Fucking The Trucker

Going to pick up a friend from the next town over, her car breaks down and is rescued by a passing trucker, who helps her in more way than one… This is a naughty two-name sex story (name1 female, name2 male).

It was a dark night and a long road with wilderness on both sides, and it wasn’t normal that anyone would be out on that road at that time of night, let alone a lone woman.

The road was very famous for violent assaults, murders, and rape.

No one would ever desire to be on that road alone, but $name1 was there. $name1 has no choice, roadblocks and diversions meant this was the only way to get to her friend.

$name1’s friend was staying in the town over with another friend, but they had had a falling out, and with no trains running at that time, $name1 wanted to get there as soon as possible.

She did not think twice about the risk that she was taking while driving on that road, she just wanted to get her friendship duties over with and get back to bed..

$name1 had been on the road for around a mile, before a clunking sound from the engine.

She did not want to stop as she knew how dangerous that road could be, and she had heard all the rumors and didn’t care to find out how true they could be.

$name1 continued pushing the limits of her car, but after covering a few hundred yards, a final clunk signaled the end of her journey, as smoke began to billow from the engine.

$name1 had to stop.

$name1 got out of the car, took out her phone, and looked to call her recovery service.

That was very obvious that signals were weak on that road, and victims of crimes were stuck in situations like this. $name1 knew that she is not safe there. She got inside the car and locked herself up.

After minutes of silence and darkness, $name1 saw a light on the horizon in her rearview mirror, and the light continued to get bigger, and closer.

It was a big truck coming towards her.

$name1’s mind ran wild with the stories she had heard, she was afraid that it must have been full of men filled with lust, and she will be used in an unholy manner in this darkness, and no one would ever know what happened to her, or find her…

She was terrified as the truck approached her. She kept her silence, and she wanted the truck to pass away without stopping for her. The truck passed, but began to slow and pulled over a quarter of a mile away.

$name1’s heartbeat was rising, as she heard the sound of a door closing carried by the wind.

A man came out of the truck, holding a torch to guide his path, and started walking towards her. His silhouette was that of a tall, bulky man, a body typical of a trucker.

She was terrified and that he would easily overpower her.

Her throat was dry.

She could not breathe with the fear of the stories that she heard about this road. 

He knocked on the window, shining his torch into the car, lighting $name1 up.

It was a cold winter night. It was freezing inside. The car was broken, and the heater was off. She had no option but to ask for help, she had no phone signal, and she surely would struggle through the night.

He knocked again. She opened the door and got out. She was wearing a short dress, and it was freezing cold outside. He looked at her from top to bottom, the movements of the torch giving away his gaze.

Are you alright miss? Women should not be alone here at this hour.

I was going to get my friend, but my car broke down in the middle of the road.

Have you not heard the stories about this road? It is your luck that I was passing by. I can help you?

The man’s voice tailed off towards the end, teasing some sincerity in his offer.

What is your name?

$name1 said in her trembling voice.

My name is $name2.

Why should I trust you?

Because if I wanted to harm you, I would have by now.

$name2 began to walk back towards his truck.

$name1 stood there for a while; then, she knew that she had no option but to go with him in his truck. She started following him.

I will call for help from my truck with the radio, you can stay there until help arrives if you like, it will be warmer than your car at least. I don’t have too tight of a deadline to meet, so I can hang around for a bit.

Thank you.

$name1 replied in her trembling voice as she was afraid, and also freezing cold.

$name1 got into that small cabin, but she was too cold from outside.

How long have you been sitting in that freezing car?

About an hour. My phone couldn’t get a signal and I didn’t want to be outside.

You look cold, here, I have some blankets.

$name2 reached into a compartment and gave it to $name1. She wrapped herself in it, her legs visible and her skin giving away how cold she was, as they were covered in goosebumps.

I help you get warm, if you don’t mind?

$name2 asked. $name1 didn’t know how to respond, all she knew is that she was freezing cold, and being in his truck cab was afraid of annoying him.

That would be fine.

$name2 got in her blanket and hugged her from behind. She stopped shivering instantly.

That worked, I guess.

You are warm!

He was in a blanket, and $name1 was finally warm, and at the most she had only had to give up a cuddle.

