Late Night Office Anal

$name1 is an office hottie, and she’s forced to work late one night with $name2 to get a contract amended and sent out to a client. $name1 spends the night flirting with $name2, before he finally breaks…

$name1 works a lot, and even though she has a desk in the office, she’s often out visiting clients or on business trips, keeping existing relationships happy and building new ones.

Rumour has it, that $name1 is very good at keeping clients happy, and she very rarely comes away with a contract not being signed.

$name1 was aware of these rumors but didn’t overly care – regardless of how true they may, or may not be. In the office $name1 shares a pod of desks with three others, among them is $name2.

$name2 is a reasonably attractive guy, but has no game and for the most part, is harmless.

It was a boring afternoon, with emails flying left and right – and then around 3pm it hit the inbox. A contract both $name1 and $name2 were working on had been returned by the client’s legal team with annotations, questions, and change requests.

Their boss had also been CC’d into the email, so it wasn’t a surprise that 2 minutes later he emailed $name1 and $name2 in a new email thread reinforcing the importance of the contract, and in his own way, subtly letting them both know they would be staying late and resolving all the red tape on the contract before going home for the evening.

When the clock struck 5pm, most of the office emptied out, and as time went on people continued to leave, going on with their “normal” lives, all apart from $name1 and $name2 who had split the contract into two, and were going through all the changes requested…

7pm, and they were the only two left in the office.

This is going to be another hour at least.

Moaned $name2, trying to start conversation with $name1.

Tell her about it!

Do you want a drink? Might make it go quicker…

$name1 nodded, and $name2 proceeded to take out a bottle of whiskey from his desk drawer and poured into their now empty coffee mugs.

They continued to drink, and making small talk, making good progress through the contract.

As the whiskey flowed, contract pages turned, the conversation also flowed. $name1 remembered at the last Christmas party that $name2 had tried to make small talk with her then, but with all the people around and distractions, she had ignored his advances.

But now, it was different. They were alone and his conversation was hitting the mark… Or at least the whiskey was.

$name1 unbuttoned a few buttons on her blouse, $name2 noticed but didn’t say anything.

$name2 asked $name1 to help translate a phrase, it was some obscure legal jargon, so she went up to him, and bent over his desk to look at the phrase, posturing so that her cleavage was more obvious, and opened blouse more visible for his viewing.

$name2 couldn’t take his eyes off her chest, and he wasn’t doing a great job of being subtle.

$name1 went to get the documents from the bottom drawer and purposely turned her back to $name2 and bent down for the documents so that he could see her crotch under the short skirt.

Glancing back, she could see $name2 clearly staring at her ass the lacey crotch she was now revealing to him.

$name1 bobbed up and down a little, before purposefully dropping some of the paper – so she had to reach down and reveal just that little bit more.

$name2 broke at this point.

He stopped working and put his hand on $name1’s ass and pulled her closer to him so that his face was at the level with her stomach.

Then he put his other hand on her ass and drew her to him, burying his face in her stomach, kissing it softly, and caressing her buttocks, lowering his hands lower and lower.

Reaching the edge of the skirt, he began to stroke her legs in pantyhose, climbing up them already under the skirt to her ass. $name1 was in a thong and from the side, it looked like she was commando under her tights.

Realizing that she was in a thong, his hands began to move higher to the elastic bands of tights and thongs.

$name1 felt her pussy tingle, her pussy lips swelling, and her clitoris begins to harden.

Do you want to fuck her, $name2?

$name1 said in a nonchalant, yet seductive manner.

$name2 stared up at her eyes and nodded.

Let’s go to the backroom, it’s a lot more private there.

They hurried to the back room. $name1 led, purposefully shaking her hips in an exaggerated manner so that $name2 could get a good look.

When they entered the back room, he came up to her from behind, hugged her, putting one hand on her stomach, the other began to caress her breasts through her blouse and bra.

Then he unbuttoned the remaining buttons of his blouse and slipped his hand into her bra. $name1 could no longer endure, she unbuttoned the fastener on the back herself, giving him the opportunity to free her breasts from her bra.

He took her breasts with both hands, began stroking them, kneading them, pinching her nipples.

He kissed her neck and shoulders and, and his stiffening member rested against her buttocks. $name1 was already at the limit and wanted to get his cock in her ass or pussy as soon as possible.

Leaving his left hand on his chest, with his right, he lifted her skirt and put his hand into her panties.

When he got to her pussy, he began to play with her clit.

They kissed deeply as he played with her pussy.

Please, you need to fuck me!

$name1 begged.

I don’t have a condom, I’m sorry.

$name1 let out a frustrated groan, she needed fucking.

Fine, if we can’t fuck properly, then fuck my ass.

These words made $name2 even more excited. $name1 could tell by his breathing. He clearly did not expect her to give him her peach.

She lowered her tights and thongs to her knees, lifted her skirt almost to the waist, bent down, spread her buttocks with her left hand, spit on her right, and rubbed it around her ass to lubricate the entrance for his cock.

$name2 did the same, spitting onto his hand and lubricating his cock.

Bending over a table, $name1 leaned over and presented her sweet ass for $name2. He rubbed the tip of his cock against her entrance, and slowly began to ease it in.

$name1 offered no resistance and let out a sigh, followed by a moan as $name2 fed his entire cock into her, right up to his pubis.

At first, he held her by the waist with both hands, and as if pushing on his penis, then he held her naked breasts with both hands, then he straightened her a little, caressed her breasts with one hand, the other played with her clitoris.

It took less than a minute until $name1 felt the strong pulsation of his penis in her ass and a sweet impulse as an electric current pierced her body from ass to crown.

Then more and more sweet impulses to the beat of the pulsation of his penis in her ass. He came very hard and for what felt like forever.


Author: Maria

Maria is an amateur erotic author, having written shorts on other sex story websites in the past. With an interest in taboo and fantasy, Maria likes to focus on the kinky side of sex, and combines it with the potential sensuality of sex.

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