French Nudist Beach Adventure Part 1

In part one of our European tour collection, we find our heroine, $name1, starting her vacation in France. Whilst flirting with the locals, she finds herself masturbating on the beach whilst a stranger watches…

$name1 had just completed her college education a few years prior. She was looking forward to her well-deserved vacation after working hard at a large tech firm. She’d decided to take a break from her corporate job and backpack across Europe, visiting beaches, mountains, grasslands, and other touristy spots.

Her first stop was in France. It took her about 3 hours to get to a small beach town where she would be spending the next few days after getting off the plane.

It was well known for its beautiful and serene beaches, according to her research. It was a lovely town with a main street and a town square at its centre, which housed the police station and the town hall. There were a lot of small shops, and she intended to shop in each one.

$name1 asked a pretty lady behind the counter for directions to her Airbnb, and she pointed her in the right direction. $name1 thanked her and made her way back to her cabin. She was pleasantly surprised when she arrived at the location and saw how lovely it was. It had a waterside porch, a dock, and all the amenities one could want on the inside, and she arrived just in time to see the magnificent sunset.

She unpacked her belongings and went outside to take in the fresh air and the sound of the waves crashing on the shore. $name1 spent the majority of the evening on the porch, reading and gazing out at the water. People would wave as they passed by, and she would wave back; it was a very friendly environment.

She went to a local restaurant later that night. She was dressed in a sheer yellow tank top and short shorts. Despite the fact that the restaurant was packed, she was able to find a seat. A young man approached her while she was waiting for her order and spoke to her in French.

“I’m sorry, but I’m not fluent in French.” $name1 responded.

“Sorry if I’m bothering you; I hope I’m not bothering you. My friend and I, on the other hand, had sat in a booth a few minutes before you arrived. Our meals haven’t been served yet, so if it’s more convenient for you, please join us “he said, a smile on his face.

Another young man waved as she looked to where he said he was sitting.

$name1’s initial reaction was to say no, but she reasoned, “I’m on vacation, and I just spent the evening not speaking to a soul.”

“That’s very thoughtful of you. Sure, I’d be delighted to join you “she stated

As she sat across from the guys, she said, “Thanks guys, that was very nice of you.” $name1 took a moment to admire the guys’ well-defined abs and chest while they were shirtless.

“No problem, we noticed you were alone and thought you might enjoy some company. By the way, my name is Louis ”

Says the guy who invited her.

“Oh, and my name is Michel,” the other said.

“My name is $name1,” she introduced herself. “Are you always such gentlemen, Michel and Louis?” she inquired, a smile on her face.

“Only to attractive ladies,” Michel replied with a grin. $name1 returned the smile. “I’m humbled.”

The waitress delivered the meals and introduced herself to the guys by name; they all seemed to be around the same age. “Are you a tourist, $name1?” Louis inquired.

“Yes, I’m from California, and I’ve only been here since this morning. I have a monotonous 9-to-5 job, so I’m taking a few weeks off to unwind.” stated “How do you guys make a living?” $name1 was curious.

They explained, “We’re both still in college.” $name1 discovered that they were both 18 years old and had known each other since childhood. They conversed over dinner and wine. When $name1 declined the dessert because she didn’t want to gain weight, she received some compliments on her figure. They assured her that she looked fantastic, which she appreciated.

“We intend to go to the beach the following day. Do you want to come along with us?” Louis was the one who asked.

The guys were still strangers to $name1, and she was hesitant to go out with them so soon. “Sorry, boys,” she said apologetically. “I’m going to do some shopping tomorrow and then possibly go to the beach. I don’t want to make you wait any longer.”

Louis stated, “It’s not a problem.”

They talked for a few minutes longer before saying their goodbyes. $name1 arrived at her cabin and spent the rest of the night sipping French wine and gazing out at the sea. She went to bed at a reasonable hour.

The Next Day

$name1 felt refreshed when she awoke the next morning. She grabbed a bite to eat at a nearby diner and was ready to explore the French beaches. She’d heard about a remote beach a few miles outside of town and wanted to go check it out. The host had rented her a scooter, which she loaded with her belongings and rode away in.

She arrived at the beach in under ten minutes. She hopped on top of a large rock and peered down both stretches of the beach, which was completely deserted. “Perfect,” she sighed, relieved.

She undid her shorts and removed her top. She was dressed in a tiny pink string bikini top and blue bottoms underneath.

She had her spot set up in no time, with a towel, umbrella, book, and soft cooler strategically placed. $name1 may have been new to the area, but she was no stranger to the beach.

As she settled in, she took out her sunblock and applied a generous layer to her fair skin, taking special care not to miss any spots. She rummaged through her bag and pulled out her newest book, which she began reading now that she was glistening and mostly shielded from the sun.

She had bought it at the airport, and it was some sort of romance novel. Nothing particularly spectacular, but the detailed depictions of smut caught her off guard.

She’d only read about ten pages of the novel so far, but she’d already come across a graphic depiction of sex between the characters. She kept reading as the characters kissed and made out in a steady stream. As she read on, her mind raced, the characters becoming increasingly horny as they succumbed to their own arousal, mirroring $name1’s.

She considered masturbating to satisfy her arousal for a brief moment, but quickly dismissed the idea. The beach appeared to be deserted, but there was no way of knowing for sure.


