Black Tie Cuckolding

You ($name1) are sitting waiting for your wife ($name2) to get ready for a black-tie event. Once you get there, $name3 walks over to your table, takes your wife to the dancefloor, and then turns her into his personal fuck toy…

$name1, dressed in khaki shorts and a T-shirt, sat slouched on the couch and pressed the remote control. “are you almost ready? ” he asked the corridor.

$name2 called from the bedroom, “just a minute. ” $name1 turned around to see her walking into the living room, her high heels clicking against the hardwood floor. “holy sh*t, babe, you’re hot! ”

$name2 stood there.

The low-cut patterned sundress revealed plenty of cleavage from her breasts, and the short skirt showed off her long, barely tanned legs. “first and foremost, you know how much I despise being referred to as “babe. ” second, take a step forward “$name1 stood up for inspection after she gave the order. “are you serious about what you’re wearing? Go change. Wear khakis with a black shirt and a tie. ”

“seriously? ” $name1 objected. He began walking back to the bedroom after she simply glared at him, emerging a few minutes later in the clothes she requested.

She approached him, kissed him on the lips, and adjusted his tie. “it’s a lot better, ” she said. “are you prepared? ”

they arrived at the waterfront club where they had made dinner reservations after a short drive. As they sat at their table on the deck, eating their meal next to the lake, the sun had nearly set.

$name2’s back was chilled by the cool evening breeze, and $name1 soon realized that his suspicions about her not wearing a bra were correct, as her nipples stiffened and began to show themselves outlined by the fabric.

It wasn’t long before the dj started spinning tunes and patrons began to crowd into the open area of the outdoor deck, which also served as a dance floor.

$name1 and $name2 were both looking at the dancers, but $name2 noticed that a large, well-built man was also looking at her. She turned back and smiled after looking behind her at the water to see if he was looking at something past her.

With a grin, he returned it and began making his way over to their table. “oh shit, ” she thought to herself as she looked across the table at $name1, who appeared to be completely unaware of the man approaching them.

As he approached the table, $name1 finally noticed the man and crouched down to eye level. He looked intently at $name2, who seemed a little flustered by the attention, ignoring $name1.

$name1 said, “um…, ” but she ignored him as the man spoke up. “I couldn’t help but notice such a lovely lady over on the dance floor, and I was hoping you’d join me. ”

$name1 sat with his mouth open, taken aback by the man’s audacity. $name2 finally broke the silence, though she was trying to hide her blush. “actually, I’m here with my husband, ” she said, emphasizing the word husband a little more. “but thank you, ” she said, her nervousness visible in her blinking.

“I’m sure he wouldn’t mind, would he? ” $name1 was asked by the man, who turned to face him and stood up.

He looked back and forth between himself and $name2, who was rolling her eyes. “I… Uh… ” he said. “did you want to go out tonight and dance? ”

$name2 posed the question to him.

$name1 was still surprised that this stranger had approached him and was openly hitting on his wife. He sat there with his mouth half-open, only able to mumble “uh… ” and look back and forth between the two of them.

$name2 rolled her eyes, slid her napkin onto the table, and rose to her feet, hands on the table, staring at $name1.

$name1 couldn’t help but look at the cleavage staring him down, but as he moved his gaze upward, he noticed $name2 was staring back. “he’s asking me to dance, so I’ll oblige. So here’s what’s going to happen: because you can’t decide, I’m going to go out there and dance with him, while you sit here on your own. Is that clear? ”

$name1 wasn’t sure why he was the bad guy here, but he didn’t want to aggravate her any further, so he nodded gently and quietly. “excuse me, what? ” says the speaker.

$name2 had enquired. He replied, “yeah, I got it. ” the stranger gave her a big smile and took her hand as she walked away from the table.

$name1 couldn’t take his gaze away from his wife’s tight ass swaying back and forth in the sundress as she began to dance her way onto the dance floor… With him… As they walked away.

$name2 was taken aback on the dance floor when the man drew her in close and placed his hands on the small of her back, gyrating with her to the beat of the music.

“Hello, my name is $name3, and who are you? ” with their bodies much closer than $name2 had expected, he asked her, looking down at her face.

She had to admit that she came out here to dance because she was annoyed with $name1, but ‘holy shit, he’s hot, ‘ she thought.

