The Most Common Couples Fantasies Explored

Sexual fantasies are not uncommon, and even though not all are obvious or talked about in normal conversation – many have large communities and groups that allow you (and your partner) to express your sexual inhibitions.

Some fantasies can be quite intimidating at first and may take some “easing”, but this is why there are communities to help you and your partner achieve your fantasy.

There are a number of sexual fantasies and activities that couples indulge in, ranging from cuckolding and cuckqueaning, to BDSM and swinging.

In 2018, Justin Lehmiller, a renowned sexual educator conducted a 350 question study with more than 4,000 participants to identify the most common sexual themes that couples fantasize about bringing to the “bedroom”.

The most common sexual fantasies being:

Introducing multiple partners

Threesomes, foursomes, swinging, and gangbangs.

These multi-people orgies create a sensory overload, with so many hands, tongues, and well, options, all lusting over each other.


Taboos can range from PVC and leather to feet, armpits, or even roleplay elements.

Voyeurism is also a common taboo (watching people engage sexually without their knowledge or consent), as is exhibitionism (exposing one’s genitals while others look on β€” sometimes with, sometimes without their consent) are the most common iterations of taboo sex.

Power, control, and rough sex

Ranging from domination and submission to sadism, and masochism. Whether you’re the spankee or the spanker, the sense of having or giving away authority can provide a strong sexual thrill, and really spice up your relationship and unveil new turn-ons and routes to orgasm.

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