French Nudist Beach Adventure Part 2

Following on from the events of part 1, our heroine, $name1, decides to head back to the beach to continue her sunbathing, and now knowing it is a nudist beach is more welcoming to making new friends…

$name1 decided to return after a few minutes of wandering. She walked past the crowd of people between the water and her spot once more, this time noticing the staring.

When she noticed one man’s erection poking up from between crossed legs, her heart skipped a beat.

As she bounded over the small ridge and tucked back into her spot, she felt herself turn bright red and picked up her pace just a little.

Her mind raced as she lay down again, this time on her back, thinking about what she’d just seen.

Her body, which was on display for all to see, had gotten a lot of attention. That entire group of people had had a good look at her.

“Hello,” said a voice from just a few feet away. $name1 was startled by the sudden interruption because she had been lost in her thoughts and staring down into her backpack.

When she looked up, she saw one of the men from the beach, holding his towel and umbrella over his groin.

“Oh, uh… Hello!” says the narrator. $name1 stumbled over her words, unsure of what to say.

She had never spoken to anyone else on this beach before. She was normally a pleasant person, but the circumstances of this beach, in particular, bothered her.

“Is it okay if I set up shop over here?” With a French accent, the stranger inquired. “I mean, sure,” she replied, attempting to sound natural despite the fact that her nerves were evident in every word. Even though she was nervous, she felt compelled to avoid being rude.

“Cool. Isn’t this a nice quiet spot back here?” As he placed his towel a few feet from her, the man struck up a conversation, much closer than she had anticipated.

Her attention was drawn to his semi-erect cock, which hung freely between his legs. She did her best not to look, keeping her gaze fixed on the sea.

“Yeah. “It’s a perfect spot, really,” she said softly, failing to keep it natural once more. She couldn’t help but look over her shoulder as the man finished putting up his umbrella and sat down, just a few feet away.

He was a little older, maybe 40-45 years old, but he was in good shape and didn’t have a tan line to speak of.

He said offhandedly, “I don’t think I’ve seen you here before,” as he lay flat on his back, trying to move the conversation along. “Are you a first-time visitor?”

“No, I was here yesterday as well.” Do you… do you come here frequently?” $name1 was the one who responded. “I come here every weekend,” says the narrator.

“You know, I get together with a few friends every now and then,” the reply said. “Wow, that’s fantastic!”

“Honestly, I’m still getting used to the nudity thing,” $name1 admitted, pausing in the middle of a sentence to peek and watch the man’s erection twitch a little.

“Oh, please, don’t be embarrassed. You have a beautiful body, and there’s no shame in showing it off!”

“Oh, well, thank you,” she replied, blushing slightly at the compliment before inhaling deeply and resuming her position on her back. “By the way, my name is $name1.”

“Florian. $name1, it’s a real pleasure to meet you.”

“It’s also nice to meet you.”

They talked for a while, and $name1 learned that he was married with a son and a daughter her age and that he worked as a professor at the local college. The two sunbathers eventually relaxed and enjoyed the warmth of the sun.

$name1 rolled onto her stomach and rummaged through her bag again, this time looking for her sunblock.

The spray she used to cover her back, on the other hand, was nowhere to be found. She muttered to herself, “Goddammit.” She had, however, clearly been thinking aloud.

“Are you all right?” Florian chirped as he rose from his seat beside her. “Well… I forgot my back spray,” she grumbled, cursing herself for forgetting it at home.

“Oh. Would you like some assistance with your back?”

Florian offered, reaching for a bottle of sunscreen of his own. “I understand if that makes you uncomfortable.”

“I… Yeah, that’s fine.” $name1 resigned herself to it, “I’d really appreciate it.” It should be fine; after all, it was just a little sunblock, right?

“Of course!” says the speaker. “Wouldn’t we rather not burn this flawless skin?”

Florian jumped to his knees and enthusiastically shuffled over. $name1 grinned a little more at the cheeky compliment; it was nice to be showered with sweet sentiments, even if it came from an older man.

“OK, this might be a little cold on your skin…”

“Of course!” says the speaker. “Wouldn’t we rather not burn this flawless skin?” Florian jumped to his knees and enthusiastically shuffled over.

$name1 grinned a little more at the cheeky compliment; it was nice to be showered with sweet sentiments, even if it came from an older man. “OK, this might be a little chilly…”

Once he touched her, a gentle running of both hands along her upper back, her back tensed instantly.

It didn’t feel cold at all; in fact, wherever he touched her, it felt as if her skin was on fire. His hands pressed a little harder against her legs as they worked their way down her back.

His hands glided smoothly over her skin, and she could tell he had liberally applied lotion to her back.