She raised her head and returned her gaze to his. His presence, his heat, and the novelty of another man pressing against her body all had an immediate effect on her. “my name is $name2, ” she said meekly, returning her gaze to his.

Others had moved in around them as the two gyrated together on the dance floor after a few songs had passed, and $name1 had trouble keeping them in sight at times while they… ‘is his hand on her ass? ‘ he wondered, squinting, but then he lost sight of them.

As disturbed as he was by the situation, he felt betrayed by his cock, which was stiffening slightly at the prospect of this stranger groping his wife in public.

$name2 felt a familiar tingle in her pussy as her thighs pressed together in the dance and her nipples brushed against the fabric and his chest… His tight… Muscular chest… She thought as she looked down at it.

Her nipples had stiffened and were clearly visible through the fabric. As his hands dropped lower to her ass and pulled her to him, her mind spun as fast as her body.

Through the thin fabric, she could feel his cock pressing against her. She liked what she was feeling and caught a sliver of a moan before it could escape.

She had, or at least she thought she had. $name3 was grinning knowingly at her when she looked up. “you seem to be having as much fun as i am, ” he said, making her blush.

She returned her gaze to the table where $name1 sat, his shirt clearly unironed before leaving the house. “I am… A great deal, $name3. ”

“I was hoping you’d say yes. Why don’t we have a go… ”

“I was hoping you’d say yes. Why don’t we try to find somewhere more private?”

$name3 leaned in close to $name2’s ear and said. His lips were so close to her that they sent a tingle down her spine, and the implication of his statement continued the tingle all the way down to her groyne. She grinned without even looking at her husband. “that would be fantastic. ”

$name3 led her around the building to the opposite side, where there was a stair leading down to a small boardwalk below the deck’s water level.

As he led her to a small bench with a view of the water, streaks of light slipped through the cracks in the boards above, but it was otherwise dark.

$name3 abruptly came to a halt, turning around and encircling $name2 for a kiss. She was taken aback at first, but quickly melted into his arms, offering no resistance as he pushed his tongue into her mouth with force.

She returned the kiss with her arms dangling at her sides before reaching around him. He smacked her in the face with his hand before grabbing a handful of her hair and squeezing it.

$name3 took a step back and sat on the bench with a big grin on his face after breaking off the kiss. He inquired, “hubby doesn’t do that much, does he? ” $name2 looked down, then back up at him, visibly embarrassed “no, not at all. That is not the case”

as the moon and streaks of light played over her body, $name3 looked at her, the sundress clinging to her body in the cool night air. “I can assure you, however, that I am not like him. I take what I want, and based on what I’m seeing here… ” he said, looking her over. ”

$name2’s turn to be speechless had arrived. “and, if I’m not mistaken, you want the same thing. ”

$name2 smiled and bit her lower lip. “I want it, ” she said as she began to approach him slowly. $name3 grinned while leaning back on his hands and holding a finger up. $name2 came to a halt and stood there, her face flushed with bewilderment. He said, “just a minute. ”

“I’d like to take a look at what we have. Pull up your skirt for me. ”

$name2’s bewilderment morphed into something else… Maybe… Determination.

She was going to show him that she was deserving of his attention. As she reached down and took the hem of her skirt, slowly lifting it upwards, up to the bottom of her ass, a smile crept across her face.

From $name3’s slightly lower vantage point, a speck of color protruded from the bottom.

“You’re a tease. Pull it up, I said. Now.”

$name3’s voice had a commanding tone to it, which caught her off guard. She drew the skirt up and over her ass cheeks, holding it up above her hips, and stood in front of him for inspection.

He examined her legs from top to bottom, noting the dark green thong she was wearing and the shapeliness of her legs. “turn around,” he said.

$name2 turned around, barring a thin strip of fabric squeezed between her cheeks, showing him her practically bare ass.

She stood facing away from him, unsure if he thought she was worth his time. She needed him right now.

She desired to please him in order for him to desire her. She desired the large cock she had detected while dancing. He told her to “take those off and give them to me,” pointing to the thong.

She took a brief pause before slipping her thumbs into the waistband and sliding them down over her hips and over each foot, then walking over and handing them to him.

