to keep a small smile from appearing on his face as he moved closer to the girl on the bathroom floor and examined the ropes.

“Did you just get these from a hardware store?” The girl responded with a nod. $name1 drew a pocket knife from his toolbelt and began hacking away at the ropes. “These are far too sturdy to be used for… well, you know, maybe a necktie or a belt next time.” You have to work your way up to this level.” She sighed with relief as $name1 cut the final rope at her ankles, and she quickly covered her small tits with the towel that was slowly slipping off.

$name1 tried to look the other way but was just a fraction of a second too late; she didn’t seem to mind. “Thank you so much!” says the narrator. Benji exclaimed happily, and $name1 simply nodded and continued on his way.

As he walked toward his golf cart, he thought to himself, “Another job well done.” He was just relieved that he didn’t have to use the plunger today.

The sun had set and most of the classes had ended. The dorm rooms were beginning to fill up, and there were whispers about what parties would be held this Friday night or the following Saturday. $name1 stretched his shoulders as he climbed into his cart and drove home; he was always on call, but he was rarely called for work after school hours.

His walkie-talkie screamed at him, “you’ve got a student needing your help with something, she’s apparently waiting in the common room of building A,” as he was about to turn the corner and arrive at his little shack of a house. $name1 sighed deeply, almost ready to kick his feet up and slump in his couch. He quickly reversed his golf cart and headed for the female dorms.

$name1 walked through the building’s doors after parking his car. He received a very general call; usually, they were more specific about what or where he was needed. But he was confident that the girl waiting for him recognised him and would track him down.

The common room was bustling with girls talking about their days and fussing over whatever had occurred. $name1 scanned the area for the person who required his assistance.

$name1 turned around to look at the girl he had just helped get unstuck from some, sorry, attempt at bondage, ropes when he felt a tap on his shoulder.

She jumped to her feet and hugged $name1 as if he were an old friend. “I never got around to thanking you for saving my life back then!” As he peeled the girl, $name1 was a little agitated. “It’s fine, I was just doing my job,” she says.

“Don’t be silly, you were very sweet!” she said as she put her hands on her hips and looked up at him. By the way, my name is $name2.”

She held her hand out, and $name1 took it in his and gently shook it. “$name1, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I appreciate your thoughtfulness, but is there anything else I can do to assist you?” “Are you really in such a hurry, $name1?” $name2 asked, rolling her eyes.

He was perplexed when he looked at her. “How about walking with me and allowing me to properly thank you?” $name1 smiled and took $name2’s hand, as if this piqued his interest. “Do you want to know something? Ladies first, perhaps I’m not in such a rush after all.” He led her outside after opening the door for her. “$name1, let’s get in your golf cart and take a ride around the building.” $name1 assisted the girl into the passenger seat and sat next to her before starting the car and driving in the dark.

The cart’s lights flickered, and the road was barely discernible. $name1 had one hand on the steering wheel and the other on top of the passenger seat, as was customary.

$name2, on the other hand, was present this time. He felt her nudge closer against him and gently grabbed her right shoulder with his hand. “How about that formal thank you…” $name1 exclaimed. “Did you have anything specific in mind?”

“Did you have anything specific in mind?” $name1 inquired of the redheaded girl who sat beside him. She flashed a devilish grin and gestured to a lonely parking spot hidden behind a fence. “Park there and I’ll show you around.”

$name1 felt himself becoming enthralled by $name2’s advances; he had no idea what would happen, but he knew it would be the best thank you he’d received in a long time. $name2 scooted over and stared him down as he parked the cart.

“I noticed you looking at my tits today, and I figured you’d like to see them again.” $name1 blushed and responded with a nod. “What’s the matter?” says the narrator.

“Has your tongue been taken by a cat?” $name2 snatched the bottom of her black tanktop and yanked it over her head in one swift motion. exposing the fact that she was not wearing anything underneath it.

The sudden movement jiggled her small tits, and the cold breeze made her nipples hard. “Give me a minute to warm those up for you.” $name1 chuckled as he extended both hands and grabbed a tit in each.

They were only about a handful each, but their softness more than made up for their lack of size. $name1 rolled her nipples in between his finger and thumb, squeezing and squishing her tits. $name2 sighed and placed her hand on $name1’s shoulder.

“Enough about me; I’m here to express my gratitude.”

$name1 slid back into the driver’s seat, placing his left hand on the steering wheel while massaging $name2’s perky tits with his right. She leaned in close and undid his pants, quickly pulling them down to his knees.

“Let’s see what you’ve got, baby,” says the narrator. $name1’s cock twitched and throbbed, and his boxers couldn’t hide his hard cock very well. $name2 also yanked them down, revealing $name1 in all his glory.

“Perfect,” says the narrator. $name2 licked her lips and grabbed his balls, which she began to play with. She spat on $name1’s cock’s tip and sucked the head into her mouth. His cock was slightly longer than average, but it was significantly thicker than most other cocks.

$name2 was already having trouble swallowing the first half of it. $name1 shifted his hand away from massaging her tits and gathered her hair in his palm.

Slowly, he began to assist her in bobbing her head on his cock. allowing her to get some fresh air when she needed it “There’s no way that’ll fit all the way down my throat.”

$name2 grumbled. $name1 reinserted his cock into her mouth and forced her to continue sucking. “That’s fine, $name2; just put your hand on the end of my shaft and suck the tip; I’m about to blow.”

Even though she was eighteen, the ginger girl seemed to know what she was doing, and $name1 felt himself getting closer and closer to orgasm. She wrapped her tongue around the tip of his tongue and sucked as much of him as she could.

$name2 was following his advice and began yanking him off as quickly as she could. She spit on her hand after removing his cock from her mouth. She continued to rub $name1’s cock while looking into his eyes.

“I want you to put your fucking cum on my tits and paint me.” $name2 appeared determined as she leaned in close to $name1 and kissed him passionately. “Oh-hh fffuckk, lean back!” says the narrator.

$name2 kept a hold of $name1’s cock and aimed it at her perky tits as $name1 pushed her into her seat and got down on one knee in his. “Yes, yes, yes!” “It’s all for me, it’s all for me!” As his cock throbbed into the girls hand, $name1 moaned loudly.

As he began unloading on the redheaded girl, he twitched and arched his back. Loads of hot cum were poured over her chest, neck, and stomach. He continued to puff as he felt the intense pleasure wear off. $name2 flashed a bright smile as she licked the cum from her fingers after releasing his cock.

She snatched up her tank top and re-wrapped it around her torso, smearing the cum all over it. “I’m starting to feel like I owe you a thank you…” $name1 let out a sigh. “That’ll have to wait for another time, big guy; how about you take me home?”

$name1 agreed and drove $name2 home, kissing her on the cheek before she went upstairs. As he drove home, he couldn’t take his grin off his face. This had been a fantastic day, and he couldn’t wait to see what awaited him tomorrow.


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