Florian began to apply a little more pressure, really working the slippery lotion into $name1’s skin, and it felt amazing on $name1’s end. “That feels really good…” she sighed.

“Do you think that’s good?” His voice was dripping with suggestion as he pleaded softly. He firmly pressed his hands over her shoulders and around the back of her neck once more.

He let go of her before she could respond, placing his hands in his lap while still kneeling by her side.

“Oh yes, I do,” $name1 grumbled, “please don’t mind me.” “Keep going.”

“Your wish is my command,” he crooned as he drew his hands back into her back, massaging her tired, knotted muscles with firm pressure.

He continued kneeling at her side for several minutes, exactly as he had begun. Then he came to a halt and let her go. “Do you mind if I reposition myself a little?”

“Go ahead and do whatever you need to do,” says the narrator. $name1 responded with a yes.

“Oh!” Florian dropped to his knees again, now straddling $name1’s thighs, and $name1 squeaked and looked back over her shoulder. She could feel his cock and balls brush against the backs of her thighs, which were mostly erect.

When he mentioned re-positioning, she had no idea what he meant. His hands quickly picked up where they left off, massaging firmly at the small of her back, and she was quickly defused.

“Is this all right?” He inquired softly. He knew it was risky to jump right into this level of body contact, but she was so attractive that he decided it was worth it.

As he approached her waist, his thumbs pressed hard and trailed down the length of her back by her spine, pushing out to the sides.

“Yes… that’s all right,” $name1 said, despite her better judgment.

Florian continued to massage her, gradually expanding the area of coverage down her exposed sides and dipping lower and lower down her back until his thumbs’ edges were at her butt.

He took a quick break to get more lotion while taking in the scene in front of him: a fit 20-something woman, naked as the day she was born, his almost-painfully-hard cock inches away from her shaved pussy.

He was in a state of bliss.

While she had the chance, $name1 shifted a little beneath him. She spread her legs just a little wider, no longer bothered by his cock and balls resting atop her thighs.

He leaned in even further, taking in the newfound view of her pussy. He couldn’t believe his good fortune today, and he was about to make it even better.

His hands found her back again, trailing all the way up to her shoulders as he scooted forward a few inches. His throbbing shaft, on the other hand, nestled ever so gently against $name1’s full ass.

He adjusted his angle a little and pressed more firmly against her ass, pushing her cheeks aside and forcing a proper moan from $name1’s lips as his strokes grew longer.

His balls brushed against her for a split second on one particularly long-stroke, only to emerge covered in her wetness: she was soaked.

“Do you want to turn over? Should make sure we cover your front as well,” he suggested.

He knew he was taking a big risk by approaching her, but he was desperate to get his hands on those big tits. He was willing to take the chance.

After a brief moment of hesitation, $name1 sighed and said, “I suppose.”

Florian got up and walked over to her side to give her room to move, and she realized what she’d been feeling against her ass: his cock was stiff as a flagpole and stood straight out from his body, throbbing with his pulse.

Florian took a deep breath and swallowed hard as $name1 lay on her back in front of him. H

er tits were some of the nicest he’d ever seen. He started at her stomach, running his slickened hands up and just shy of her tits, then down, stopping and running out to the sides at her pelvis.

He rubbed lotion all over her ample tits after pressing his hands up and through the middle of her chest, between her breasts, across her upper chest, and onto her shoulders for a brief moment.

“Mmm…” Florian ran his hands over $name1’s sensitive breasts, raking his fingers over her hardened pink nipples, and $name1 moaned softly.

As he ran laps across them, squeezing softly and flitting his fingertips across her nipples, her mouth hung open. Then he repeated the circuit, this time going across her entire torso, down her sides, across her stomach, and back up.

He dropped all pretenses this time and concentrated solely on her tits.

He was doing everything he could to keep her from losing control, and he was succeeding.

So he kept rubbing and groping at her tits, teasing her nipples with his fingertips and open palm, pressing and squeezing harder, his movements driven by her expressions and reactions.

“Okay… “Don’t forget about your legs,” Florian managed to say.

He began rubbing her thighs and worked his way up and down them. He then walked past her knees, shuffling down, past her calves, and finally to her feet.

“I can’t remember the last time I had my feet massaged…” $name1 spoke as she spread her legs, providing Florian with a clear view of her pussy.

He rubbed her feet for a few more minutes, admiring the sight of her perfectly clean pussy glistening in the sun.

He slowly worked his way up her legs, rubbing intently at the insides of her calves, past her knees, and slowing to a snail’s pace as he massaged the insides of her thighs, his new goal in sight.

She opened her legs wider as he pressed firmly on the tense muscles. His hands slowly worked their way higher and higher until they were just an inch away from her lovely pink lips.

He rubbed his thumbs together intently just outside her lips and asked, “May I?”

