Fingered By The Boss On The Train

$name1 is on the train home after her work’s Christmas night out. One of her bosses  ($name2) is on the same train, he gets off a few stops after her. They’re both drunk, flirting, and the train is empty. She parts her legs sitting opposite him and plays with her pussy in front of him.

The night air was crisp and inviting, the smell of warmth from countless candles lingering in the frosty atmosphere.

In this festive mood, the lights twinkled playfully among the crowd of colleagues gathered around, eagerly discussing topics both professional and trivial.

As they clamored about, seeking solace in conversation amidst the loud buzz of cheer, something stirred within the pair standing against the backdrop – $name1 and $name2.

With glasses half full, the duo shared lighthearted banter filled with hints of hidden desire.

The room seemed alive beneath their touch – the soft caress of flickering candlelight adding shadows to accentuate contours and curves; sweet music swirling gently across the space, heightening sensual anticipation.

Each word spoken, carefully chosen so as not to cross boundaries yet unmistakably edging closer towards intimacy.

As the night began to draw to a close, $name1 and $name2 headed for the train station.

With heavy footsteps and slightly wobbly legs, they navigated the streets together hand in hand, taking time to appreciate the brisk winter air that had begun to fill the city.

The moon cast its silvery sheen upon them, dancing off the ice that covered the ground. The sound of passing cars added to the rhythm of their steps, beating steadily alongside their hearts.

As if drawn by an invisible force, they found themselves drifting towards the deserted platform where the trains would soon arrive.
Their hands entwined, fingers intertwining with the ease of familiarity.

The silence spoke volumes more than words ever could have, the gentle sway of their bodies mirroring the ebb and flow of mutual attraction.

$name1 pressed herself against $name2, feeling the heat radiate from his body, his lips parting just enough to let out soft whispers into her ear. “We shouldn’t,” he murmured huskily, already knowing it was far too late.

$name1 leaned forward, capturing his mouth with hers, sending electrifying currents surging through their veins.

They boarded the train, the carriage relatively empty for the time of night.
Sitting opposite each other, $name1’s face wore a smirk.

Her eyes glinted mischievously at $name2. With practiced nonchalance, she reached downwards and pulled up her dress hem to expose a generous portion of skin above her knee.

It took every fibre of restraint for $name2 not to lunge across the small gap separating them. His breath hitched, and a sharp pang shot through his chest, stabbing at his heart like an unwelcome intruder.

Unable to bear it any longer, he shifted awkwardly in his seat, attempting to reassemble his composure.

Taking advantage of his distress, $name1 slipped out of her high heels, leaving them discarded on the floor below her. Her stockings followed suit shortly after, the sheer material now wrapping deliciously around her toned calves.

Sensually running her fingers along the edge of her skirt, she pushed it slowly higher until it sat tantalizingly over her hip, exposing her creamy flesh.

Despite his attempts to appear indifferent, $name2 couldn’t help but steal quick, hungry glances toward $name1.

The sight of her exposed leg paired with the alluring scent of wine lingering on her breath only served to further ignite his desires. $name1 grinned triumphantly, savoring the power she held over her superior.

She lifted a finger to her lips before reaching inside her purse, producing a bottle of red lipstick which she applied meticulously, letting the seductive shade coat her lips.

Glancing coquettishly at $name2, her gaze fell to his lap.

Shuffling in her seat, $name1 escalated the situation, lifting her skirt up further…

$name1 widened her eyes suggestively, challenging $name2 to object. But despite his growing discomfort, no words escaped his lips. Instead, a slow, steady beat pulsed through his veins, drawing him nearer to the precipice.

He knew there was no turning back now—not that he wanted to. His body craved release. Desire clouded his judgment, obscuring reason from view.

Temptation, once taken hold, proved insatiable.

$name2 struggled to contain himself, but the erotic dance of her hands made the struggle nearly impossible.

$name1 knew exactly what buttons to push, how to make $name2 lose control without giving away her own vulnerability. 
Slowly, her hands reached the edge of her skirt, and $name1 began to widen her legs and lift.

