Cuckolding In The Beach Car Park

You take your wife, $name1, to the beach to show her off in her bikini, but it turns into a hot car fuck, and dogging session with strangers.

You decided that other people seeing your wife in public was what really got you going. You had the power to make it happen again if you wanted it to.

With a grin on your face, you looked at your wife.

“Babe, we’re going to the beach tomorrow.”

“All right, that’s fine.” $name1 went along with it.

“I want you to wear something sexy, and accessible…” You said with a smirk.

$name1 stares at you, understanding what the smirk implied, nodded and went back to her book.

The beach was a couple of hours away, so you left early the next morning.

$name1 was supposed to choose her sexiest bikini, according to your instructions.

You couldn’t recall seeing her in a bikini before, and you wondered if $name1 even owned one.

Over her two-piece, $name1 wore a loose-fitting top and some shorts. You arrived at the beach shortly after 10:00 a.m.

The beach was fairly secluded, but there were quite a few people enjoying the sunny morning.

You noticed your wife nervously looking around. You reassured her by taking her hand in yours and leading her onto the sand. $name1 removed her top and shorts after you had both laid your towels down.

You were speechless as you stared at her. $name1 was dressed in a light-colored micro bikini that revealed very little skin. It drew the attention of other beachgoers almost immediately.

As $name1 got down on her hands and knees over the towel, $name1 smiled at you with that seductive glint in her eye. Her ass was raised in the air as $name1 arched her back.

The single string obscured nothing, and you could easily see her perfectly rounded ass and the hole. You eagerly looked around. Some people walked by slowly, pretending to be unconcerned and unconcerned while peering into your wife’s body.

$name1 eventually collapsed on her stomach, arms crossed beneath her chin. Her legs were spread wide enough to provide a pleasant view to anyone nearby.

“There’s oil in my bag…” says the narrator. Her murmur was heard by you.

You rummaged through the beach bag with glee until you discovered the suntan lotion. You smear some on your hand and rub it all over your wife’s back and ass.

This drew a larger crowd, though everyone was polite enough to act as if they weren’t paying attention. There were about five of them. $name1 leaned up against her elbows and reached back to pull the bikini string, causing it to fall down.

$name1 sank back down onto her chest, pressing her large chest against the towel. You and your wife both heard an excited murmur from one of the guys in the distance.

As her breath became ragged, you continued to rub oil over her body, massaging her deeply. $name1 gradually raised herself to her hands and knees, brushing sand from her chest.

You may have noticed some of the guys making their way around to the other side in order to get a better look at $name1’s incredible rack. They were still pretending not to stare, but you could see them getting closer.

The guy closest to you was about ten meters away, and for a brief moment, you thought you saw a phone as well.

$name1 slowly drew the string from her bikini bottoms with her hands. $name1 let it fall onto the towel, exposing her entire naked body, her heart-shaped ass still raised in the air, revealing a pretty pussy underneath.

You heard the sound of a phone snapping a photo, but it didn’t bother you. In fact, it piqued your interest.

$name1 stayed in this position for a long time, her ass barely swaying. By the way, $name1 rocked her body back and forth, you could tell $name1 was desperate to masturbate. $name1 lustfully looked over at you and noticed your tented pants.

$name1 murmured, “I want you…”

Your erection was excruciatingly painful, and you yearned for some relief. You mulled over your choices. You could either return to your car or search for a more secluded beach area.

You’ve made the decision to return to your vehicle.

You grabbed your wife’s hand and hurried back to the car after collecting your belongings. Some surfers were drawn to her because $name1 was still completely naked, and they lingered.

You tossed your belongings into the backseat and climbed into the vehicle. Your wife climbed into the driver’s seat, her gleaming chest heaving with anticipation. While squirming in the seat, $name1 pinched her nipples and started to play with her slit. $name1 cast a lustful glance at you.

“Pull your cock out…” says the narrator. $name1 muttered something to herself. You did exactly what $name1 said, revealing your erect member by pulling down your pants.

As $name1 slid a finger into her pussy, $name1 stared at it hungrily. $name1 softly moaned before reaching over and grabbing your cock with her free hand. In time with her own masturbation, $name1 began to stroke it.