$name1 craned her neck to look up at him, her gaze locked on him. This was exactly what she needed. She bit her lower lip and paused for a second before saying, “Go on.”

Florian pressed a thumb into her lips with his left hand, gliding up her lips and settling on her clit.

He pressed down hard, rubbing in slow circles until $name1 let out a more deliberate moan. His right hand completely left her body, finally devoting some attention to his excruciatingly painful erection.

His fingers brushed against her clit, rubbing circles, rubbing up and down directly against the button, all eliciting delicious moans from $name1.

$name1 didn’t care if it was a stranger touching her or if they were in a public place where anyone could see them. All that mattered to her was achieving her orgasm, which she was on the verge of achieving.

She was startled to hear footsteps coming from behind her. $name1’s head snapped forward to meet the source of the voice, a middle-aged man standing a few feet away.

He’d grown a little rounder, but he still looked capable, his cock standing true like a flagpole. The man explained, “I heard some screams and just had to see what all the fuss was about.”

The man was in his fifties and his hairline was receding. He had a circumcised cock that was about 6 inches long, thick and muscular thighs, and fully shaved balls and legs.

“Oh, uh, hello!” Sorry for being so loud; I didn’t realize I was doing it,” $name1 stumbled over her words and found herself staring at the older man’s cock.

“Oh, that’s perfectly fine,” the stranger explained before squeezing in closer.

Florian was still stroking himself and grinning like a little kid on Christmas morning when $name1 turned her attention back to him.

“I hope it wouldn’t bother you if I joined you guys just to watch,” the man explained, reading her bewilderment. “I couldn’t help but be fascinated by watching you two go at it,” the older man said, “but I understand if you’re not comfortable.” ”

“No, it’s not a problem.” You are welcome to join us if you wish.” $name1 said something without thinking about it, and she later kicked herself for the way she said it.

“I mean, you’re welcome to watch,” she corrected herself as the man resumed his approach to her side.

He scooted even closer to her, sat by her side, and raked his gaze across her naked body, content to just look and watch.

“$name1…” Florian interjected, staring her down while stroking his cock. “You’re insanely hot.”

Florian had laid down between her legs, his head between her thighs when $name1 jerked her head up. He quickly lashed a wet tongue up the entire length of her pussy before she could react.

“Oh fuck!”

She squeaked, completely unprepared for what had just occurred.

Sure, she’d been caught off guard, but she wasn’t upset.

Florian’s tongue worked slow circles around her clit now, and she leaned back against her towel. She praised him as best she could give her state of mind, whimpering once more.

As he dove in, lashing his tongue up and down across $name1’s love button, he took the encouragement very well.

Her hands went to Florian’s hair subconsciously, grabbing large handfuls and pulling him in as deeply as she could.

The new stranger accidentally nudging his knee against $name1’s left boob, however, jolted her out of her trance.

When she turned around, she noticed that he had gotten much closer. He’d also begun stroking his cock with a hand wrapped around its girth and rapidly pumping.

$name1 peered around the corner and saw that the stranger had moved closer to her, his cock dangling at her shoulder level and his hand pumping slowly.

$name1 had a clever idea that flashed through her mind, and she acted on it before she had time to second-guess herself. She pushed herself up onto her elbows, craned her neck slightly, and sucked the stranger’s cock into her wet, warm mouth.

The man was taken aback, but he graciously agreed to let her continue where he had left off. She sucked the first three inches into her mouth and swirled them around with her tongue before twisting her hand around and frantically pumping the remaining three inches.

She groped the stranger’s balls and gently massaged them as she moved forward, suckling in as much as she could.

Her lips tightened around his girth as she sucked hard. $name1 sucked hard, her lips sealing around the man’s girth, as he groaned loudly. Even as $name1 bobbed her head against the man’s lap, he managed to maintain his composure.

Florian watched the beautiful, busty brunette suck a complete stranger’s cock into her throat without a care in the world with depraved curiosity. He buried his tongue in $name1’s pussy and vigorously stimulated her clit now.

$name1’s pussy quivered around him, revealing how hot she was about the whole thing. He closed his eyes and imagined impaling her tight little hole, imagining how it would feel to be buried inside of her if this was how good it felt to just eat her out.

Grunting and groaning, as well as a sharp gasp from $name1, quickly distracted him.

Just in time, his eyes popped open. As the older man squirted a massive load of cum across $name1’s chest, $name1’s mouth hung open wide. He erupted all over her stomach with a second smaller thrust.

Part 1 | Part 2 | To be continued…

Author: Alice

Alice is one of the founding authors of, and enjoys a variety of erotic kinks from cuckolding and voyeurism, to oral fixations and fantasy genres.

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