Underneath lay bare, smooth skin waiting to be touched. The fabric rose gradually, covering each curve and dip of her firm derrière. Every movement she made sent waves of arousal coursing through $name2, threatening to overwhelm him completely.

Then, with one final movement, $name1 exposed her pussy to $name2.
Bold and unapologetic, she displayed her most private treasure to him with confidence. Pausing momentarily, she allowed the weight of the action to settle between them.

Their hearts raced frantically, and a palpable electric charge enveloped the air, creating an almost tangible sense of anticipation.

Finally breaking free from his trance, $name2 reached out hesitantly, tentatively placing his hand upon $name1’s leg. His touch was tender yet deliberate, stroking her skin with reverence.

Understanding that he needed permission to proceed, $name1 gave a nod, signaling $name2 to continue exploring her body.

Delighted yet apprehensive, he trailed his index finger down the slope of her inner thigh, finally dipping into the wetness that awaited him. $name1 moaned subtly, encouraging him further, ensnaring him deeper into the web of desire she spun effortlessly.

Feeling emboldened, $name2 ventured forth bravely, dividing her folds with two thumbs.

Gripping tightly onto the sides of the seat, $name1 arched her back, allowing him better access.

Surrounded by velvet darkness, punctuated only by occasional bursts of color from external sources, they were transported to another world, isolated from reality. Time ceased to exist, as they indulged fully in their primal instincts.

In response, $name1 moved closer to $name2, her breasts pressing against his arm.

His fingers continued their exploration, finding her entrance even wetter than before. Encouraged by her fervent gasps, he began to gently probe her depths. This act caused $name1 to writhe wildly, her moans becoming increasingly desperate.

The intensity of their exchange heightened dramatically, leaving them both flushed and quivering with anticipation.

Emboldened by their connection, $name2 increased the pace of his movements, sliding his fingers into her pussy deeper.

$name1 closed her eyes briefly, relishing the sensation. The thrill of submitting to him consumed her, driving her further into the whirlwind of passion they’d entered.

Growls rumbled low in his throat, matching her cries of pleasure. The rhythmic motions combined to form a symphony of lustful sounds filling the confines of the cabin. Their need grew exponentially, fueling the fire raging between them.

$name2 continued to thrust his fingers into $name1.
Her hips undulated restlessly, grinding against his hand, seeking more pressure, more stimulation.

Her breath came in sharp pants as her chest heaved heavily. Aroused by his skillful ministrations, $name1 cried out his name with renewed urgency.

Her wetness grew around his fingers, plundering in and out of her.
Each stroke ignited new sparks of excitement within her core. As she grappled with the torrent of feelings swirling inside her, $name1 let herself go, giving way to the sensual tide.

Despite his initial misgivings, $name2 couldn’t help but submit to the magnetic pull exerted by $name1.

Her tantalizing scents filled the space between them, setting his nerves alight like kindling. Drenched in the headiness of seduction, it felt right. It felt wrong. It felt perfect – just like they belonged together.
Feeling her pussy clench around his fingers, $name1 stifled her moans as she came.

Her orgasm roared throughout her entire body, causing her muscles to contract, gripping him with her feminine power. Overcome by a wave of ecstasy, she surrendered to his expert touch entirely.

Sitting back in his seat, $name2 admired $name1 writhing in her post-orgasm ecstasy. Her smile from ear to ear.

“I never thought I’d do something like this,” she admitted sheepishly, shaking her head slightly.

“Why not?” asked $name2, leaning closer to her.

“Well…” she paused for a moment, considering her answer. “It feels so risky.”

Then, as almost if by design, the train began to grind to a stop – and $name1 realized it was time for her to get off.

Still reeling from the intense intimacy shared moments ago, $name1 stood slowly and gathered her belongings. $name2 remained seated, looking distant and contemplative.

“Thank you,” $name1 said sincerely, reaching out to brush a lock of hair behind his ear affectionately.

“For everything.”

Without responding verbally, $name2 looked deeply into her eyes, seemingly lost in the sea of emotions he saw reflected there.

As $name1 stepped off the train, the cool crisp evening air tingled across her wet, freshly fingered pussy…


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