Blindfolded Stranger Fuck

$name1 has been texting and emailing $name2 for a while, and having never met him before, or even heard his voice, they arrange to meet. She puts the door on the latch, puts on her blindfold, and waits for him…

It was 1 minute before 5pm, so $name1 put the front door on the latch and made her way upstairs to her bedroom. She knelt down in the centre of the large room, and placed the blindfold over her eyes.

The bright sunshine lit up the room, streaming through the large windows, though beneath the blindfold her eyes were in the dark. She felt helpless, knowing that she was about to offer herself, almost without limits, to a man she had never met before.

As she knelt there, she could feel her pussy tingling with anticipation.

When she heard the front door open and close, her breathing became shallow and she felt goosebumps spread across her back and up to her neck, then across her body.

The only contact between them prior to today was via email and text message.

She had not even heard the man’s voice, and she wondered what he would be like, how he would treat her, and she hoped that he would respect those limits that they had agreed, as few as they were.

As she heard footsteps coming up the stairs she began to wonder if she had made an error of judgement.

Still, it was rather late to have second thoughts, as she heard the bedroom door open and then gently close, then the sound of bags or boxes being placed on the floor.

Finally, soft footsteps came across the carpet towards her. She felt the man gently touch her face with his fingertips.

“$name2?”, said $name1, in a voice so low it could barely be heard over the quiet traffic noise coming in through the open windows.

She felt something press gently against her lips, and could hear the man gently reply “Shhhhhhhh”.

He had placed his finger on her lips, instructing her to remain silent. She felt hands take hold of hers, and then she was gently pulled to her feet.

She stood there, looking like she had just left the office, dressed in a smart white blouse and tight black skirt, with shiny high heeled shoes on her feet.

Only the blindfold spoilt the appearance of a professional businesswoman and made it look likely that something slightly more exciting than a normal day at the office had just started.

Underneath her office clothes, $name1 wore nothing.

‘$name2’ had been very explicit – he needed her to look smart on the outside but required easy access underneath. Tights and other undergarments would spoil the flow of the meeting.

As she stood there she could once more hear footsteps, and the bedroom door opened and closed as $name2 left the bedroom.

Soon after she could hear running water, followed by the sound of someone showering. So far, $name2 was staying within the scenario he had described – he had said he would be travelling a long way to see her and would need to freshen up when he arrived.

Her mind was racing as she tried to remember all the other things he had described, and again she felt a delicate shiver across her body.

As she was contemplating whether to quickly lift the blindfold and take a look, the showering ended, and so she decided to remain compliant. Not long after she heard the bedroom door open and close once more, and then she almost let out a quiet scream when she felt $name2 take hold of her hands.

The scent of someone freshly showered filled her nostrils as $name2 gently wrapped his arms around her from behind. His firm body pressed against hers and she could feel his hard cock pressing against her bottom.

$name2 was already aroused, even though there had been no real contact between them so far. He was obviously finding the whole situation rather stimulating.

$name1 could feel that her own nipples were hard and pressing against the material of her blouse, and her pussy was tingling even more.

She knew that if she reached between her lips with a finger it would be greeted with delicious wetness.

$name1 felt $name2’s hands moving across the front of her body, gently running over her hips, stomach, arms, and then they moved up and caressed her face, gently teasing around her mouth.

$name1felt a finger gently pressing between her lips, and then opened her mouth slightly, inviting the finger further into her mouth.

The end of a finger was gently pushed inside and she began to tease it with the tip of her tongue, then sucked it, slowly at first, then harder, gently biting it as she did so.

She could hear $name2’s breathing deepen, and with his other arm he pulled her against him, pressing his hard cock against her as he did so.

Eventually, he pulled away from her, turned her round to face him, then she felt him gently push down on her shoulders.

As $name1 knelt on the floor, she could feel $name2’s hard cock being pushed against her mouth. As she opened her mouth she felt the cock slowly but surely push deep inside.

Moving her tongue across the head she could taste sweet yet salty pre-cum. $name2’s hands grabbed her hair and he started to slowly but firmly fuck her mouth.

There had been no teasing or foreplay, and $name1 knew this was going to be something that would push her boundaries.

Every few strokes $name2 held his cock deep inside her mouth for a few seconds, and each time the cock was slightly deeper than before. $name1 could feel her eyes watering under the blindfold and placed her hands on her thighs to steady herself as $name2 used her mouth.

