Petite Gym Girl Fucks Monster PT

$name1 is frustrated that her normal gym schedule is broken and is forced to go after work. There she catches the gaze of a monster of a personal trainer, who helps her get a really good workout in…

At the gym, $name1 trained with great enthusiasm. Even though she was small, she could handle all the machines in the gym. Despite her relatively small frame of 5ft 5”, modest B cup breasts, her equally small butt that a nice, proportionate roundness to it.

$name1 attended the gym three or four times a week, hence why her body looked so good.

That day, her various chores, her busy schedule had not allowed her to go to the gym in the morning.

With growing annoyance, she was forced to go after work. She didn’t like this, she loved to leave work and head straight home.  She also didn’t like the “post-work” gym crowd.

Not wanting to miss that day’s session, she had no choice.

She got the gym, went and changed into her gym clothes, and proceeded to a weights machine to start her routine.

Near $name1, a muscular man over six feet tall was looking sideways at her as he showed other people the correct way to train.

“A trainer.” $name1 thought.

It didn’t escape her notice that the man was extremely attractive, but it was this kind of gym-going, muscle-bound person that made the post-work sessions feel uncomfortable.

She stopped looking over to where he was training a group of people. Most of them were women who were watching him with eyes glowing with what was undoubtedly desire as he put them through their paces in a group kettlebell session.

$name1 couldn’t completely ignore the fact that the trainer was looking at her, but she did everything in her power to do so. That wasn’t what she was going to the gym for.

Come on, guys!

$name1 heard the trainer yell.

To stop looking over to that spot, where the trainer kept turning his head in her direction, $name1 went over to other equipment she wouldn’t typically use in that routine, but then her whole schedule was currently off.

The trainer’s shouts could be heard clearly even when she had already moved. Such an issue was starting to break her concentration, and that bothered her, as she wanted to get out of there to go home as soon as possible to finally rest.

$name1 did the corresponding workout on that machine when the cheering stopped. The girls and the few boys, who had been entrapping the giant man from $name1’s point of view, were leaving.

Many were saying goodbye at the exit. Others, perhaps they didn’t know each other. $name1 didn’t know why this held so much attention for her.

Ok, get this done, and get out of here sharpish.

She said aloud to herself, as a motivational pep talk, and a voice near her replied.

That’s right.

Affirmed the voice.

$name1 flinched so wildly that she almost fell to the ground in fright, the trainer grabbed her arm.

Are you okay?

The trainer asked her.

Instantly, she looked at him reproachfully. She hadn’t liked him scaring her like that.

Yes, I’m fine, thanks for asking.

She tried to talk down, but she couldn’t. That trainer was really and his presence was, commanding.

In view of the fact that we’re alone in that huge gym, how about a one-on-one training session?

The trainer was flashing a big smile as he offered $name1 the individual training session.

For the space of a second, she thought about declining his offer, however, she ended up accepting.

They began to work out very hard.

He had some tips for her that were very helpful. $name1 mused that she had made the right decision.

He was definitely adding value to her workout, helping with different postures and corrections to maximize the effectiveness of what she was doing.

However, $name1 saw something that threw her off.

She was much shorter than the trainer.

That man looked like a giant in front of her. As $name1 lowered her gaze not by too many inches, she had seen that he had a rather noticeably huge… Bulge. His tight shorts left no room for error.

Far from being annoyed, $name1 noticed that she felt just the opposite: the vision had pleased her.

Now she couldn’t stop looking towards that spot, she saw his big erection so much, that the trainer ended up noticing it.

He stopped and took $name1 in his arms without warning. To him, she weighed nothing. To lift her clear off the floor he didn’t need to exert too much effort.

Once she was firmly between his muscular arms, he kissed her, resting his hands under her butt. Her shapely ass.

$name1 hadn’t even had time to exhale the sigh that struggled to leave her throat at the sight of his erect penis at full capacity.

The trainer led her over to the yoga mats, all still laid out from a previous session.

$name1 didn’t really think about anything, she just let herself go.

Meanwhile, he was kissing her eagerly groping her little ass.

$name1’s outfit was typical gym attire, and he lowered his microns just enough to reach his full hand in and caress her buttocks.

$name1 knew she had time to change her mind, the problem lay in the fact that she didn’t want to. She let it happen.

She was aroused and knowing she was alone with that muscular trainer made her even more excited.

They reached the yoga mats. He laid her down, and she knelt in front of him to pull down his shorts.

She was confronted with a massive cock that she could hardly hold in her small hand.

$name1 felt a strong desire to take that throbbing member into her mouth, and she tried. It wouldn’t fit in her mouth, it was proportionally impossible, but she didn’t give up.

She persevered; $name1 gripped it tightly with one hand and opened her mouth as best she could stretching it as far as physically possible.

The trainer pushed, and she was able to take his giant cock into her mouth.

This was her moment, $name1 thought and licked it to make it roll better, working its way through her teeth. The trainer let out a gasp, and a sigh of relief: $name1 was sucking his cock like a goddess.

After that great effort, $name1 moved her head and her hands around that beast.

Her mouth stretched so much that it was starting to hurt, but that didn’t matter for the moment.

He couldn’t help it, but his cock was growing bigger and bigger as $name1 was giving him pleasure like few others had. $name1 was great at sucking cock, and even though the trainer’s member was proving to be a real challenge – she was rising too it.

Tears ran down $name1’s beautiful cheeks, for that cock of mammoth proportions was very hard to suck.

The coach pushed her down once on the mat, and he removed her clothes.

She hoped she wouldn’t be hurt too badly. He was much bigger than she was, and of course he could crush her. Kissing her, her neck, and her small breasts, he started rubbing the tip of his massive cock against her pussy entrance.

The teasing stopped, and he started to inch inside her.

$name1 screamed, and let out a low cry as he positioned her doggy style on the mat and prepared to lunge at her, penetrating her with the vehemence $name1 imagined he would imprint.

$name1’s screams were all that could be heard in the place, except for the crash of their sweaty bodies.

He kept shifting her positions, that time.

She was back underneath him with her legs over his shoulders and both her holes vulnerable. He opted to continue fucking her pussy with the momentum and strength befitting a man of his size and physical condition.

$name1 felt pleasure coursing through her from head to toe as his huge cock worked in and out of her now stretching little pussy.

Her hands clutched at him, and she dug her nails in without realizing it. The trainer didn’t care.

His thrusts were anything but gentle, they were rough and had the potential to hurt her, but what $name1 felt was a joy that soon sent her into a deeply intense orgasm, her nails tearing through his skin.

He didn’t take long to cum and pulled his cock out so that the spunky semen landed on $name1’s bare breasts and stomach.

She left that gym later than she had intended, but it had been worth every extra second…

Author: Alice

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