They made small talk for a few minutes, but she couldn’t help but feel something digging into her hip…

Sorry, $name2, but, my hip…

I’m so sorry!

$name2 said blushing.

It’s late, and it’s been a long time, and you are attractive. Please don’t think I’m a pervert or I mean you any harm, it was… A natural reaction…

You are a gentleman.

$name1 replied.

It is a very cold night, I think it’s a good idea to try and stay as warm as I can.

$name1 removed herself from the hug, stood up, and begin to slip out of her dress.

What are you doing?

Repaying your hospitality.

$name1 said. Standing she removed her bra and slipped her pants down. She was naked in the cab with a stranger, and she was willing to give her sweet flower to that gentleman.

Your turn, you’re wearing too much.

$name1 said in her sexiest voice.

$name2 laid back on the cab bed, unbuckled himself and revealed his hard, throbbing cock to her. $name1 responded by approaching the bed, dropping to her knees, taking the cock first in her hand, and then the head in her mouth.

Fuck. You are good!

$name2 said while he was enjoying one of the best blowjobs of his life.  

$name1 was taking it all in, filling the cab with wet slurping and sucking sounds.

His moans were turning on $name1 more quickly than she imagined, and she was getting wetter and wetter. She got off the cab floor and joined $name2 on the bed, his cock still in her mouth.

Finger me.

$name1 commanded, and  $name2 took his hand to her pussy. His fingers massaged her slip, before entering her already wet hole.

It needs filling, fill it with your tongue and then give me that big cock of yours.

$name1 swung her ass round and positioned herself over $name1’s face, and he began to lick and suck her clit without question.

His tongue was touching the walls and lips of her pussy, and kept pushing his tongue further and further into her.

I think your pussy is demanding more

$name2 said, pausing from his oral duties.

He got up and turned $name1 around, positioning her on all fours with her ass pointing up at him.

I don’t care how you use me, rough or gentle; I want to feel you, I want to feel numb to the outside world.

$name1 said, panting, waiting, wanting.

$name2 rubbed his dick on her pussy, then pushed the head inside her.

Your cock is filling me, don’t push it further…

You have to take it all in, you said rough or gentle.

$name2 said, and he pushed it further, and he started ramming her with full force.

$name1 was filling the cab with her moans as $name2 forced his cock into her, hard and fast.

He kept fucking her in different positions, moving her onto her back so her boobs bounced as he fucked her, making eye contact the whole time.

Keep going that way. I am about to cum.

$name1 moaned. 

Keep going, keep going, don’t stop there, please push it a little further. Fuuuuuck.

$name1 came hard, with $name2’s cock still fucking her, unrelenting. Her cum covering his lower abdomen as he thrust in and out.

I am not done with you yet, little princess.

$name2 said, and he kept ramming her the same way as he was doing.

Noo, Noooo, I will cum again if you kept going like this.


$name1 was true to her word, and cum again, and this time it was more intense.

I will not be able to walk, $name2, please let’s change position.

$name1 was moaning and pleading, but $name2 was not stopping at all.

He kept going and going until she came the third time, and she passed out a little on the bed, sweating and panting. Sweat glistening all over her body.

You fucked me like a bull.

$name1 said, panting.

It’s time to take my cum.

$name2 said, stood over her moving her legs and pulling her towards him, ready to onslaught her pussy again.

Don’t cum inside me.


$name2 agreed and proceeded to sit $name1 up. He proceeded to wank his cock with one hand, and holding the back of $name1’s head with the other, offering his tip for the occasional suck, which $name1 obliged.

After a few minutes, $name2’s groans prompted $name1 to open her mouth, and she hungrily accepted his cum in both her mouth and on her face.

As they both collapsed, panting, $name1 swallowed the hot cum in her mouth and proceeded to lick her lips. They both lay there for a while, and as they began to dress the headlights of the recovery service came into view.

$name1 was more than satisfied with this accidental fuck. She kissed $name2, he got back in his truck and went on his way.

Author: Alice

Alice is one of the founding authors of NaughtyFable.com, and enjoys a variety of erotic kinks from cuckolding and voyeurism, to oral fixations and fantasy genres.

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