Boyfriend Revels In Being A Cuck

$name2 is a cuck, and he knows it. His girlfriend, $name1 has been staying out a lot lately… Where is she tonight? Is she with $name3?

$name1 was out late again, it seems to be happening a lot recently.

$name2 was in bed tossing and turning, thinking of all the possible things his beautiful girlfriend could be up to.

He turned to his bedside table, the clock read 3:02. He wanted to stay awake, he wanted to see if she smelt like sex.

If her tight little pussy was leaking another man’s cum.

He suspected this may be the case.

He knew she was a dirty bitch and had noticed a correlation between, the recent late nights out $name1 was having and a decrease in their sex life.

A real slut like $name1 didn’t just lose her sex drive without good cause!

His eyes grew heavier and before he could ponder more on $name1’s whereabouts, and despite best efforts, he fell asleep.

If he had stayed up he’d have noticed $name1 stumbling in. He’d have noticed the slight limp in her walk as if she’d been fucked in the ass.

He’d have noticed the stench of sex and men’s cologne on her skin. He’d have noticed her try and hide this, by taking off her cum filled sexy black knickers (that she used to wear for $name2) and putting them discretely at the top of the laundry pile.

$name2 woke up suddenly, he immediately turned to $name1’s side of the bed. She wasn’t there?

He peered over to see her heels and her red dress on the floor.

He then looked at the clock, 9.10.

She must have come back and gone to work, he thought. He sat up, rubbed his eyes, and stretched his arms. He sleepily went to head to the kitchen to get his morning coffee.

As he got to his bedroom door he noticed something in the corner of his.

$name1’s black lacey panties on top of the laundry basket.

A peculiar grin appeared on his face. He wasn’t so tired now.

He walks over to the laundry basket, and gingerly picks them up with his thumb and forefinger.

Damn! They were really wet!

Drenched in another guy’s juices. He put them under his nose and inhaled deeply. It was just the scent of $name1’s tight little pussy, there was a distinctive smell of cum, a man’s cum.

It all became clear to $name2 then. It was $name3’s. He’d see them at work, see his name appear at odd times on her phone. $name3 couldn’t even $name2 in the eye recently.

$name2 could feel his dick twinge in his loose boxer fabric.

He scrunched them up in his hand and inhaled some more. What a little slag he thought. He noticed his hand wet with cum from where he’s crumpled the kickers.

This makes him instantly hard. He sits on the bed and licks the cum from the knickers with the top of his tongue.

He pulls down his boxers and starts to stroke his hard hard cock, whilst shoving the knickers in his mouth.

He decides he wants to want ejaculate whilst wearing them. He wants his cum filled inside the kickers, mixed with $name1 and $name3’s.

His orgasm was intense, he filled them with his cum, and used them to make sure his cock was clean after.

He decides to see what else $name1 has in the laundry for him to wear. He then remembers the skimpy red dress knows the floor.

I bet he fucked her wearing this! He excitedly squeezes into the tight bodycon dress, he stroked the material imaging how $name1 was positioned when she took $name3’s cock bare.

$name2 was so caught up in his new doing fetish he didn’t hear $name1’s car pull into the drive. He didn’t hear her keys in the door. He didn’t hear her footsteps up the stairs.

$name2, what the fuck are you doing in my dress?!

$name2 jumps and looks up at $name1 in the bedroom doorway.

It smells like sex…

$name2 replies with a menacing look in his eye.

$name1 turns her head and notices her knickers aren’t at the top of the laundry basket.

$name2 notices her looking for them.

You filthy slut I found them, I smelt $name3’s cum, I tasted $name3’s cum, fuck I even added my own load to them.

$name1 stood there, looking shocked, confused, and weirdly turned on.

Look $name2, you know I have a high a drive, I’m sorry. He came on to me and I couldn’t resist.

She looks at him sheepishly, but her pussy has started to get moist again.

Let me smell that pussy, I know you didn’t have time to shower this morning, you would have woken me if you did!

$name1’s eyes light up.

She takes off her knickers and lifts her skirt.

Her pussy is hairy, you can see specks of dried cum stuck in her hair.

$name2 crawls on all fours and takes a deep drag of cummy pussy scent.


He groans, and before you know it his dicks hard again.

Tell me what you did with him, tell me why you wanted his cock and not mine. Tell me how pathetic I am for wanking in your pants and dress.

$name2 begs. $name1’s mouth stretched into a wide grin.

She explains how she’s been fucking $name3 for weeks now. Hotels, cars, even the disabled toilet at work.

How he has her any way he wants. How he fills all her holes with his warm juices.

How she begs for his cock.

How much she knows she is a dirty whore, but she can’t help but want $name3’s cum.

She describes in detail how much bigger $name3’s cock is compared to $name2’s.

How he can satisfy her so much more.

I can’t believe you wore my cum filled knickers, you’re pathetic. I’m letting $name3 fuck my ass, cum on my face. What do you get, my used knickers? Wearing my dress too, what a weirdo you are. You wish you were $name3, filling up my holes, having me anywhere and everywhere…

With that $name2 lets out a loud groan, and $name1 watches her cuck boyfriend cum over the thought of another man fucking her…

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