He smiled as he stood to take them. He said, feeling the dampness on the small patch of fabric, “good girl. ”

“now, ” he said, reaching out and rubbing her stiff nipples against the dress’s fabric. “can you tell me what you’re looking for? ” as her chest moved up and down with her breaths, his hands moved to the tie in the center of the sundress and began to pull apart the knot.

As they continued to look directly into each other’s eyes, he undid the knot completely, allowing her breasts to fall a little looser, and $name3 asked her, “do you want to go back? or… Are you going to be my dirty little slut right now? ” he asked, taking her chin in his hand and rubbing his thumb over her lips.

$name1 took his phone out of his pocket and began texting $name2. “can you tell me where you are? ” ding ding ding. $name2’s bag on her seat made a faint notification sound, which he could barely hear.

She didn’t take it, that’s for sure. He reflected on his thoughts. I guess she wouldn’t have gotten very far without it, so I’ll just wait here. As he sat back down, he pondered.

Their waiter approached and inquired if he needed anything. “is it possible to get a refill on my coke? You haven’t seen my wife, either, have you? She went up to dance in a sundress with a tie in the front and brown hair, but i don’t see her up there. ”

the waiter shrugged his shoulders. “there are a lot of people up there; she could be on the opposite side of the crowd, or she could have stepped in to use the restroom.

Anyway, I’ll be back with your coke in no time. ” the waiter returned with his drink a few minutes later, and $name1 was seated in his seat, looking glum.

However, in another room…

$name3 pushed his hips forward, shoving his thick cock into $name2’s mouth, stretching her lips each time. She moaned on his cock as he fucked her mouth while rubbing her clit.

She noticed that her pussy was much wetter than it had been with $name1. “are you a good little cock sucking whore, babe? ” “oh, you’re a good little cock sucking whore, aren’t you? ”

$name3 informed her. “I’m going to cum all over that pretty little face of yours, slut, ” he said, pulling her mouth away from his pulsing dick with her hair in his hand as she continued stroking it firm and fast.

“oh fuck yes, give it to me, ” she said, stroking his dick and massaging his balls while tilting her head back and opening her mouth.

$name3 grunted as a shot of cum erupted from his engorged head, leaving a cum strand from the side of her nose to her hairline. After that, several more shots found their way into her mouth, leaving a nice little cum puddle on her tongue.

It was dripping down her chin and onto her tits. “now swallow it, slut, ” he instructed, and she did just that, closing her mouth and swallowing his cum.

$name2 smiled and reached for her chin to wipe the sweat off her face when he told her to stop. “I’m going to leave it. ”

$name3 raised his eyes to the deck boards, where he could see $name1. “I believe your husband is expecting you, but i want him to know who is in charge when we return.

Take a seat “he informed her. She stood up, smiling mischievously, and said “yes sir” as she did so. He cocked his brow in her direction. “mmm, that’s nice, girl, “.

He pulled the straps of her sundress back up and over her shoulders now that she was on her feet, but left the tie undone, allowing her tits to swing when she moved.

$name3 led her back to the dance floor, a line of cum on her forehead, chin, and tits, and barely still in her sundress, at which point $name2’s appearance came to the front of her mind.

“oh shit, I can’t walk back there looking like a whore in front of everyone, ” she said, stopping halfway up the stairs.

“do you mean you look like what you are? ” $name3 chimed in with a grin.

“Well, yes… ”

$name2 paused for a moment, surveying the crowd before returning her gaze to $name3. He took a step closer to her and placed his mouth next to her ear. “I’m coming after you, whore.”

It would normally offend her the way he said it, emphasizing the word, but in her current state of undress, with cum visible and following his directions, it turned her on knowing she was his whore.

When she heard the word, she felt a mix of emotions, as well as growing wetness, as she turned to face the crowd and began walking into it, followed by $name3.

$name2 smiled and tried to be confident as she walked, turning a lot of heads. Some were perplexed, others were shocked, and many were enthralled by the sight of a half-dressed woman passing by.

She noticed that some of the women were looking at her with lust in their eyes, but she couldn’t tell if it was because of her or because of the man following her who clearly had his way with her.

As they approached the opposite side of the crowd, they noticed $name1 at his table and approached him. As they sat across from him, he looked up from his phone and his jaw dropped.