Outside your car, you noticed a small group of five people. They were about five meters away from you and $name1, but they were keeping a close eye on you. You had a feeling $name1 was aware of it as well.

$name1 sat her leg on the dashboard and stuffed two fingers into her cunt to get a better view. The guys must have taken it as an invitation because they got closer and closer until they were just outside the window.

“Mmm…!” Your wife groaned as $name1 rubbed her fingers over her pussy, swollen clit, the juices glistening in her slit.

“You like it when they keep an eye on you, don’t you?” As you fondled the breasts, you said something.

“Mmm…” With a soft moan, $name1 replied.

“I’m sure they’re itching to get their hands on you as well.” While pinching her nipple, you said. Her soft gasps could be heard.

“Do you think you’re filthy as a result? They’re keeping an eye on you when you’re masturbating…” You kept encouraging her to do more. $name1 continued to finger herself, as if $name1 was enjoying it.

“I’ve got a question for you…” You mentioned something. $name1 cast a lustful glance at you.

“Allow them to touch you,” $name1 gave a quick nod before pressing down on the button to lower the window.

Immediately, the guys gathered in a swarm. They weren’t afraid to flaunt their cocks. As $name1 continued to finger fuck herself, your wife gave them a sidelong glance.

“Say something.” You gave her a directive.

“I’d like you to touch me,” $name1 proclaimed to her growing audience.

Through the window, one of the guys began fondling her breasts. As he pinched her nipple, $name1 moaned and plunged her fingers deep into herself. The wetness could be heard.

The other guys couldn’t get to her because they didn’t have enough room, so they had to wait their turn. You contemplated repositioning.

You make the decision to relocate. You turned to face your wife.

“Stick your ass out the window, $name1.” You placed an order for her. $name1 gave you a nod as $name1 looked over at you.

$name1 gestured the guys away from her door gently so $name1 could stand up and stick her round ass out the window. You could hear the guys talking excitedly to each other.

“That’s it! That’s exactly what I’m talking about!” One of the guys let out a loud exclamation. As he stepped forward and began to squeeze her cheeks together, he grinned at the others.

“Get the fuck out of here, man.” Another man moved him aside so that he could reach in as well. He did the same thing and fondled her ass, but then he started poking around in her pussy with his fingers. As he sank a couple of digits into her slit, $name1 moaned loudly.

You sat up and moved closer to her as $name1 leaned forward, so $name1 could wrap her lips around your cock, which $name1 did quickly. Her gaze was hungry and lustful as $name1 slurped and rolled her tongue over the head of your cock.

As $name1 sucked on your cock, you pulled her hair back from her face.

You shifted your gaze away from her and out the window at the throng of men. They had all partially undone their pants and exposed their members.

You whisper something to $name1.

“Are you feeling particularly hot and horny?”

“Mmmh…! Yeah.” Between slurps of your cock, $name1 agreed.

“You want to get fucked, don’t you?” You insisted on bringing up the subject. $name1 only gave a simple nod.

“You want those guys to fuck you,” says the narrator. You informed her. $name1 didn’t respond right away, but after a brief pause, $name1 nodded slowly.

“Tell them,” you told them.

“Mmm..!” $name1 grabbed her ass cheek as $name1 reached out the window. “Fuck me,” $name1 pleaded obscenely.

“Yeah! I’ll go first.” One of the guys eagerly moved forward, his cock ready. $name1 jerked forward as he sank his dick into her. As he fucked her from behind, her still gleaming rack began to sway back and forth.

Her cock was still sucking on your cock as $name1 moaned and grabbed your shoulder with her free hand for support.

You pressed your cock against her so that you could hear her gag just a smidgeon, and you eventually felt compelled to cum approach.

“I’m going to cum…” You spoke to her in quiet tones.

“Mmm…!” Your wife snatched your cock from her mouth and began stroking it furiously. Her pursed lips were pressed against the head of your cock, and her tongue swirled around the head of her cock, catching your cum in her mouth.