She took another look around, peering over the tops of the grassy dunes for any sign of other people. A mile or two down the strand, towards the public beach, she could see what appeared to be a bright red umbrella, but there was no one else.

“Fuck it,” she exclaimed as she rolled over onto her back and spread her legs.

She picked up the book again and continued reading. The main character’s partner had a stereotypically large cock and railed her from behind while bending over. “Yes, God…” $name1 sighed quietly to herself.

$name1’s imagination ran wild, and she inserted herself into the storey as the main character. Getting fucked hard by a sexy stranger while standing there.

Her free hand trailed down her body, across her toned stomach, and then slid beneath her bikini bottoms slowly. She could already tell she was drenched, so she began to tease herself while making a conscious effort to keep reading.

As the story progressed, $name1’s mind followed the character and her partner through a number of different positions. She rubbed up and down her lips and softly grazed her needy clit with her fingers at a slow, teasing pace. She didn’t last long, though, as she became increasingly aroused.

She was suddenly brought back to reality by the sound of a motorboat far out in the ocean. When her masturbation was interrupted, reality quickly returned. She pondered aloud, “Okay, that’s it. It’s far too much. Let’s… Let’s just unwind for a moment. It’s far too public to be doing so here.”

She sat back down, attempting to clear her mind of the enticing thoughts.

She flipped over onto her stomach and rummaged through her bag again, this time retrieving a different sunblock. She untied the knots that held her top in place and let the strings fall to avoid tan lines, then slathered it on her back and fell asleep.

$name1 awoke with a start as if she had been dreaming. She turned over, shook her head, and collected her thoughts.

Her breasts were exposed because she forgot to put her top back on before falling asleep. Her bottoms had been yanked to the side, exposing her pussy. She reasoned to herself, “Must’ve done that in my sleep.”

She turned to her side to check the time on her phone, and that’s when she noticed it… She had an unexpected visitor.

A young man sat about ten feet away, staring at her intently. With toned muscles and tanned skin, he appeared to be in good shape. He was clearly self-sufficient. The fact that the man was completely naked, however, was what drew $name1’s attention.

$name1 went completely still. She simply sat there and stared back, well, staring at his cock, unsure if this was another dream or if she was really awake. It was a good size and had a lot of veins.

They didn’t say anything, their gazes locked on each other’s naked bodies. She didn’t know how long the man had been there or how long she had been sleeping.

She continued to stare, groggy from her nap. Because $name1 had not reacted negatively to his presence, the man shifted a little, and his cock was now in full view of her. His hand, still wrapped around his hardening dick, began lightly tugging it.

$name1’s eyes jumped between the man’s cock and his eyes because she hadn’t noticed the movement. Starting at her feet, the man raked his eyes up to her slightly spread and toned legs, briefly stopping at her bald and glistening pussy, before continuing up her tight stomach, her large breasts, and finally stopping when he locked eyes with her.

$name1 could tell he was well-endowed by now, with about seven or eight inches of length and enough girth to round it out. The stranger from her book was replaced by the stranger sunbathing next to her as the fantasy flooded back into her mind.

$name1 shifted to one side, her legs slightly spread out, allowing the man a clear view of her body. He seemed to enjoy it, and his pace increased in tandem with her increasing arousal. Her index finger was placed on her left nipple, and she gently massaged it.

She couldn’t believe how erotic the whole thing was, and she locked her gaze on the man’s cock as his hand whirled back and forth across it. His balls churned, boiling cum threatening to spill over the edge, she could see.

As he neared the climax, the man panted, his breath becoming increasingly ragged. He lost all control the moment they made eye contact. As the man began to spit thick ropes of cum across his chest and stomach, $name1 was taken aback.

He leaned back and admired his handiwork as he milked the last few droplets of cum from his shaft. As he relaxed, $name1 gave him a knowing smile.

She couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed that he hadn’t stayed around for a little longer when the man stood up and ran towards the ocean. She wasn’t sure why she wished for him to stay, but she wished nonetheless.

She noticed something on the far edge of the beach as she watched the man’s tight butt jiggle as he ran away. It was just another random person waking up on the beach, but what struck her the most was that the person she saw was also completely naked. $name1’s face flashed with confusion, disbelief, and realization in a matter of seconds as reality washed over her like an ocean wave. She was still out in the open.

She adjusted her bottoms and pulled her top back on to cover herself with a startled squeak. She hurriedly packed her belongings and hurriedly made her way up the beach, across the dunes, and back to her car.

Several beachgoers passed her by, all of whom were in various states of undress. As she walked down the path to the parking lot, she thought to herself, “Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! What the hell is this beach, anyway?”

At the trailhead, she found answers to her questions. The signs she had ignored on her way down to the beach earlier in the day spelled it out loud and clear: Clothing is not required. A beach with no one on it. It’s no surprise that it had been so quiet.

She jumped into a hot shower as soon as she arrived at her cabin. As she climbed into bed, a thousand questions remained unanswered, despite her best efforts to ignore them for the rest of the day. “What the fuck was I thinking?” says the narrator.

However, she sighed deeply and said aloud to herself, “That was so hot.”

$name1 spent the rest of the evening browsing the various small shops strewn about the beach town for dresses, handbags, and shoes. She ate Confit de canard at a local diner for supper later that night while making small talk with the locals. She was blown away by the taste and quality of the food.

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