Fucking The Client To Sign The Contract

Name1♀ is facing a difficult time at work, with her client Name2♂ not wanting to sign a new contract with the advertising agency… Begrudgingly, she feels she needs to use all her powers of persuasion to get him to sign…

Working in an advertising agency meant that $name1 had to deal with difficult clients every day but her current client certainly took the cake for being the most difficult person that she had dealt with.

He wanted superb results for the least amount of money and $name1 kept going back and forth with him trying to negotiate a reasonable amount and get him to sign a new contract with the firm but he wasn’t budging.

Too bad she couldn’t drop him, he was the agency’s biggest client and she had to make him happy somehow and soon before other firms poached him.

$name1 was just about to leave the office at the end of the difficult day she had just had when the phone rang and it was the said client. He was probably calling to complain about the figure stated in the earlier contract that she had sent him earlier.

Hello $name2. 

$name1 greeted her stubborn client when she picked up the phone while trying her best to sound as cheerful as she could get after a long tiring day.

$name1, my eyes must be going blind because I saw an extra zero on the contract. That must be a mistake…

Okay, how about dinner so that we can go over the new contract? Cipriani’s?”

$name1 would not give up easily.

Sure thing, miss $name1. You are relentless and I’m very impressed.

See you at 7pm?

Yes, see you there.

He said, ending the call and true to his words, $name2 was at the restaurant at 7pm on the dot. 

Open to talking but not willing to make any changes. He would not budge and $name1 employed all her negotiating skills but her client was not willing to negotiate.

You see $name1, I do not like the creative direction of your firm.

He complained. He was very demanding but $name1 was ready to take on him because she had worked with him for many years.

You know I would go the extra mile to please my clients. Tell me what’s going on $name2?

 $name1 urged him. It was like negotiating with a child who was used to getting what he wanted.

Then show me how extra you are willing to go.

The reply was blunt, and the look he was leveling on her told $name1 that he did not have good intentions at all. 

She knew exactly what he had in mind and she wasn’t opposed to it because she was willing to do anything to further her career but she wanted to hear him ask for it.

What do you mean?

$name1 asked, feigning ignorance.

I mean come back to my hotel and help change my mind.

$name2 replied and he was not making any effort to conceal the fact that he was interested in her.

But, that’s extremely unprofessional and unethical!

$name1 shot back as she swirled her wine glass. If she wasn’t getting any further with negotiating with him, then she’d better enjoy her dinner.

Maybe a little unprofessional is what will get you ahead in your profession. Think about it but don’t think too long.

This was a clear taunt, and $name1 weighed the risks before coming to a decision.


Are you sure?

Do you want to fuck me or not?

With a big smile on his face then summoned the waiter and paid their bill. He took $name1 by the hand then led her out of the restaurant and hailed a cab which took them to his hotel.

$name1 was resigned to her choices and she walked into the elevator that took them to her client’s room without any shame at all. She had decided that she wanted the contact so bad that she was willing to trade sex for it. 

As soon as the doors closed behind them, $name2 grabbed $name1 and pulled her towards him then kissed her hard until they were both moaning and grunting.

He was a good kisser, $name1 admitted to herself grudgingly. At least she was going to enjoy herself and by the time they parted desperate for air in their lungs, they were both panting loudly.

Strip for me.

$name2 demanded as he staggered backward before collapsing on the nearest chair.

$name1 purred seductively then strutted towards $name2 who was practically eye-fucking her. She stopped a few inches away from him then unzipped her dress leaving her standing before him only in her sexy underwear.

Oh my… Who knew all that foxiness hid underneath that power suit!

$name2 teased $name1 who swayed her hips as she undid her bra then slowly slid her panties down to her ankles and stepped out of them.

Does this meet your approval? 

$name1 teased him as she presented her naked body to $name2 who didn’t say a single word. He looked speechless and his eyes were all over her naked body devouring and lusting over her.

$name2 began to stand and approach her.

Now come here and show some love to my cock.

$name2 demanded as he stroked his prominent erection.

$name1 approached $name2 who pushed her on the bed where she quickly sat up while $name2 himself stood before her with his cock pointed at her mouth.

She brought her mouth closer to his cock then took half of his length in her mouth and began sucking it enthusiastically while the rest of his length had her hand wrapped around it.

Oh yes. Such a fantastic cock sucker.

$name2 groaned then grabbed $name1 by the hair and yanked it hard as she bobbed her head back and forth on his cock, making him lose his shit.

She licked and explored his manhood with her tongue while focusing on his sensitive head which made her poor client shake. He groaned while pulling $name1’s hair as she slurped up his dick with spit dripping from her mouth.

She was more than prepared to go the extra mile and do whatever it took to get him to sign the new contract and she sucked his cock hard while her hands fondled his balls, pleasuring and torturing him.

Do you like that $name2?

$name1 asked $name2 as she looked up at him, meeting his gaze while her hands moved up and down his cock.

$name2 cried out and when he couldn’t take her slow torture any longer, he took charge. He began shoving his cock down her throat making her gag and choke.

He growled and grunted as if he was in pain while he thrust his manhood in and out of her glorious mouth. Having her gag reflexes tightening around his cock felt so good and it pushed him closer and closer to the edge and he kept going faster, desperate for a release but not ready to give in yet.

I have to fuck you now.

He pulled out his cock from her mouth and pushed $name1 on the bed.  He wanted to cum so bad and he couldn’t wait to fill up $name1’s pussy with his cum.

Are you ready to take this cock $name1?

$name1 who nodded.

I hope your pussy is wet for me.

He said then took his hand to $name1’s pussy and inspected it before nodding in approval.

He parted her legs then briefly hovered above her with his cock nudging her entrance before he pushed his cock into her hole filling her with his thick length that left $name1 moaning shamelessly because it felt so good.