This pattern continued for a few minutes, deep slow strokes into her throat, then the cock pushed deeper and deeper down her throat and held there.

Eventually, the strokes were so deep that $name1 was on the verge of gagging with each one, but $name2 seemed to be able to read how much she could take and adjusted the force and duration so that it was tolerable, just.

Even so, she could feel how much the deep thrusting was making her mouth water and could feel saliva running down her chin.

Suddenly the cock was pulled from her mouth and she could hear $name2’s heavy breathing now that he was no longer fucking her mouth and throat.

She opened her mouth wide, expecting to receive a stream of cum from the end of $name2’s cock.

She was surprised to feel $name2 move away from her, and then even more surprised to feel him let go of her hair, take hold of her hands, and then gently lift her to her feet.

He placed one of her hands on his cock and as she grabbed it she could feel how wet and hard it was. She knew that all of the wetness had come from her mouth as $name2 had throatfucked her.

It made his cock very slippy and she started to wank him, her hand gripping around his thick shaft and gently moving up and down along his length. He reached one hand behind her head, pulled her towards him, then began to kiss her.

As their lips touched, $name1 could smell fresh mint.

Before long, both $name1 and $name2 were aggressively kissing each other, their tongues forcefully pushing into each other’s mouths.

With his one hand, $name2 pulled her towards him as they kissed, but when she tried to do the same $name2 took her hand and pushed it back down by her side.

Clearly, he did not want to relinquish any control. He started to use his tongue like he had used his cock, pushing it deep into her mouth, really taking control.

Almost as soon as he began, $name2 pulled away and $name1 stood there, blindfolded and feeling slightly helpless once more.

$name2 led her by the hand across the room, then gently leant her forwards.

As she reached out, her hands came in to contact with a hard, cold, bar. It was her bed frame, and $name1 gripped it hard with both hands, pushing her bum out behind her.

She felt her skirt being pulled up. It was quite tight and it seemed like it didn’t want to surrender too easily, unlike its wearer, but soon her firm curvy arse was naked.

As requested, there was nothing underneath, nothing which would prevent access to her pussy and ass. $name2’s hands moved slowly and gently across her buttocks and inner thighs, caressing them.

Once again, $name1 felt shivers go across her body and goosebumps ran up her back. $name2’s fingers moved forwards and backwards over her skin, getting bit by bit closer to her pussy.

She moved her legs apart, hoping this would send a signal to $name2that her pussy also needed attention. The response was not what she expected – suddenly $name2’s hands were removed from her skin, and then within no more than two seconds, THWACK! A hard slap came down on her right buttock. THWACK! A matching slap was administered to her left buttock.

Then… Nothing.

$name1 remained motionless – her hands gripping the bed rail, her blouse ruffled and stained with damp patches at the front, her black skirt pulled up revealing her curvy firm buttocks, now turning a rather fetching shade of pink.

She could not hear any movement from $name2 and she did not know what he was going to do next. She tried her best not to move, but eventually, she had to adjust her feet. THWACK!

This one struck exactly the same place as the first one and it stung.

$name1 readied herself for a second smack, but it didn’t come. Instead, she felt a hand reach down between her legs.

A finger was pressed against her pussy lips and gently worked its way between them. She was so aroused that there was practically no resistance at all, and the finger quickly found its way to her clit, where it began to move gently back and forth, gently rubbing the wetness of her pussy all over.

$name1’s knees became weak and she had no choice but to squat down, and couldn’t stop herself from quietly muttering “Oh my God!” as the finger stimulated her more than she could bear.

The moment she spoke the hand was removed and again… Nothing. Silence.

She stood as still as she could, wishing that she could reach down and rub her clit to orgasm. No matter how much she wanted one, she knew this would not be a good idea.

The throbbing in her pussy subsided slightly, and she could concentrate more on remaining motionless.

Even though she stood motionless, there was still no further contact. It felt to $name1 like 10 minutes passed, such was the frustration she was feeling, but eventually, she felt a hand reach down between her legs once more.

This time though, the finger did not go gently back and forth on her clit, but what felt like two fingers were gently worked inside her pussy. They slipped inside her easily, due to her wetness, and within seconds two then three fingers were being pushed in and out of her.

