Deflowering The Neighbor’s Son

$name1 has been secretly watching her neighbor’s son, $name2, playing with himself whilst spying on her playing. Knowing he’s going to college the next day, and struggling to get herself off, $name1 takes a risk…

“Poor $name2,” thought $name1.

$name2 was 18, a bit nerdy, and lived next door.

His bedroom overlooked hers, which meant when the light was in the right direction he got a good look at whatever she happened to be doing at the time.

And, a year or so back, $name1 caught $name2 watching her undress, so she decided to give him something to watch.

$name1 was pretty sure he didn’t realize and had then come up with the bright idea of moving the lights around to cast more light on her body when viewed from outside, and of turning her webcam around so that she could see him at the same time on her laptop.

She was also pretty sure that he didn’t know that she got off on being watched while she played with her toys, secretly spying on him, spying on her.

It had almost become a ritual, to the point where she was genuinely saddened when he passed his exams and would be heading out to College in a few days.

$name2’s parents were away for the week and due back in time to take him away – tomorrow.

That would explain why he’d been quite brazen in his ‘appreciation’ the past week, not bothering to cover himself up and his hand pumped up and down while watching her toy or finger herself to sleep.

This is how, earlier that evening, she spotted him move away from the window to get some tissues and saw what he was packing in more detail. This kid was gifted!

Sadly for $name2, whatever $name1 tried that night just didn’t seem to work. She threw her toys off the bed and snapped the lights out.

She was as frustrated as he probably now was. Seeing $name2’s cock reminded her that she hadn’t any herself for a few weeks (she only ever played away from home).

It was bad enough she’d had to rearrange her date for tomorrow night, to make sure she was around to hand back the spare keys to $name2’s parents.

And then all these thoughts collided in her head.

Before she had a chance to talk herself out of it, she put on a pair of flat shoes and an overcoat, picked up the spare keys (and her own), and let herself out.

She darted over to the neighbor’s – it was a quiet street, and no one was around.

$name1 carefully put the keys in each lock and silently slipped in, and punched the code on the alarm. Then she slipped off her shoes, out of the overcoat and padded upstairs to his room, dark but with a small amount of moonlight illuminating her way,

$name2 was asleep.

Kneeling at the side of his bed, she slid her hand underneath the duvet until she found what she was looking for. She had no idea how large it was, and the darkness wasn’t helping her judge, but she really wasn’t in the mood to care.

$name2 stirred as her fingers traced up and down the shaft, feeling it start to grow with her touch. She pushed the duvet back, lifted his cock up, and started to slide her mouth up and down the rapidly growing shaft.

$name2 stirred and woke up to the sensation of $name1’s warm tongue working his cock.

$name2 was starting to say something when $name1 broke her liplock, put a hand over his mouth, and told him, in no uncertain terms, that if he uttered another word, she was going to stop and leave…

$name2 nodded and agreed to the ultimatum.

What else could he do?

Just to make sure he didn’t get any ideas, $name1 leaned across him with one arm, bobbing her head up and down, occasionally sliding all the way down and holding his cock in her mouth while her tongue wrapped around it.

$name1 let her other hand slide down to her already wet pussy, trying to give it as much attention as she was giving the cock in her mouth.

$name1’s oral action would have done any man, and it certainly did for $name2.

Groaning as quietly as possible – he’d promised not to say a word– he came in her mouth.

$name1 swallowed the first jet easily enough, but he just kept coming. She broke off to swallow a mouthful, and there was still some running down the side of his cock. $name1 began to clean his cock with her tongue.

First blowjob?

He nodded.

First anything?

He paused and nodded.

$name1 had done a lot in her time, but deflowering a virgin was a first. Well, a male virgin, anyway. And his cock was still semi-hard. And he was going away…

She ran through the permutations quickly and decided that riding him was best.

The theory was no substitute for practice, and she didn’t want him getting all frustrated and stabbing around in the dark. Plus, it meant she could control the entry of his monster.

She stood up and climbed on the bed, keeping hold of $name2’s cock as she did so.

She rested her feet across his thighs, trapping him and giving him little room to move – or take the initiative – and lowered herself until she could feel his cockhead part her lips.


He nodded. She knew he wasn’t, but that wasn’t going to stop her.

$name1 was wet, but she was also tight and had to take $name2 inch by slow inch.

Eventually, he was fully inside her. She swore she could feel his cock from the outside as it filled her pussy.

When they were both used to the feeling, she raised herself up, then slid back down. Not having had any for a few weeks it didn’t take long for her to cum. She could feel it running down his cock, and she was sure $name2 could too.

She paused for a moment to get her breath back.


He nodded.

$name1 leaned back and started grinding on his cock again.

Time to get him more involved, she thought. She shifted her weight so that his legs were freed, hoping he’d get the message and start thrusting upwards to meet her as she slid down.

Then she took his hands and clamped them to her breasts, making sure her nipples were between his fingers so that they rubbed against them with every move.

Then for good measure, she slid a hand down between them and rested it against her clit.

$name2 was a quick learner and $name1’s second orgasm, when it hit, almost made her scream the place down. She collapsed on top of him trying to catch her breath. Propping herself up she kissed him on the nose.

Okay, I’m knackered. Your turn to do some work. Fuck me.

$name2 slid his hands over her back and ass, thrusting his cock into as hard as he could.

$name1 wrapped her arms around him, telling him to fuck her even harder, how much she loved being fucked by his huge cock, how much she wanted him to cum inside her.

She wanted to tell him a lot more, but it was the kid’s first fuck, she didn’t want to scare him off. Just enough encouragement, and no more.

She rubbed up and down on him, crushing her breasts into his chest, urging him on until he grunted, his legs trembling as he came inside her.

He pulled her down and they kissed for the first time that evening. They stayed locked together for a few minutes before she pulled away, sliding herself off his deflating cock.

Cum leaked out of her swollen pussy. She thought about cleaning his cock again but she was by now truly sated, a little bit exhausted and didn’t want to give him any thoughts about a possible third round.

Cum was running down her thighs and she slid a finger along one, scooping some up and tasting the mix of his juice and hers. $name1 could be a real slut at times. The kid would have to find out sometime.

She moved to the door, glancing back at $name2, who looked as if he still wasn’t sure what happened.

See you at Christmas break!

$name2 nodded and grinned.


Author: Maria

Maria is an amateur erotic author, having written shorts on other sex story websites in the past. With an interest in taboo and fantasy, Maria likes to focus on the kinky side of sex, and combines it with the potential sensuality of sex.

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