$name2 withdrew his cock then slowly pushed his cock into the tight pussy once again and it felt so good for both of them. They both moaned and groaned as $name2 started pumping in and out of her, holding back at all.

He started slowly then steadily began fucking $name1 in a quick pace. Her tight pussy was making him go crazy as it flexed its muscles around his cock.

Do you like that?

$name2 taunted $name1 as thrust into her faster like a crazed man. 

Yes… Yes… please. Fuck me harder $name2!

$name1 sobbed as she took his deep thrusts. It felt so good and she screamed and begged for more as his cock went deeper and deeper and she almost lost control when he located her sweet spot.

$name1, wrapped her long legs around his waist as her pussy sought more of his cock while squeezing and tightening around him as he battered her body. She was enjoying it, turned on, and very excited. She moaned and wailed as $name2 kept up with his rough assaults on her pussy.

She moaned as his cock repeatedly nudged her g-spot while his huge body crushed her tiny body onto the mattress.

The missionary position had never been more exciting and $name1 met his efforts halfway by thrusting her pelvis to take more of him. Her body was feverish and wild sensations spread all over her body as she got closer to climax.

Please… I’m so close…

$name1 pleaded helplessly. Her body was teetering on the edge of a climax and she didn’t think she could take it anymore.

Tell me what you need $name1.

$name2 teased her as he fucked her faster with his hands pulling her hair. He was now fucking her roughly, slamming his cock into her cunt mercilessly and $name1 loved every second of it.

I need to cum… Please!

She was a very demanding lover who gave as much as she took from $name2 who fucked her harder and faster until $name1 couldn’t take it any longer. Soon enough, her body began shivering and trembling violently before it spiraled out of control.

All the muscles in her body spasmed and she felt as if fireworks had gone off in the room as a powerful orgasm took control of her body and left her panting and gasping for air.

$name2 on the other end kept on thrusting in and out of $name1’s pussy. He was far from done and he was going to fuck the poor lady until she begged for mercy.

Her tight pussy strangled his cock and pushed him closer and closer to the edge but before he could lose it, $name2 pulled out of her and turned her over, $name1 was still shivering from the aftershocks of the powerful orgasm she had just experienced.

He made her get on her fours then settled behind her with his cock poking at the entrance of her pussy that was leaking with her juices.

Are you ready for more fucking?

$name2 asked $name1 with a loud growl, and she nodded enthusiastically.

$name2 placed his hand on the base of her spine and thrust forward burying his huge cock in $name1’s addictive pussy which felt so good wrapped around his cock.

She felt his fingers trailing all over her ass and she squeaked in surprise when she felt his fingers poking into her asshole. He clearly knew what he was doing so she relaxed and let him explore every inch of her body.

$name1 had been working too hard lately and she had given up good sex in the process but now that she had the chance, she was going to indulge in it without any shame or guilt.

$name2 went on to push two fingers in her ass and finger fuck her ass while fucking her pussy at the same time and $name1 loved the sensations it brought to her body.

He drove her crazy and made her squeal with every hard pounding in her pussy and $name1 could not get enough of $name2 as he rode her pussy like a starved man. He was the perfect lover and he seemed to know exactly what she needed without her telling him.

$name1 moaned and wailed loudly as the man rode her to the heavens and back and the second orgasm came as a surprise to her.

Her eyes watered and she almost forgot how to breathe as her body quaked and convulsed as a powerful orgasm that had come out of nowhere, possessed her body and left her feeling as if she was in the middle of turbulence during a flight. 

Everything was chaotic, beautiful chaos that she enjoyed very much and wanted to last forever. $name2 did not stop even for one second despite her pussy muscles strangling the hell out of his cock. He was fucking awesome and in control every step of the way with his deep thrusts that never wavered.

$name2 finally pulled out of $name1’s pussy when he was seconds away from climax. He turned her around to face him then made her open her mouth.

I’m going to cum in your mouth and you are going to swallow every drop of my cum.

He instructed $name1 as he stroked his cock.

$name1 purred shamelessly then opened her mouth which $name2 shoved his cock into. It did not take long before his body froze with his cock releasing a flood of his this cum down her throat and $name1 swallowed every drop of it until his balls finally emptied after which $name2 pulled out his now deflated cock looking very pleased.

That was fucking awesome.

$name2 declared breathlessly as he plopped down next to her.

Yes, it was. 

$name1 replied with a smile on her face. She was already celebrating the sealing of the deal in her brain and she expected $name2 to bring it up now that they were done fucking but his next words shocked her.

I need to get some sleep. How about I meet you tomorrow at the office so we can talk about the contract?

He said and $name1 quickly masked her disappointment before answering him.

Yes, of course.

She was a little disappointed that all that hot sex hadn’t guaranteed her the contract but she wasn’t going to bring it up right there in his hotel room while still naked.

He had all the power and $name1 had to make sure that she was in the right frame of mind first before discussing business and she took her chance to slip away when $name2 went into the bathroom. 

$name1 showed up at the office the next day wearing her power suit, ready to take on $name2 and after thirty minutes of waiting for him, the phone rang, and on the other end was $name2′ secretary.

Good morning Miss, $name2 can’t make it to the meeting but he wanted me to inform you that he was very impressed by how you conduct business. 

She said and $name1’s face flushed when she remembered the exact way she had handled business the previous evening.

Thank you of course. Any updates on the contract?

She asked cautiously, expecting more disappointment.

The contract has been signed and is on the way over to you.

The secretary informed $name1 who began happy dancing in her office. She had sealed another deal once again, but hopefully not set a precedent.


Author: Alice

Alice is one of the founding authors of NaughtyFable.com, and enjoys a variety of erotic kinks from cuckolding and voyeurism, to oral fixations and fantasy genres.

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