Car Fuck With Your Girlfriend’s Sister

1789You’ve been working late and your girlfriend (name2) is out of town. You go pick up some food from the fast-food joint, and bump into your girlfriend’s sister (name1). With nothing to do, you give her a lift home, and your evening turns out to not be so lonely…

It was a busy day. I was pretty exhausted from work.

I checked my wristwatch. It was 5:20pm and I hadn’t even taken lunch. I started feeling hungry, so I decided to grab something on the way home.

I drove to the fast-food joint, hoping to quickly go through the drive-thru and eat on the way home, but just my luck the drive-thru was closed, so I parked up and headed in.

I ordered a burger, some fries, some chicken wings, and a large coke, I hadn’t eaten all day, I needed this, this was my excuse.

The staff was quite efficient, so my order was ready in 5-minutes, and as I walked towards the door with the brown bags filled with the food in my arms, I saw a familiar face.

Hello you!

It was $name1, my girlfriend $name2’s sister.

The last thing I wanted was a long conversation, but there was no harm in greeting her.

Hey $name1, how are you?

Now she was walking towards me. All I wanted to do was get home.

I came here to grab a bite, but my phone died, so I couldn’t order a Uber home, so I was waiting till the ordering counter got less crowded to ask for help.

$name1 continued. I observed her. This was the first time I talked to her
alone for some time. She was an astonishing woman. I knew it was wrong, but I couldn’t help checking her boobs and ass, man, she was so thick. I almost forgot what she was telling me.

So… Could you give me a lift?

$name1 stared at me with puppy dog eyes.

Yeah, Sure

Aww… you are so kind, dude!

She hugged me. Her breasts pushed against my chest.

With a sudden gasp, I walked towards the car, $name1 followed me. I was still hungry. But now since $name1 is joining me I could not eat while driving. I opened the door for her.

Aren’t you a gentleman, $name2 is so lucky!

She said as she got into the car. I shut the door and threw the brown bags to the back seat and got in. As I drove the car towards the highway she started gossiping. I couldn’t recall what she said.

It didn’t take very long to arrive at her house. As we arrive the house was in dark, as there was nobody home.

Tell $name2 I said hey!

$name1 said as she began to grab her purse.

I will do, but $name2 is out of town at the moment visiting friends.

Oh, that’s a shame – so that explains why you were getting food at the fast-food joint.


Thank you so much for the lift.

$name1 said, searching for her keys in her purse using the interior car light seeing it was getting dark out.


$name1 looked into my eyes. They were shining. She gave me this stare that I swear I could never forget. There was lust in her look. I totally forgot about $name2. I wanted to rip $name1’s clothes and take her at the very moment.

I grabbed the back of her neck and pushed her into a kiss. She didn’t hesitate to kiss me back. Just like she wanted it. Her tongue dipped into my mouth and she sucked and pulled at my bottom lip.

My hands traced from the back of her neck to the front of her cropped t-shirt. I gripped her left breast hard, a moan escaped from her mouth. It made me turned on.

I ripped the buttons of her t-shirt. Her breasts popped in front of my eyes. They were huge and natural. I felt as I could suck them for the rest of my life.

I kept forcing my tongue down her throat while roughly rubbing her breast in a circle. $name1 leaned back in her seat as my hand traveled down to her shorts. She did not stop me. I could hear her moaning.

I slipped my hand into her shorts and rubbed her clit with my fingers. The car smelled of her sweet pussy.

I pushed my fingers into her pussy and began finger fucking her. I made her scream. I stroked my finger back and forth harder and deeper. My tongue moved from her mouth to the crevasse of her neck.

I licked and sucked all over her neck, hard enough to give her a hickey, and began furiously finger fucking her.

$name1 was getting close; I could read her body. I slapped her amazing breasts. They bounced making me so hungry for them.


$name1 moaned, pulling on my hair.

I knew she was so close to cumming, then I stopped. I quickly took my hand out of her shorts and started the car back up.

Where are you going? Please make me cum!

$name1 pleaded.

I gave her a smirk and pulled out of her driveway. I drove out of the neighborhood to a park not far down the street. I then parked underneath a tree where nobody could see us.

As soon as my car was parked and the engine off, I led her to the back seat. I was ready to take her. I wanted her. I knew that she wanted me more.

Fuck me, Please.