She could feel the fingers pushing deeper inside her, the knuckles opening her pussy wider, and a finger or thumb bumping against her clit with each thrust.

The fingers were pulled all the way out of her, rubbed all over the outside of her pussy, then she could feel $name2 start to push them back inside her.

This time it was a tighter fit – four fingers were making their way into her pussy, being pushed in and out of her firmly but gently.

It felt like they were all the way inside her, stretching her pussy, and $name2’s thumb was pressed against her puckered asshole.

With each thrust, she could feel $name2’s hand gently rotating inside her.

She felt a second hand pressed against her arse cheek, pulling it to one side, and then the fingers were pulled almost all the way out of her pussy.

She felt $name2 moving behind her, then suddenly, with the fingers still just inside her pussy, she felt her arsehole being licked. $name2’s other hand pulled her arse cheeks further apart, then with his tongue he licked all around her arse, gently flicking the tip of his tongue across her, probing inside, and occasionally moving away and biting her buttocks gently.

She felt the fingers gently sliding back inside her pussy, and as they went deeper she could feel a thumb gently moving around the outside of her puckered ass hole.

The thumb probed and teased and then finally pushed its way inside. $name1 loved the feeling of being stretched, it wasn’t painful but she knew that she’d be able to feel it aching for the next day or two.

The hand was gently worked back and forth, the fingers and thumb never quite coming all the way out, and fingers from the other hand reached underneath her and started to rub her clit.

$name1 could take no more and started to cum.

As her orgasm ripped through her body the fingers on her clit moved faster and faster. Her legs went weak, as she lowered herself down onto the hand, pushing it deeper and deeper into her pussy and asshole.

As she came down from her orgasm, the fingers on her clit moved more slowly and then finally stopped, and the hand inside her was slowly withdrawn.

She could feel that her pussy was soaking wet and she knew that while she really wanted $name2 to fuck her, her pussy would be far too sensitive to receive a good fuck for quite a while.

$name2 also had his mind on other things, and stood her up and turned her round to face him.

Her hand was placed on his cock and she gripped it. It felt rock hard in her hand and she started to wank it. $name2 placed his hands on her shoulders and pushed down. $name1 knelt on the floor and pulled his cock into her mouth.

This time, $name2 did not need to hold her head and fuck her mouth, as she forced as much of it down her throat as she could, putting her hands on $name2’s arse so she could pull him towards her.

His cock pushed against the back of her throat and made her gag, but she kept it there, pulling $name2 towards her to make sure he knew how much she needed him.

She pulled her head away, and gasped for breath, spit dribbling out of her mouth and off $name2’s cock and marking her once pristine blouse.

Seconds later she did the same thing, shoving his cock so far into her that she couldn’t breathe and had to fight the urge to gag. This continued, $name1 repeatedly choking herself on his cock, then pulling herself away to breathe.

Eventually, she felt $name2 put his hands on her head, gripping her hair tight.

He started to fuck her mouth and throat, pulling his cock almost all the way from her mouth before quickly thrusting it hard into her mouth, pulling her hair hard to force her mouth all the way over his cock.

After perhaps twenty or so forceful strokes, $name2 withdrew his cock and she felt jet after jet of hot spunk splash across her face.

It felt like a lot, and she could feel it all over her face, running down her cheeks and chin. She licked her lips and could taste the cum, then $name2 pushed the end of his cock back into her mouth.

She sucked it gently, cleaning all the cum from the end of his cock. $name2 let go of her hair and $name1 knelt there, waiting for him to say something.

She sat there for a few minutes more and could hear the sound of clothes being put on. Finally, $name2 spoke, but it was just a single sentence.

“You may remove your blindfold when I text your phone, and not before. Nod if you understand”

She nodded, and $name2 placed a phone in her hand, then touched her lips with a finger. She heard the sound of the bedroom door closing and footsteps going down the stairs.

The front door opened and then closed, and then less than a minute later her phone buzzed – a text had arrived.

$name1 quickly removed the blindfold and realised she had been positioned directly in front of her mirror.

She looked at herself – spunk all over her face and in her hair, and stains from spunk and spit all over her blouse and skirt.

She looked a mess. She could not believe that she had let a virtual stranger come to her house and use her like that, but had zero regrets.

Author: Alice

Alice is one of the founding authors of, and enjoys a variety of erotic kinks from cuckolding and voyeurism, to oral fixations and fantasy genres.

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