He began to speak, but $name3 cut him off by raising his hand. “look, isn’t that $name1? Allow me to explain what’s going on. Your wife is extremely attractive. I came over here to get her because I wanted her.

Because you did nothing, I took her. As you can see, I’m having a lot of fun with her right now, but I’m not sure I’m done with her yet.”

$name3 drew him in a little closer. “your wife, by the way, is a fantastic cock sucker. Would you mind keeping these for us? I doubt we’ll need them for the rest of the night. ” he said this as he handed $name2’s underwear to him.

“$name2… What… What did you do? “.

$name1 inquired hesitantly. $name2 sat meekly, her gaze fixed on $name3.

He said authoritatively, “tell him.”

“he took me down to the water and had me suck his nice, thick, cock, ” she said emphatically, drawing a pained expression on $name1’s face as she said it, “and then he came on my face and tits.”

“and let him know who you are… ” $name3 went on.

$name2 paused for a moment before saying, “look into $name3’s eyes. ”

“I’m his little whore because you didn’t want to do anything to keep me tonight, $name1. He’s free to use me however he wants, and I’m dying for him to fuck me right now. ”

“right now, his hand is on my thigh, sliding up my skirt, and my pussy is so fucking wet, ” she said as she turned to face $name1.

$name3 smiled and turned to face $name1. “so pay attention. I’ll tell you what’s going to happen right now.

And when I do, you have the option of being a good little cuck hubby and following directions, in which case you might get a chance to get that little dick wet… Or you can fuck off back home with your tail between your legs.

I don’t mind either way because I’m going to be busy fucking your wife. That’s correct, babe. ”

“yes, sir, “. $name2 said as she leaned back in her chair, making $name1 wonder what $name3 was doing with his hand under the table at the time.

“as I previously stated, this is what is going to happen now… ” $name3 repeated.

$name2 continued to squirm in her seat as $name3 looked at $name1 “you’ll be driving me and my new slut back to your house.

If you’re a good little boy when we get there, i might let you stay. Understood? ” as the question was posed, $name1 was looking at $name2’s delighted expression. “as I previously stated… Understood? ” $name3 said it again.

$name1 shook his head and hung his head. While $name3 continued to stare at him, he mumbled, “alright. ” $name3 inquired, “what was that? ”

“yes, sir, ” he said. $name3’s grin gradually spread across his face. “that’s an excellent little cuckoo. Take a look at your wife now “he said as he stood up and assisted $name2 in standing as well.

“she’s nothing but a filthy little whore tonight, and i’m going to make good use of her, so let’s get this party started. ”

$name2 sucked on a finger dipped in the cum on her face as she watched her husband stand up and walk away toward the parking lot. $name3 and $name2 were the next to arrive.

When they arrived at the car, $name1 unlocked it and climbed into the driver’s seat, while $name3 and $name2 slid into the backseat.

“how long will it take you to get back to your house? ” as $name2 climbed in beside him, $name3 inquired, taking the center seat in the back. $name1 replied, “about 25 minutes. ”

He leaned down and slid her sundress off her shoulder the rest of the way, sucking on her tit, which elicited a gasp and a soft moan from her. $name1 took a quick glance in the rearview mirror before remembering he was supposed to be driving.

As $name3’s tongue and hands began to work, he kept stealing glances back at his wife, who was rapt in pleasure, her eyes closed and moaning.

As $name1 began his journey home, the SUV pulled out onto the road.

$name3 told her to take off her sundress, which she did, sliding it down over her hips and down to her feet on the SUV’s floor.

$name3 was undoing his pants and pulling out his cock at the same time. $name1 had never seen it before and was taken aback by its size. He estimated it to be twice as thick as his.

$name2 stripped down and began sucking on it, hoping to rekindle $name3’s interest in his shaft.

It didn’t take long for her to give him a good sloppy blowjob, telling $name1 how much she loved that thick cock in her mouth every now and then. She could taste his cum, which made her bob up and down on his cock even faster.

$name1 kept looking back in the driver’s seat at his naked wife sucking this total stranger’s cock. #

He didn’t want to admit it, but his own cock was straining against his underwear in an uncomfortably uncomfortable way. In that state of lust, she looked incredibly seductive.

But what about with someone else? He’d never seen her so enthusiastic about him before…

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