Drunken Dildo Masturbation

After a fun night out, name1 crawls in to her bed, drunk, and in need of an orgasm to end her night…

When $name1 got home from the club, drunk and horny as hell, she went to her bedroom and headed straight for her secret stash of sex toys then picked out her pink rabbit vibrator.

She cooed at the vibrator drunkenly then switched it on and quickly parted her legs.

Let’s see what you can do for me, rabbit.

$name1 slurred then pressed the vibrating sex toy against her swollen clit.

Oh yes… this is so good.

$name1 moaned and hissed with her eyes closed in bliss as the vibrator pressed against her clit, sent wild sensations all over her body with $name1 moaning shamelessly as she pleasured herself and it felt so good that she didn’t think her body could take any more of the sweet torture.

Oh God… I’m so close…

She sobbed and held the vibrator to her swollen clit until her body exploded like dynamite.

$name1 gasped for air unable to breathe because of its intensity while her body shook violently as wild sensations spread all over her body and left her quivering.

Loud moans filled the room and when her body finally calmed down, $name1 closed her eyes and sighed, reliving the orgasm once again.

$name1, however, was far from being satisfied, she needed more.

Her body was desperate and greedy for more and she could not deny herself pleasure so she brought the vibrator to her clit once again and added her fingers into the mix. She dipped one finger in her cunt and caught her breath as her pussy muscles tightened around it and started aching deliciously needing more.

$name1 went ahead and pushed her finger deep in her cunt while moaning wantonly before adding another finger into the mix. It felt so good and combined with the vibrator placed against her sensitive clit, $name1 was in cloud nine and her body was practically a matchbox waiting to light up.

Oh yes… yes… yes… feels so fucking good.

$name1 moaned shamelessly as she pushed her two fingers in and out of her cunt and pleasured herself before pulling them out and licking her fingers greedily.

She added shamelessly then pushed the two fingers in her pussy once again and fingered herself, going faster this time.


Her pussy ached for more and she couldn’t get enough so she added a third finger then fingered herself while rubbing on her clit with the vibrator and the second orgasm hit her by a surprise. Her body was seized by a powerful orgasm that left her body quaking violently as if she was in the middle of a turbulence and all the muscles in her body spasmed as her body reached the peak.

The violent tremors made $name1’s brain go blank for a minute and she took a minute to rest before her body regained its urge for more.

Looks like you finally get your turn rabbit.

$name1 whispered at her inanimate vibrator then switched it on and pushed the vibrator in her wet aching cunt inch by inch until it was buried inside with the bunny ears vibrating against her clit making her groan shamelessly.

Fuck yes… oh God yes.

$name1 moaned loudly.

Her pussy was so wet and $name1 kept moaning as she pushed the vibrator in and out of her pussy that felt like it was being massaged from the inside.

It felt good. So good in fact that $name1 didn’t think she could take it anymore. Her body was holding on by the seams and $name1 was trying her best not to lose it too quickly.

She wanted to enjoy the wild sensations that descended on her body for much longer and so she kept going, turning up the vibrator’s intensity while aggressively rubbing the ears against her clit until she could feel unstoppable tremors building up in her body.

Those tremors soon turned into powerful quakes that left her body shaking hard and with the vibrator sending non-stop powerful and pleasurable pulses that had her orgasm going on and on, her exhausted body couldn’t take it anymore.

$name1 finally fished out the vibrator which had whirred in her pussy until the battery died out and after what felt like an eternity and three orgasms later, her exhausted body was finally feeling satisfied.

See? I don’t a need man so I can cum.

$name1 slurred as she wiped the sweat from her forehead.

You know what bunny? You are better than any man out there.

$name1 said coming to a drunken conclusion before switching off the vibrator and putting it on her side table then going to sleep feeling content than most women.

Author: Maria

Maria is an amateur erotic author, having written shorts on other sex story websites in the past. With an interest in taboo and fantasy, Maria likes to focus on the kinky side of sex, and combines it with the potential sensuality of sex.

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