“Fuck…!” You reclined as you shot cum into your wife’s mouth, which $name1 eagerly swallowed. $name1 continued to yank you off, robbing you of all your cum. You slumped back in your chair.

$name1 was still getting fucked from the window as you panted, exhausted from the orgasm. You noticed that there were even more guys in the area.

“Hey, man, if you’re done, open the door for someone else.” One of the guys shouted.

You didn’t want anyone in your car, but you also didn’t want it to end. You noticed a black car parked near yours, which you assumed was driven by one of the guys who had just arrived. $name1 could go to that one and no one would have to get in the car.

As you slid back into your own seat, you re-tucked your pants and cinched the button. $name1 looked at you with lust in her eyes. As a blonde surfer guy fucked her from behind, her glistening tits continued to bounce.

“Why don’t you go over to that other car?”

Though you were pretty sure $name1 was eager to fuck more guys, $name1 raised an eyebrow inquisitively before nodding her understanding.

With a soft moan, $name1 moved forward and rolled up the window.

Some of the guys stared at you two through the window.

When $name1 got out of the car, you smiled at the look of disappointment on the faces of some of the guys who hadn’t yet fucked her, and you almost laughed at their excitement.

The guys hurriedly followed her as $name1 walked slowly towards the other car. You got out of your car and walked over to see what was going on.

$name1 sat in the passenger seat after the blonde surfer guy opened the door for her.

$name1 shut the door and rolled down the window.

You stood there watching as $name1 climbed into her seat and positioned herself so that her ass hung out the window, this time quite far out so that her slit was easily accessible.

As they formed a line, the guys quickly shoved each other. You chose to stand off to the side and observe.

The blonde surfer was the first to arrive.

He took a step forward and slid the head of his cock up and down your wife’s slit, allowing her juices to coat his cock before easily plunging the length of his cock into her pussy. $name1 moaned and rubbed her clit with her hand.

The guy continued to aggressively pump his cock into her. Their bodies slapped together, which encouraged them.

“Fuck! Fuck me even more!” $name1 pleaded.

“Take it!” exclaims the slut. Before thrusting a final time, the man grunted. As he approached her, he squeezed her ass cheeks together.

As his cock fell limp and slid out of $name1’s snatch, he took a slow step back.

Before motioning with her hand for the next guy to come forward, $name1 slipped a finger inside herself and massaged his cum over her pussy lips.

He jumped right in and didn’t waste any time. His cock was a little smaller, so he slid right into $name1.

Another person was lined up behind the current guy, as well as one inside the car. When you looked out the window, you noticed your wife sucking on his cock while being fucked.

You circled the car to get a better look at your wife from the front. Her large bust swayed with each thrust, and $name1 gorged herself on the man’s cock.

They hadn’t noticed you, or if they had, they didn’t care.

The man inside the other car was blowing his load over your wife’s face.

$name1 licked her lips and gasped as $name1 swallowed his cum. The last guy appeared to be fucking her now. You drew a circle around yourself to keep an eye on things.

He was a tall, dark-skinned man with a dark complexion. You guessed it: an islander.

He had a thick cock that seemed to just fit into your wife’s lovely pussy. He slammed his thick rod into her, his powerful grip on $name1’s firm rump, and $name1 moaned loudly.

He gave her a good spanking while fucking her, which $name1 seemed to enjoy. $name1 moaned and rubbed her face even more vigorously. The handmarks on your wife’s ass told you how rough he was being, but you decided not to intervene because $name1 enjoyed it so much.

“Say it’s good to you…!” With an accent, the man demanded.

“Fuck…! It’s fantastic! Fuck me even more…!” In a high-pitched voice, your wife whimpered.

“That’s correct. I’m going to suffocate you.” As his thrusting became more rapid, he grunted.

“Mmm…! Fill me up with your cum” $name1 bolstered his confidence.

The man grunted as he clutched your wife’s ass and forced his cock deep into her. As they approached, $name1 gasped and whimpered as $name1 rubbed herself, a liquid squirting from her pussy.

A load of cum leaked from your wife’s pussy as the man slowly pulled his cock out. The islander drew up his pants and sped down the path.

You and $name1 returned to your own car once $name1 had regained her composure.

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