$name1 said as she looked into my eyes. I saw they were burning. Burning of desire and thirst.

I’ve been wanting to fuck you for so long.

I groaned laying her down on the back seat. I knew she wanted me to fuck her hard.

I want to feel your cock cum in me. I’ve been waiting for this too.

I grabbed her right breast into my palm, leaned down, and circled my tongue around her nipple. $name1 moaned.

I looked into her eyes. Her eyes were begging me to pleasure her. I wrapped my mouth around her nipples and sucked on them. $name1 screamed in a mixed feeling of pain and pleasure. I sucked harder as I ran my fingers into her shorts again and rubbed her clit.

This time I wanted to make her cum on my fingers. I rubbed her clit while sucking her breasts. Her body trembled. Then I inserted two fingers into her pussy and fucked her. She was so wet.

I’m cumming…

$name1 cried.

Cum for me.

The next second, her eyes rolled as she moaned louder. Juices dripped down her pussy. I pulled out my fingers and raised them to her mouth, and she obliged by sucking on them, hungrily licking her juices off of them.

I stood back and took out my semi-erect cock.

Oh, how she loved it, kissing at it slowly. With one hand she caressed my shaft. Gently pulling the skin back to reveal the head of my gorgeous cock. I waited for this. Slowly she ran her soft tongue over it watching her pull back
slightly. That movement made her shudder in pleasure alone.

Slowly taking the head of my cock into her mouth. $name1 rolled her tongue, licking around the head of my cock.

I ran one hand through her hair, pulling gently upon her hair to show I was enjoying myself. Her fingers kept caressing over my thighs, one hand still stroking my cock.

Whatever wasn’t in her mouth being caressed by her tongue would still get attention. She even made sure to lift my cock up and give the balls some needed attention before going back to suck my cock once more.

I smiled watching her.

$name1 was moaning out lightly at my attention even more. She was such a good slut for me. I knew I needed to give her something for what she was doing. Reaching my hand down to caress her cheek her eyes would look up to me though she didn’t stop.

I grabbed her hair and held her as I began to ease my cock further down her throat. She choked and gasped for breath at any opportunity, but willingly accepting my cock in the throat.

I groaned and tensed, and $name1 knew what to expect. $name1 closed her eyes and began to swallow and accept my cum pumping into her mouth and back of the throat.

As I pulled out, warm white lines of cum dripped out down her chin, and onto her amazing boobs.

$name1 smiled at me, and out of lust we both reached for each other, laying on the back seat kissing deep, as she held my cock to keep it hard, as I slipped her out of her shorts and pants, exposing her wet pussy.

I moved on top, and slowly pierced her pussy with my tip.

A loud moan escaped her lips. It sounded of both pain and ecstasy. I slowly raised my hips and dipped my cock back into her pussy. Her pussy was so tight and already wet for me.

Her hands traveled from my neck down to my lower back, pushing my pelvis deeper into her pussy. I teased her, making her wait for it. I wanted to make her beg for it. After a few times of me slowly fucking her, she moaned into my ear.

Fuck me harder.

After hearing that, I quickly flipped her onto her stomach and grabbed all of her hair into my fist. I pulled on her ponytail with one hand to arch her back and had my other on her back.

I began fucking the life out of her. I could feel her pussy clenching on my hard dick. I could hear her wet pussy as I fucked her. The wet slapping sounds filled the car.

You’re so fucking wet $name1.

I pulled out of her and took a position sitting on the back seat. $name1 understood the change and got on top, positioning herself over my cock before easing down on it, taking it all into her pussy as her breasts and hand nipples pressed against my chest.

I felt her orgasm rising. She was going to cum. AGAIN.

$name1 arched back, as I began to meet her bouncing with the thrusting of my own. Her big boobs bouncing free in front of me as her thick ass crashed against my thighs


$name1 yelled, pushing herself onto my dick. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head, and I felt her pussy clench on my hard dick.

I felt her orgasm pulsate, and this was enough to tip me over the edge. I met her orgasm with an orgasm of my own and emptied what was left of my balls deep into her pussy.

$name1 collapsed onto me, panting, and she raised herself and slouched on the backseat next to me, her body glistened with sweat, and beads of white cum began to drip out of her pussy.

As $name1 got her breath back, we smiled, and both agreed this would be our secret, but maybe we would hang out more often when $name2 was out of town.


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